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  1. Is Josh Jack playing with Cuddihy as the two in-front of the back four in a 4-2-3-1?
  2. Noticed Kyle Gourlay made his debut for Hamilton tonight and BBC Sportsound were mentioning he made 3/4 good saves, and his name just reminded me of the dark times we endured as a club a few years ago after Barry Ferguson resigned but Gourlay was one of the reasons we survived in League 2 that year imo. Excellent news about Lang, but as others have mentioned still think we need 1 or 2 for midfield and then we start to look at the top end of the table.
  3. The font for “The Bully Wee “ on the back is absolutely barking. If that yellow away strip is true I’ll probably pick that up.
  4. That have me a right good chuckle during the game. He has been Mr Dependable since we signed him. Can’t disagree with anything said above by any of the other Clyde fans. Lennon still seems to think McNiff is a good option at LB for this league where as everyone else sees our biggest weakness. Despite some good performances across the board a stand out for me was Tom Lang, won nearly every long ball that game his way and once or twice he had to cover Howie out at the RB area and he stood his ground and defended brilliantly. Buzzing we have him back on loan as he is clearly good enough to be playing regularly with Dunfermline given their defensive issues.
  5. Would not say Rankins cross for the winner was a hiss hit of a cross, lovely wee dink over the top thought it was a cracking ball in after he completely fluffed the corner.
  6. Quick question. After the second goal 10 of the Clyde players ran towards their fans in the Clyde half of the pitch to celebrate including the keeper. The only player that didn’t was Darren Smith who slowly made his way back. I’ve seen it done before but if Smith had ran to celebrate aswell, would Dumbarton have been allowed to take a quick kick off and take a shot from the halfway line if all of the Clyde players were in their own half?
  7. I would like to see the same formation played just Smith in for Goodie, from what I have seen think Smith will be good in his (at least I think it is) his naturally position upfront.
  8. I would agree with most here, but Cooper Forrest and Fraser. (and later McBurnie) Cooper I thought was ok, better than a 1 anyway, 4/5 IMO. He didn't deal well with the big Russian CF but I think him and (based on tonights performance) Mulgrew are our best CBs. I thought tonight they were MASSIVELY let down by both full backs and McTominay., who allowed Russian players to play in behind them and run at Mulgrew and Cooper. Fraser and Forrest are our two best players (in this team) imo. Our goal should be to get them 1 v 1 against full backs. Quite simply that didn't happen tonight because a) they didn't get good enough service, IE at times players behind them should have fired a low passes to their feet rather than going to O'Donnell and Robbo first b) Because we had no good attacking CMs ready to exploit the space left when Russia doubled up on them both. Other than that I would agree probably. Though, now thinking about it McBurnie should be a 3. He was SO static with is movement it really hurt us.
  9. Also too many Scotland fans seem to think that "all that matters is we get a solid 11 for the playoffs" and think it will be tough but we will pull through the playoffs. It will be a fucking excellent achievement if we get through the playoffs. Based on the current group standing and our current potential opponents, we are MILES off the pace IMO.
