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  1. Tbf I think he only played about 4 games due to injury. And it was Heckingbottom's Hibs, everyone was rubbish.
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    Watched this the other night. Usually I'm alright with true crime stuff but this really got to me. The combination of the use of lots home video etc of the wee girls and the family acting normally throughout the documentary with audio near the end of the dad describing exactly how he did it and his daughters confusion what was happening was really quite upsetting. The fact I have a daughter about the same age probably makes it worse.
  3. Most of the modern stoves have now got similar self cleaning glass systems to the clear views I think. We got a heta 45 installed last year. Stove was about 1k and the installation, building work etc was 2k. That was from an old opening from a gas fireplace that needed slightly opened up and made good. Got a massive cage of kiln dried oak last year which I'm still working my way through. That was about 300 quid. Stoves are great but don't kid yourself on into thinking it will save you money. Maybe if you can get free wood you might save enough in heating to cover the cost of the installation in about 50 years!
  4. His position is fairly untenable after the Rangers saga, be surprised to see him back in a hibs jersey.
  5. I've had one of these for about 10 years and its still going strong. It is a bit more specialist that maybe what the OP would be after though, you need a decent grinder, good beans, fiddling about with techniques etc aswell. I believe they changed the way they are manufactured a few years back and the newer ones are not built to the same standard so you really want an older one. Got my eye on a lelit marax or similar for the next machine but I need to upgrade the grinder as well. Things start to get a bit silly money wise tbh I can't really justify it. If you just want a nice coffee in the morning then something like an aeropress of a hario V60 will both make a really good coffee for little outlay. Just need to get a hold of decent ground beans (or buy a half decent grinder).
  6. Not so much meltdown related but there was a teacher who got done for trying to get girls to send him naked pictures via Facebook. He used the classic "I was hacked" excuse which surprisingly didn't wash with the authorities and he was promptly struck off. Another bloke got done for making alleged suggestive comments to various girls. Whilst this wasn't an enormous surprise I was a bit shocked to read that he hung himself after being found guilty.
  7. Massive stack of porn mags on a country path when I was about 14. Great days. Not seen a discarded jazz mag in a bush for years.
  8. Complete waste of money. Every single person in the country knows they should be staying inside. If Boris Johnson interrupting their nightly viewing of Corination Street to tell them didn't convince them I doubt a letter through the door will..
  9. Wickes website currently has a "queue" holding page due to "unprecedented demand". It's like trying to purchase T in the Park tickets circa 2005. Gonna be some really badly put together shelves going up over the next couple of weeks.
  10. We've finally found the most effective way to make folk in this country exercise - make it illegal!
  11. Joe Rogan gets some great guests on but I only listen to the ones that catch my eye. A lot of it is MMA nonsense which I have no interest in. Been catching up on the open goal interviews recently. The Gordon Smart one was particularly good. He's led an interesting life! Confirming that Edgar Davids is a c**t (which I think most people knew anyway).
  12. Claims not to really have been that good friends with the guy in the first place and not to have seen him in 4 years, but then decides to fly accross the Atlantic and stay in his house to tell him be doesn't want to be friends any more. If I didn't know someone that well, hadn't spoke to them in 4 years, and they were recently outed as a sex offender I would probably just continue with not speaking to them. Like the previous 4 years. How daft does he think we are? Also, that man has never been to Pizza Express in his life. Like David Cameron pretending to support Aston Villa (or was it West Ham?) and Gordon Brown saying he likes the Artic Monkeys. Pick something the "common man" likes, that'll get them onside....
  13. The "I only went to see him to tell him I couldn't see him" is the exact same defence you see on these nonce hunter videos when they get caught.
  14. Ah yes, the print media. No agendas there. No sir. Well known for being completely transparent and upstanding.
  15. These are hilariously expensive. I rented a place with one for a few months and was out topping it up what seemed like every other day. Should be pretty easy to swap as long as you have a reasonable credit rating. Have a look on the money saving expert website they've got loads of stuff on energy bills, switching, finding the best deals etc. Pretty useful.
  16. Averaging somewhere between 3 and 4 quid a day at the moment according to the smart meter display. 3 beds. Wood burner on most of the day. First winter in this house but seems to retain heat much better than the last one. Decent insulation and new double glazing helps. EDF currently have my direct debit set to £25 a month due to building up loads of credit over the summer. We'll see how long that lasts....
  17. They missed out the fine for leaking official club documents
  18. Conversation with the mother in law recently. I live in England. This is a woman who works 50 hours a week in 2 jobs to make ends meet, doesn't own her own home and I suspect has little in the way of pension provision. I didn't get out of her who she will be voting for but she won't be voting for Labour because Corbyn "terrifies" her. When pressed on this she was unable to elaborate. I suspect she will vote for the tories to "get brexit done". People down here are so consumed with getting out of the EU that they haven't stopped for a moment to think how the next government is going to affect their lives in any other way. We live in a fairly safe tory seat so in reality this sort of thing probably won't make too much difference here but I'm sure its replicated across the country. When you ask them why they want out of the EU they can't even give proper reasons apart from the usual sound bites about "being ruled from Brussels" etc
  19. Cups are for drinking out of. Not measuring ingredients.
  20. Recipie is in fucking cups. Americanised nonsense.
  21. This sort of stuff is particularly bad living down here in Englandshire. "Jimmy Krankie". "Oh she's just like Hitler, she wants to be a dictator". When challenged it usually transpires these sort of people have barely even watched an interview of her, let alone have any idea of the SNPs policies or what it is actually like living under an SNP government in Scotland.
  22. The media have been constantly parroting how bad it is going to be for the last several years that the general public now seem to accept this as fact. When you actually challenge people about what in particular they dislike about the man they generally can't come up with much of substance apart from nonsense like "he can't even tie his tie properly" but hey if it was on BBC news and the front page of the Daily Mail then it must be right eh? The fact the press in this country seem to be so terrified of the man is another reason to vote for him as far as I'm concerned. If he was a power hungry careerist like most of the people who rise to high office in politics in this country then he wouldn't have spent most of his years on the back benches. I actually believe he wants the best for the country and cares about ordinary people. I couldn't say that about Johnson or Swinson. As I live in England now, Labour will be getting my vote for the first time ever in my life. Still hope to see the SNP wipe everyone out in Scotland, mind.
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