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  1. That Albion goal! (At 8mins 20secs)
  2. Didn't go either, but the highlights are up on YouTube. No match report on the official site yet
  3. Given you started with Jack Hamilton and the boy Dieng last season - he's better than them. Not sure if he's quite good enough for top end Championship, but was a standout for us. Really hope he does well!
  4. Has Kavanagh been poor for you? Always thought he was ok at the Albion...
  5. Yeah, we'd kind of resigned ourselves to having to get a late train. Have opted for Hannover, as means only one train back to Hamburg on the Saturday. So any advice on where to go, what's good etc (after midnight when we arrive)?
  6. Have done your survey. The main points for the introduction of anything new are - what purpose would it serve? And of what benefit would it be to those who introduce it? I don't think there are many teams missing out on potential footfall just now through not having an e-ticketing system at their grounds. And I'm not sure the cost of implementing it would see clubs reap any big benefits from it. However, if it was cheap enough, it could be the case that some clubs would implement it anyway to try to make things as convenient as possible for their fans. Anyway, good luck with your degree and your project.
  7. My pal and I are going to Wolfsburg's Friday night game against Augsburg in a few weeks. And then heading up to Hamburg on the Saturday to (hopefully) take in the St Pauli Union Berlin game. Is it worth staying in Wolfsburg on the Friday night, or is Hannover a better option for a few beers etc afterward?
  8. I'm sure big Hendo scored a hat-trick against Elgin in an early League Cup game for us... It was more his application rather than his finishing that drew criticism.
  9. No mention of a pitch inspection on the Berwick website or twitter, game likely to go ahead? And best places to go for a beer beforehand? Getting the train down for about half 12.
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