  10. Just got home and read about 10 pages of this thread before caving into the rage after some of the utter drivel thats been said. Sorry rant incoming Russia were here for the taking, hands down, they were not a good as everyone (including myself btw) thought they were, but like Clarke and McGinn said in their post match interviews, we were great first 10/15 min, scored, then SHAT ourselves, dropped deep and LET THEM HAVE THE BALL. That's why they looked half decent, because we let them have the ball, and that was the story from the first Scotland Goal until the (80th maybe?) minute. Pass marks to Marshall, Mulgrew, and Christie. Thought Marshalls saves were absolutely brilliant, Mulgrew was the only one who took the ball forward from the back and had some goal saving blocks/tackles. Christie. My word where do I start, he was the only one who took the ball and was POSITIVE. Yes he lost the ball once or twice but he was wanting it constantly and was constantly turning to face the Russian goal and play forward, something we were crying out for since we scored. McGregor, McBurnie and (as a Liverpool fan it pains me to say) Robbo were WOEFUL, imo. O'Donnell was pretty poor aswell. Forest wasn't involved at all but I've always seen him as a game changer and we need to give him the ball more. Also, how in the world are these lads professional footballers if only Christie can put a decent whipped ball into the box? Rather than this floated, hanging in the air shite crosses which the Russian CB or keeper caught every time? Corners, free kicks, and crosses were dreadful. And don't get me started on those substitutes by Clarke. If that was McLeish or Strachan, everyone would be fuming. Rant Over
  11. Long time lurker here but thought I should put something in this thread after that game. GIRFUY Cammy Bell [emoji16] Though I thought some of Clyde posts over the last few weeks have been hilarious. Shiteing ourselves after a few poor games and a few extremely poor defensive performances. Today we were brilliant. Organised, hard to beat and worked our socks off, while also playing some nice football. Petkov looked a bit lost at times in midfield but thought out back four and Mitchell were outstanding. MacKinnon obviously thought that if they put crosses and corners on top of our smaller keeper they would put him under pressure, but thought Mitchell dealt with them brilliantly. Raymond Grant was outstanding, and special mention to Ross Lyon, who last season I think everyone thought was just an extra pair of legs but thought he was impeccable out of position at right back, with and without the ball, going forward and defending I thought he was cracking. At a wedding next week but hope we can get something from the Forfar game to get a bit of form going [emoji106]
  12. Personally would have kept Currie and Cogill, or at least offered them deals for back up players as I think both can do a job in league one. Other than that I’m not to bothered about the others, Boyle looked a right good player when he first came in but feel off this season with a lack of game time and didn’t really show much when given the chance. Interesting that we are now likely to bring in two new goalkeepers.
  13. What’s the best pubs around the ground to catch the Cup Semi Final? Or are we better off doing as said above and drinking in the city centre before getting a bus? On the game, I think it will be a very scrappy affair, hoping that after his stunning goal at the weekend wee Banks starts. On his day he looks like a good wee player and hopefully we can utilise his qualities. 1-2 Clyde with Goody and Rankin the Clyde Scorers.
  14. Surprised Banks isn’t playing. Looked dangerous every time he is on the ball but probably to lightweight for DL liking at the moment. 0-1 Clyde today with Goody grabbing the long overdue goal.
  15. Off the Ball covering it very well at the moment, saying that why are we getting a Four point deduction for an admin error, in league 2, were as Hibs, who have fans throwing a Buckie bottle and running onto the park nearly assaulting a Rangers player, will not get any points deducted for something far worse, thats really annoyed me now.
  16. If your a Clyde player right now on that 4 hour bus journey to Elgin, you’re probably thinking to yourself what’s the point? To be fair if there is one manager in the league you would want at the helm at this time it’s DL. League is over and he just has to get them focussed on the playoffs which we can win with the quality of player we have. As fans the most important thing is that we continue to back the players and the manager until the end of the playoffs and direct our anger firmly at the board. Promotion is still possible.
  17. This is pie and bovril, what else are you actually expecting? I dont think Lang was as good as you made him out to be regarding his headers + that was a bloody stupid tackle for the second yellow that even some school boys wouldn't make less than 10 minutes after a first yellow. Yes he's not a full back and I would like to see him paired with McNiff at CB. But the stick he was getting on here was justified after last Saturday IMO. And haufdaft is correct, any player who cant take some stick/abuse off of fans is playing the wrong sport. IIRC we haven't lost to Edinburgh away? And I am going tomorrow which means 2-1 City.
  18. About 6/7 weeks, a fucking long ass time if you ask me.
  19. Saw some folk ask about the new kits a few posts ago. Just got the new third kit delivered today. I’m usually a medium/large on football kits but this one is a size L/XL but fits me more like a medium, so just a heads up for anyone considering buying one of the new kits. Other than that I love it. Plain and simple all red with two sponsors on the back which include show racism the red card. Material is a bit thin but that’s how I prefer them. Much prefer this over the all black away kit.
  20. My lord, that referee tonight had an absolute shocker. Other than that I thought after the first Kilmarnock goal we actually defended quite well, Breslin looked much better today aswell. However Killie were pretty poor. Our two goals we took very well, first one especially. But the three goals we conceded in the second half were poorly defended, and I thought McNiff was maybe at fault for two of them, I'll need to see the highlights. But the referee ruined the game, clear penalty that Goodwillie was booked for diving (what the f**k) and Stewart sending off didn't look like one at all.
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