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  1. Whilst there will undoubtedly be absolute moon howlers calling for the entire country to be shut down again in the winter if there is any sort of jump in cases or rise in deaths generally from either covid, the flu or whatever else, I think the chances of another lockdown or restrictions like we have seen are unlikely once these restrictions have been removed. People who are calling for these sorts of measures seem to forget that the only reason so many businesses have survived this so far is because of the enormous amount of financial support that has been dished out. As restrictions begin to come to an end, so will the financial support and they really won't want to have to turn that tap on again. People talk about things like masks and social distancing as if these can be implemented in perpetuity with no costs. The fact is, that many many businesses and large parts of entire industries are not viable when these measures are in place. This never gets mentioned. For example you can't run a pub at half capacity indefinitely and the inconvenience of having to wear a mask will surely result in a reduction of trade for all manner of businesses. Maybe it's just me but having to cover half my face up really reduces my enjoyment of things. It's much more difficult to communicate with people and I just can't get used to it. I know there is a few things I put off doing last summer because I didn't want to do it wearing a mask in the thought that "ach, I'll wait until next summer when things will be back to normal". I guess we'll see about that.
  2. People said that 12 months ago. Whilst I sincerely hope you are right and agree with everyone in here saying we need to accelerate the opening up of everything immediately, if the last couple of years have shown us anything it's that the vast majority of this country are quite happy to submit to our betters and do exactly what we are told with the minimum of fuss. Whilst many people are clearly now ignoring many of the restrictions around meeting up with friends and family etc, short of large scale protests (which won't happen) there is nothing we can do about the opening up of the economy, crowds at fitba, being able to pop into the shops without a mask etc etc.
  3. This sort of thing could kill off a lot of companies in the travel industry who have basically only survived the last year because of government support. When that support is removed, but there is still vastly reduced revenue due to the continued restrictions or requirements to test, then we are going to see a lot of problems. This is of course unless they extend support to that particular sector for a more extended period of time. I guess we will have to wait and see on that front.
  4. EH75


    Aye. The endings of both were far from perfect and probably move them down the list of 'best ever shows' IMO but they are still great series. I never finished Lost when it was on originally and only finally got round to watching it again last year thanks to covid giving me a lot more time for these things. The outcry over the ending was one of the reasons I never bothered going back to it for 10 years but I didn't think it was that bad tbh.
  5. If he'd allowed a referendum a year or 18 months ago I'm pretty sure no would've won it and that would've killed it for a long time. I think he's waited too long now.
  6. Surely just need to make sure the latch goes fully into the wee slot on the door frame that it sits in when the door is closed? I've got a door that was doing this, just needed to adjust the metal plate on the door frame where the latch sits so it went in fully and it was fine after that. Depends on what type of door and latch etc you've got though I guess.
  7. I work in the industry and have transited the Suez Canal on multiple occasions. An interesting one for sure. Could be a number of causes. Rumours of a blackout (complete loss of power) which would certainly explain something like this. The company is blaming the wind which is possible but that is the sort of thing you will usually get a bit of a warning of and can compensate for. Could also be to do with interaction between the hull and the channel itself (ie if you go too close to either side the hydrodynamics between the hull of the ship and the side of the channel can start to push you away from one bank into the other). There's also the possibility of a technical failure such as the rudder getting jammed hard over to one side. There are back up pumps etc which you should be able to activate to compensate for this but you would have to react quickly in such a confined channel. Someone above mentioned bow thrusters. Not likely. They are only effective at very slow speeds (less than what the ship would've been doing) and would not be in use during passage in the canal. Also you usually can't just press a button and turn them on, you would need to call down to the engine room and get them fired up, which takes a few minutes. Suez Pilot would almost certainly had the conn of the vessel during the incident but this doesn't relieve the rest of the bridge team of their collective responsibility for the safe navigation of the ship. Anyway something goes wrong there you've not got much time to react. As they have discovered.
  8. You only have to look at the portrayal in most of the media of Jeremy Corbyn as some sort of reincarnation of Joseph Stalin for evidence of this.
  9. Nothing. Probably. There have always been mad b*****ds, and there will always be mad b*****ds. I think the good thing now is that these people are a lot easier to catch. 40 years ago this guy might have gone on to kill a good few more women before he was caught (presuming they have the right guy here) but with the technology we have now with forensics, CCTV everywhere, mobile phone tracking etc there are so many more resources Police can use to track people down. The very high likelihood of being swiftly apprehended in itself is probably as much of a deterrent as you can give but like I say you will still get people who are compelled to do these sort of things.
  10. There was a small window of opportunity after the Rangers liquidation when maybe it could've been possible. Just needed Celtic to have a really bad year and someone else to have an absolute stormer. Obviously it never really got close to happening but that was the one and only chance I'll see in my lifetime I reckon, unless there is some massive shake up of the game or some mad rich investor but I think that's also unlikely.
  11. "Dykes" is currently trending on twitter, and not in a good way.
  12. If presiding over the deaths of over 100k people and all the associated shambles didn't finish the Tories then I'm not sure if anything will. They will get in again at the next election regardless of what happens over the next few months.
  13. There is a "new variant" being banded about in the media every 5 minutes, yet cases, deaths and hospitalizations continue to fall as vaccines are rolled out. People are no longer frightened by the constant mewing over these variants.
  14. Why even have a limit on it? If its only for head injuries and you've used all your concussion subs and someone else gets a head knock then why shouldn't you be able to sub them too? Seems a fairly unlikely scenario but you never know. I guess you would then have to take them off and go down to 10 men but this then comes back to the same argument of pressure to keep them on etc.
  15. Is that not basically how politics works?
  16. What's with the possible restrictions on weddings in step 4? No legal limits on social contacts and nightclubs can re open but weddings still need to be restricted? Doesn't affect me but seems a bit random. Also are we presuming masks will still be required in stage 4? Good luck with that in nightclubs.
  17. It's interesting. I've seen very high levels of compliance around where I live however I had to go to London yesterday (essential journey) and I would say about 30% of folk on the tube either weren't wearing masks or had them pulled down below their nose or round their neck. I don't place a massive amount of faith in masks tbh but it was a bit of a surprise and a contrast to my experience more locally here in Norfolk.
  18. It's awright, Phil the Greek about to sort that out over the next few days...hopefully.
  19. If this game results in anything other than Kamberi scoring the winner I'll be quite surprised.
  20. I enjoyed his reference to serial killer Dennis Neilsen in the pre match build up...
  21. People were saying that months ago. UK public are shitebags. When was the last time there was large scale public unrest in this country?
  22. Celtic to field an under 21 team but still win the match. Its the Hibs way.
  23. Just had an email informing me that nursery will be closed tomorrow here in North Norfolk due to lack of staff. Would be interested to know if this is through illness or staff deciding to stay at home. Not much of a surprise either way tbh. Supposed to be back on Tuesday. Canny see it.
  24. Disgrace what happened to him. Although I do feel we are perhaps guilty of romanticising the situation. He hadn't played a massive amount of games and whilst he may well have been the next Billy McNeil, I remember a lot of hype surrounding Danny Wilson when he first broke through at Rangers and we know how that turned out. If someone had snapped his knee in half we could've been having a similar conversation about him. Regardless Ganea wouldn't be getting any fucking tea in my house.
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