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  1. A win would be good to take us above Dundee into 5th, Ayr seem to have lost their way a bit so good time to get them. Would play the same team as yesterday.
  2. Looks like a very poor decision by the club, whatever the capacity of Gayfield we are never ever going to sell this game out mainly down to the time of year in terms of weather and other things on that December brings. Add into that the general apathy in the Dundee support. Will be round about 2ooo i think
  3. I get that Aberdeen fans hate Rangers, just a mystery to me how it transfers to the players and they try their hearts out In these games yet bend over backwards every single occasion against Celtic.
  4. Actually agree with Mexico, i think Doris's condition is bordering on laughable. This is the championship he is attempting to play in not some diddy league. Whether he is playing or not he should be concentrating on his diet and fitness work away from training nights and this just doesn't seem to be happening as he is getting heavier and heavier, really poor from him. He is and always will be one of my favourite ever players. Would agree with the rest I would move out Spence and Wilson and send Campbell back, should free up room to get another striker and a wide player in.
  5. Think we showed what we were about tonight, got it spot on with the system, no real need for four defenders when they’d play with one up front, get numbers in middle of the park and also keep two up front and pushed Bobby and Omar high up. We got down to work early and completely dominated the match from start to finish.
  6. Ok, I think you have to remember that we have won two championships in three seasons and are currently out performing big clubs like Dunfermline and Partick Thistle so we are miles and miles ahead of Cove as a club at this moment in time. Luke Donnelly has been playing fairly consistently well in the championship and Hamilton would walk into most teams at Left back or Left centre back at part time level. One poor performance at Auchinleck doesn't turn these players into junior duds like you're making out. We were also missing a few due to injury and Campbell making changes. I am pretty confident you will see the real Arbroath tonight. I am sure Auchinleck have players who could step up (seen it with my own eyes) but I wouldn't take any of them in the championship.
  7. I had mixed feelings about Saturday, slightly frustrated that we didn't play well, slightly relieved that we are still in the cup and also slightly surprised how good Auchinleck were. I also maintain that none of Auchinleck's players would get near our bench so if we turn up tonight and play like we can, then we should have absolutely no problems. Dick said that he had them watched 4 times so definitely didn't underestimate them but most were surprised with some of the changes he made personnel wise and the system change. One slight issue is the fact that we've been playing what I would say is mainly backs against the wall football this season against mostly full time clubs, where we don't have much possession and our success is built on hard work, being well organised and hard to play against and nicking a goal or two through the brilliance of Linn and of late Donnelly chipping in which has seen us have a very good season so far. Contrast that to when we are favourites, teams back off against us and we are left in possession and we have to show a bit variation in our play we have often been found wanting, especially in cup ties (Edinburgh City and Clyde games spring to mind of recent examples) so this gives AT a bit hope if they sit in and stand off us we may struggle and it only takes one moment of brilliance (Auchinecks goal on sat) or a mistake and we could face a long night. I think we will win 2.0, the "horrendous" Hamilton with both goals.
  8. Gaston Stirling Little O'Brien Hamilton Stewart Gold Virtanen Linn McKenna Donnelly
  9. What I did agree with was the referee being very poor on Saturday, the foul in the build up to the Auchinleck goal is blatant, how he cant see that is beyond me.
  10. What a complete and utter joke saying that crowd was less than 1,000, I would say at the very least 1.700
  11. Heard yesterday that Stirling hadn’t trained all week so that’s why he didn’t start which is understandable, not sure I would’ve went two up front and played spence though. i thought we were woeful first half and AT take all the plaudits, think they won every 50-50 dual and made it very difficult for us, 2nd half much better and we should have enough to win on Wednesday. Never in my life have I seen such a narrow pitch, there must’ve been 3 yards between the byline and the box.
  12. They will be big favourites to win both games. Lucky b*****ds
  13. Are Norway at home in the semi?
  14. Henderson is a good bit ahead of McTominay as you would expect with his experience and age. Henderson is one of the top midfielders in the premier league, plays week in week out with the best team. He has also been played in various roles, deep lying, attacking and even been played on the right a bit this season. Very underrated and probably a victim of being compared to Gerrard. I would take Klopp's (one of the best managers in the world) opinion before Kuro's (a bumbling moron)
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