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  1. I agree with the point you've made that clubs should try to make games more welcoming for everyone. But I don't think fans should just accept getting searched. As you've mentioned - it's inconsistent, in terms of who's searched and in comparison to other lower league matches. It's also inconsistent with games held at the same stadium that would probably be classed as higher risk (Scotland games and non-old firm Scottish Cup semis and finals). I think fans should use their voices to (constructively) feedback their concerns about QP's search policy. Whether that's to stewards on the day (who can hopefully let their bosses know), by by contacting the club directly, or by speaking to the club's fans/club members on forums. I appreciate getting searched isn't a concern for you, but again as you mention, it may put others off. Which is ultimately what QP don't want to do!
  2. Exactly. Fans should just accept being treated like this. And clubs should never aspire to make football an inviting , welcoming place to go. We, as fans, should just shut up and not "make a tit of ourselves", amarite Ben?
  3. From reading the article, this isn't about gambling addiction though. Hester is being charged with committing fraud. I agree, gambling is a huge problem in football. Especially with our governing bodies happy to take coin from these bookmakers with one hand, while punishing players for gambling with the other. But gambling addiction and breaking Scottish football rules isn't what Hester's charge is about. It's about committing fraud. "Hester, 24, Brodie Myers, 26, Calvin Parrott, 24, and Findlay Soutar, 23, face a charge of obtaining money through the formation of a fraudulent scheme"
  4. Really?! Sutherland was the one constantly dropping deep between our defence and midfield and linking up play. Jordan and McLean didn't know whether to go with him or let him go and weren't helped out much by our poor midfield. Then they were caught when he ran off them for his goal. That's before we even get to the embarrassment of watching him run the length of the park with the ball from the right back position from our corner! (I know Danny and Creaney were booked so couldn't haul him down, but still!) I'm really disappointed with how we played today. After 3 great away wins we didn't even start playing until we were 2 goals down. Bikey and Heaver were industrious when they came on and we managed to pull a goal back. But our midfield were poor and we lacked a bit of width with Max Wright often drifting in field. I think Elgin probably deserved their win, despite our pressure in the last 15/20mins. A poor day at the office.
  5. How does/will the fighting fund work? Is the cash added straight to the manager's budget to spend as he pleases, or does it need some sort of board/committee sign-off?
  6. Has the Beautiful Sunday forum gone the same way as the Rave On one?
  7. This! His free kick against Morton was one of my favourites. Even though we didn't win the league that year, the play-offs were brilliant and he played a big part in that with his two goals against Airdrie in the second leg.
  8. This! I live in Glasgow and look to go to games in town when I can't make the Albion game. QP is often a last resort purely because of the points an86 has mentioned. The thought of going to a game at Lesser is much more appealing and it'd be good to see QP try to capitalise on this.
  9. Ex-Stenny and Stirling Albion keeper Chris Smith played in goal for Annan against us the other week, so I'd imagine it was him again
  10. Are you new to Scottish lower league football? You know how our clubs work, right?
  11. Why are fans searched at Hampden for QP games? We were searched last season when we came through, but I wasn't searched when going in for the Scotland games last week.
  12. First league win of the season. A clean sheet. And climbing off the foot of the table. What a time to be alive!
  13. Having seen how we played for large parts of the game against Albion Rovers the other week, I fancy us to cause Elgin some problems. And with Bikey in the team, I'm hoping this is the week we finally get our first win on the board.
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