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  1. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and there’s always going to be your glass full supporters and your glass half empty supporters like Mexico. I would tend to focus on the positives from today, that’s two away games where we’ve looked down and out (QOTS the other) and somehow we’ve managed to claw our way back to a point. Whilst it May be down to our own inefficiencies that find ourselves 2 down, It’s also great to see the fight in our squad to get back level. Id also point out that Raith are a very good side and in both visits to Kirkcaldy this year I think we’ve seen the best footballing team in the division by quite some distance. Would also factor in the injuries to Linn, Swankie and Donnelly. We could really have done with those 3 the last few weeks. Roll on next week, big one
  2. Looks like we had 7 subs back on Saturday so he wasn't needed probably.
  3. I think two wins probably does it, if we pick up anything on Saturday id be happy.
  4. Would be great if they got another couple but happy if it stays as it is, i guess we will see what morton are made of 2nd half
  5. If i am being honest, i don't really tend to find the Rovers fans (on here as i don't any personally) pretty fair in terms of the big time billy attitude, Dunfermline, Falkirk, even Ayrs and Mortons all worse. They accepted we won the league by quite some distance in 2019 and were by far the better team when we defeated them at Gayfield a few weeks back. I would imagine John McGlynn's remit this year would've been to finish between 5th and 7th or thereabouts. Got off to a good start, seem to have built up a real bit of momentum/confidence of late and should get a play off place no problem. Us on the other hand should always be looking to avoid the drop as reasonable success and stay as the best part time team in the country. Rovers should absolutely expect to beat us in most games i would say.
  6. That was a huge effort today to get three points. If ever there was a game to have fans in today was it. Credit to the players for finding a way to win and grinding it out. Thought the three subs made a difference. Wasn’t a great performance by any stretch but it’s been a shitter of a season and now just about getting enough points to get over the line. We do seem to lack a bit quality, Particularly in attacking errors (highlighted with Bobby being out) but we make up for it with sheer hard work and attitude and that’s all we can ask for really. The effort in the Hearts game and today was immense. Hopefully results go our way midweek.
  7. Confident we can win both home games but feel that might still not be enough, may need to pick up a further win at Raith or Dunfermline.
  8. Us and Alloa will be in the bottom 2, Saturday will go a long way to determining who is 9th and 10th. There is usually one of the full time teams that implode at this stage which should give us both a glimour of hope
  9. Would play the same team as last week unless Thomson is fit, we need the win, you could argue that Alloa need it more and would be wary of writing them off, most games between teams are usually fairly evenly matched. We need to take maximum points from the 3 home games to avoid 9th.
  10. Gaston Gold little O’Brien Hamilton williamson craigen mckenna Hilson Hamilton Moore
  11. It looks like it, hopefully Smith and Low can contribute in some way for the last 6 games even if its as impact subs. Looking at the bench the other night, we had limited numbers with only really Thomson looking like he could back before end of season (unsure of Doolan situation)
  12. Yeah I’d be more inclined to say that club secretary should’ve stopped dick in his tracks right away.
  13. Really don't think this is a great post at all, we are clearly not shit, been on a great run since Christmas and had one bad performance/result against QOTS, I still feel we will finish 9th and in the play offs as we short in certain areas but its certainly not because we are "quite shit" Players are battling for every point as we seen by the performance against Hearts, Inverness seem to have picked up slightly and are one of the better footballing sides I have watched but they are certainly beatable. Getting the first goal will be key.
  14. Good finish. We needed to score when we were on top for most of the half ran out of steam a bit now
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