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  1. I cant think of Jack ever having a poor game for Scotland, he is not amazing but he makes that current Rangers team tick, watched the game against Hibs last month and he was very very good. Anyone who boos their own player is a grade A bellend
  2. Going back to the 2012 game, the error from McManus still pisses me to this day, basically bolted to the front post when it was an easy header to clear which would've got us a famous draw especially coming from behind. Probably one of our only really good performances under Levein. Recall Charlie Adam being the best player on the park in the second half and that was up against Alonso, Busquets, Silva and Iniesta.
  3. Would bring in Christie and McTominay for Jack and Armstrong. Not for one minute did they do anything wrong on saturday but they give more mobility which we will need, obviously Dykes aswel which is a given.
  4. That second half performance is what we’re all about. To a man we stuck to our task and grounded out a terrific 3 points. Subs made a difference also. Need to build on this now
  5. Haha , amazing that anyone could put a negative spin on this. He’s still the best part time player in the country imo and Can’t seem him regressing much. Great to tie him down given how poor a season we’ve had. Great loyalty from Tam also.
  6. Tonight I would go with DG Banks Little O'Brien Hamilton Balde Hetherington Stewart McKenna Linn Akwarda
  7. Lack of creativity and quality at the top end of the pitch is totally killing us so if we manage to keep it tight and defend we can nick a draw. Would leave out the front three from last week and play Linn, Stewart and Adarkwa. Disagree with the lack of fight comment, the players worked their socks off against hamilton with 10 men, and last week as pish as we were they still dug in and somehow managed to scrape a draw. Not sure how they can be labelled as not fighting, we're just nowhere near good enough in terms of quality hence our league position.
  8. No issues with Hanley, he has been pretty good over the last 2 campaigns
  9. Muppet? he has transformed a team who bottled the top 4 and in previous seasons were mid table no hopers and in danger of becoming a laughing stock to being in pole position to winning their first title in over 20 years! Zinchenko is better than Tierney, Kieran will need to move in the summer I think, Newcastle perhaps
  10. It seems we are shite and can’t buy a win but on a run of 4 unbeaten and draw specialist. It would seem Hamilton are equally shite and Cove are even shittier
  11. Yeah would definitely go with Adarkwa ahead of Hilson and keep everything else the same.
  12. Would imagine the location would play a part for Shanks, think he lives up that way. I think he should have been given more of a chance aswel, at least a run of games anyway. Saying that not convinced he is at championship level.
  13. Ian said at one of the Q&AS that we did everything we could to keep Hamilton and Henderson but they both wanted to be full time. I was surprised championship teams didn’t have a look at both players. Henderson would’ve been good this season but he couldn’t get a run in the team consistently because Low and Hamilton were so good. Good to see him Doing well
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