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  1. Not sure we were ever hanging on or not the game I certainly watched and Bobby really should’ve scored 4 so could’ve been plain sailing. Team selection and tactics were spot on so agree with Simon, can’t abuse Dick when he gets it wrong (plenty This season) and not praise when things go well. A tricky tie on paper and we’ve avoided what happened to Montrose and Edinburgh.
  2. If Corfe and shanks are getting on before him he must be absolutely chronic in bounce games / training
  3. Shanks Is not the answer from what I’ve seen.
  4. It’s an absolute farce that we don’t have one striker who is good enough to start the game. Hilson obviously injured but there is no way we’ll be playing a 4-6-0
  5. None of the strikers are good enough. That’s our strongest team. Looks like Bobby and McKenna up front
  6. Resting any players in this game would be madness. Strongest possible team needs to start. What that is I’ve no idea.
  7. Shanks has had his chance I think, think we just need to stick McKenna up there, with Bobby in behind him. I thought Bobby played that role very well at Queens Park but didnt get the chance to play there again with the usual tinkering.
  8. Certainly seems like some wet lettuce has complained to the club and to then respond to that with a statement is bordering on pathetic. Im sure every player and coaching staff would say we deserve a bit criticism this year, just as much as we deserved all the praise last year. On the flip side, I think some of the shouts and comments on here are a bit over the top. We’ve made poor signings and just haven’t got going at all, it’s a case of hanging in there till January and Dick simply needs to ship out 5 or 6 and get in players who are capable of getting us enough points to get to 8th. Getting behind the team will also help us achieve that.
  9. Played ok at times in the 2nd half. A brilliant goal from McGinn. Amazing he’s on the same goals as McFadden. He’ll probably get to 24/25 and be our third top scorer ever. Superb Did not see the point in Gordon playing at all, surely try one of the others or even a half each. Unsure on Brown also, not scored a goal in 3 months for stoke. Tierney needs games , looked a bit rusty which is understandable.
  10. Thought Inverness were probably the better footballing team overall as to be expected but credit to us coming from behind and sticking at it. looked like we had a bit fight about us and thought we finished the game strongly. Well done to shanks who worked his backside off throughout and deserve his goal. good to get off the bottom And hopefully get bodies back next week
  11. There is currently 75 points to play for. Long long way to go
  12. Allan been very good the last few games. I’d go with Gatson Oakley Little Hamilton Gold Tait Jacobs Allan Linn McKenna Shanks
  13. What's the solution then? Just give up looking? We look like we have just added a new scouting system so would imagine they will be out watching games 2/3 times a week and speaking to contacts left, right and centre.
  14. Nicky Low cannot travel to make a training session due to a change in his personal circumstances therefore needs put to bed once and for all. His contract will run down and he will go to Morton at the end of the season and stay on loan for kelty for the time being. As has been said, we really don't need another central midfielder at the moment, the problem lies up front where we badly need a focal point number 9 striker who will hold the ball up with his back to the goal and also grab us a goal. We had Dowds and Hamilton who did this last season. This type of player will get the best out of Mikey and Scott Allan. They're not growing on trees so hopefully we get someone in this ilk and not another Isiaka/Shanks who are just not up to it. We also need O'Brien, Stewart and Hilson back asap. At times against QP and Hamilton we looked decent, as soon as we have 2 or 3 injuries we look well short.
  15. He will be looking for about 2k a week He will be looking for a full time club He hasn't scored goals or done anything since about 2017 He couldn't run the length of himself at Falkirk in League 1 He was playing in front of two man and a dug in Australia and lasted a couple of months Not the answer
  16. Wouldn’t be looking to Do anything with the manager unless we were struggling in league 1. One poor quarter to a season does not merit a manager losing his job when the previous 5/6 seasons have been great. Would need to have a very good replacement in mind also. Only have to look at Forfar and Brechin to see what happens when you have a series of poor appointments. Dick not getting any younger so would be good to see him leave off his own back when the time is right. Stewart Petrie would be the man if and when that happens.
  17. This league is mental, thought Morton were utter pants against us but looking like Man City here.
  18. LookS a positive move. Also could look a bit like they’ve admitted our recruitment has been rank rotten but at least we’re doing something about it.
  19. Good win and all Round solid performance. Still think we’re a striker away from being decent.
  20. Right call to bring Mikey back although Hilson can count himself unlucky. big performance needed
  21. You actually haven’t been right about anything. Theres no evidence of a dressing room rift, just something you’ve made up. players leave clubs every year. And this Nouble mates thing is another fantasy.
  22. Yeah on 2nd thoughts, "really good" is probably a stretch but he has been finding his feet recently and on Friday he started the game like a man possessed , he was everywhere, getting to every ball first and offloading it well and now we are starting to see the player we thought we were getting with the level he had played at. Its also worth noting that Chris Hamilton isnt getting a game at Dunfermline despite being arguably our best player last season. Players take time to settle.
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