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  1. Gaston Thomson Little O'Brien Gold Swankie Virtanen McKenna Linn Donnelly Hilson
  2. I thought we looked a lot better last night, you could argue that they werent at full strength but could name about 6 or 7 who I would probably start in our strongest 11 that we had missing also. Hopefully get another win on Wednesday and confidence/morale will be through the roof for the final. Well done Clarke
  3. Not really sure what all the moaning is about, it is what it is and is really nobodies fault, think we face a full season of this. better than Montrose all over the pitch, some nice goals and swankie was brilliant throughout, good to make 6 changes and still win. Big game Tuesday now.
  4. Yeah it was a struggle but got there in the end, had up to 9 players missing who wouldve had a chance of starting the game. Think Clarke would've taken a win on penalties before hand
  5. I would be as excited going to a major tournament than I have ever been in about 20 years following Arbroath and Scotland, I went to one game at Euro 96 and was in France but couldnt get tickets, Hundreds of guys who missed out on this. Yes we would maybe struggle with this current team but it would be a good achievement and one for the fans (if we're allowed)
  6. Its a shame he is injured, he would've been great to have available for the September games to bed him in then playing in the games this week.
  7. Not sure I could name 19 better Scottish central midfielders than McLean, Looking likely he will play
  8. In your opinion, I think we would be better with Jack at RB and you don't. Irrelevant in the scheme of things as I don't think Clarke will take any risks at this stage. Its not that I dont rate O'Donnell at this level, I just dont rate him full stop.
  9. I am not sure I agree, I dont rate O'Donnell at all.
  10. That’s the opinion of the Rangers manager, Ryan Jack in my opinion is probably a better right back than Stephen O’Donnell, however Clarke will go with O’Donnell I would assume.
  11. This is going to be pretty desperate stuff now, just got to hope the players can somehow rise to the occasion and get the job done. Id be tempted to go more gung ho and just have a right go at this mob given our personnel issues but not Clarke's style. Marshall Jack Gallagher Cooper Robertson McTominay McGregor McGinn Dykes McBurnie Fraser Jack a risk at right back but he's done ok there before and O'Donnel just doesnt do it for me, not sure if Dykes can play off one of the sides either but I honestly cant think of any other way to go.
  12. That was a decent start, any type of win was good considering we haven’t played competitively in ages. Don’t like so many subs, upsets rhythm far too much. Cracking goals, Donnelly looks Sharp
  13. No way he gets loan move not with all the players Chelsea have shipped, he's very much back in their plans post injury Hopefully, this injury is his first real set back, hopefully gets back playing soon.
  14. The squad got named before Griffiths started any competitive game this season meaning he hasn't started a game of football since goodness knows when. I still think he will need to leave Celtic if he is to ever play for Scotland again, I just dont see him getting a regular run of games. On his game, and with his mind right he is our best natural number 9.
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