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  1. I would like to see another two signings in sooner rather than later, I think we need a defender, midfielder and forward. I would imagine that loans will come in but clubs seem reluctant to release loans until August which may leave us short in the cup games.
  2. You would take finishing 7th and 8th but you want to see an improvement in play and results? Would that not be worse results than last year?
  3. Very happy with the way the start has come out, I think the best chance of us picking up wins / points is in the first quarter. I would be happy if the last game of the season meant something against Alloa.
  4. I heard an interview with Bobby last year when he was doing the boxing training where he was saying he would like another crack at full time. However at 34 and moving up to the championship with us I would say the chances of him wanting to go to Falkirk would be very slim. We would probably need a fee of about 30 grand to even make it worthwhile.
  5. Brown, Rogic, Ntcham, McGregor, Christie, Biton. Does Turnbull get in the team consistently ahead of these guys? He has probably looked at Scott Allan and Jonny Hayes and doesn't want his career to hid the skids before it has even taken off.
  6. Barnes is a frightening prospect and looks to have everything to his game. Would be amazed if he is not in the England squad within a year to 18 months.
  7. If Rangers somehow win the league this year it will be interesting to see what Tierney, Forrest and McGregor end up doing. I can see a situation where all 3 actually never leave the club however you would think at least 1 will want to go and prove themselves in another league and in doing so double/treble their wages.
  8. A left sided defender, a midfielder and two strikers. Suspect 2 maybe more may be loans.
  9. Hopefully sign a new player this week, all very quiet
  10. Murray and Barjonas would be bizarre signings considering they were bang average in League 1. Nisbet definitely has something, be interesting to see how he does against full time teams.
  11. I am not sure Griffiths will ever return to play at this level, he seems to have all sorts of problems, to think that he is going to have some sort of Tyson Fury recovery is wishful thinking. Shame
  12. Absolutely staggering that anyone could watch that game and not be impressed with the lad. 21 years of age, flung in at the last minute against one of the best teams in the world and acquitted himself well in nearly everything he did.
  13. Very impressed with Taylor, considering the quality of opposition he certainly didn't let anyone down.
  14. The last two games saw a significant improvement in a plan, system, organisation, not many call offs and a more general positive feeling about the squad. Bringing back Mulgrew and Marshall were good decisions firstly, I liked the team he picked on Saturday, felt it was thought through properly and suited the style and system rather than trying to shoe horn players in. Last night was a bit strange, especially the inclusion of Russell in a wide area which just did not work, however I suppose that he had to have a look at the majority of the players and he did say last week that he would have a lot to learn about international football and that he would make mistakes which I thought was refreshingly honest. Agree that the Russia game is a big test.
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