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  1. Not sure why you would be stunned, he’s a young boy who early in the season showed a lot of promise and played in quite a few games, his level dropped there’s no doubt about that, but his age, inexperience and the fact he was playing in scottish football for the first time may have been a factor in that, couple that with some great consistency in the middle of the park from the likes of Gold and Virtanen and his chances became limited. I definitely seen enough of him to think he warranted another deal and there’s something there to work with. A good pre season behind him and hopefully he improves.
  2. Great news on Tam, undoubtedly the best part time player in the country, which is only my opinion. Also, the right thing to do getting Bobby tied down to take him to a testimonial, I know he featured less and less this calendar year but deserves it for his performances in the first part of the season and throughout his time with us. I actually think he will go down as one of our greatest ever players.
  3. The difference from any other season is that they want be able to find another job/career as easily and certainly won’t be signing for other teams so will most likely be earning no money at all for a long period of time.
  4. Looks like Dunfermline have got this massively wrong, Particularly the young lads who will find it impossible to get a club or job/change of career in the current climate. Just got to hope they come from stable homes. Hopefully other clubs take note and don’t go down this route.
  5. Glad it’s played out like this, didn’t like any of the new set ups being suggested. United and Thistle replaced by Hearts and Raith should make it another good league.
  6. It depends what you class as doing in something in europe, in the last 17 years we have had 2 European finalists, a few times we’ve had teams reaching the knock out stages of the champions league and even this season Rangers still had an opportunity of reaching the last 16. Admittedly the national team have been poor. Having leagues of 10 or 14 or 20 isn’t going to change this, as mentioned Europe’s elite leagues are stretching further and further away all the time with the tv deals they have. FWIW, I would prefer the 14-14-14 set up but not overly fussed either way, playing Ayr United and Morton three times instead of four Makes no real difference.
  7. I would imagine Aberdeen were playing to Achieve 3rd and get into Europe. They’ve split the old firm in recent times also and were in a good tussle with Motherwell this season. There’s also the battle to make the top 6 which has been exciting in some years.
  8. I don’t get when people come on slagging clubs and club officials who are looking after their club or self preservation as they call it. It’s blatantly obvious why Hearts, Partick and Stranraer aren’t happy and why on earth would the Stirling Albions, Elgin’s, Stenhousemuirs etc want ambitious non league clubs coming into the league and bypassing them, it’s already happened with Peterhead, Annan, Edinburgh City and Cove etc.
  9. I think he was meaning the league and cup sponsors, not individual teams.
  10. I don’t really see much changing. I think the top league may become 14 and the rest will stay 10.
  11. Can’t believe it was 9 years ago, seems like yesterday. Great day
  12. Correct decision to give it more time. Would be scandalous to handout titles, promotions and relegations without completing the season.
  13. Of course there is the emotional attachment and if we had a just giving page and were desperately in trouble I would be the first down offering help and would contribute money in any way i could. I was merely comparing it to a normal struggling business which is my bread and butter and what puts food on my kid's plates and pays the bills. Lets just hope when we do get up and running again, that the people of Arbroath come out and get the best crowds possible whenever that will be.
  14. Don't see the need for anything like that also, my work will be struggling to see it through the next few months but we wouldn't put out a just giving page, don't see why football clubs should be doing anything different unless there was a real desperation.
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