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  1. Probably yes, you do know we are in the championship now? Hester is a half decent league 2 forward. SImon Murray will be on a cracking deal with QP, not sure if they are full time or not? QP would see us as a direct rival (like we did with Low/Morton) so that would be an impossible deal to do
  2. Is he any good? looks a bit of a unit but doesnt seem to have featured much
  3. Think exiledlichtie has a point, its not easy to just go and get a 2O goal striker, it looks like from interviews that Dick has been trying really hard to get one in and has been a bit frustrated. As mentioned nearly every team are crying out for the same type of player. I dont get this McAllister thing, he is 35, can only train one night a week and takes holidays during the season (why he left Cove) so not going to work at our level. Hester is a laughable shout, surely at the wind up. Hopefully McKenna can get into double figures, A revitalised Hilson can continue to improve. Shanks has a bit potential also, that gets us to January and we get someone a bit more proven in.
  4. Utterly baffling rule that, the boy literally headered the ball straight out for a corner
  5. He got almost evrything spot on over the three games despite suffering his largest amount of call offs, so many players unavailable for selection. A big well done to Steve and his coaching team. Not sure there was an obvious alternative to McLean playing out on the left, if Christie and Armstrong were deemed to be ill. ALthough he was a complete fish out of water, so would probably have changed it at half time.
  6. Didnt hear any booing of anthem or mclean, if even if there was, who cares! folk get riled up over nothing
  7. Getting absolutely horsed 4-0 in Norway with both Caldwell brothers at centre back was eye bleedingly bad, only time I was in the pub at 60 minutes played.
  8. Certainly didn't look like there was a rift or lack of togetherness on Saturday but if some want to keep believing that (which is very bizarre) then let them bash on. Hopefully we can build on it over the next few games. I think if you had said at the beginning of August that we would lose Thomson, Low and Craigen and replace them with Allan, Tait and Oakley, most would've been happy with that. As most have said, we still need to add a forward that is going to get double figures in goals.
  9. There is no doubt it looked very unprofessional doing that so close to a big game (particularly when there wasn't really much to celebrate) he looked mortal drunk. Not sure that would alter my thinking about picking him or playing him again though. People make mistakes and other than that his commitment to playing for scotland has been unquestionable.
  10. To be playing at his currently level at 33 would be very surprising, think he will get about 70 odd caps and around 25 goals
  11. Is all well in the dressing room again after Saturday or still a rift?
  12. Whats the set up for next year then? draw is october I see. Would we play 2 games in March, June, Sept and Oct then the play offs would be November?
  13. Hickey very impressive, he can look a bit awkward at times but what a desire and energy he brings.
  14. Wouldn’t make too many changes. Been there before with that and it never works. Need to build on momentum from Saturday
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