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  1. Even more so now the "guarantee" of European group stage football has been taken away from us.
  2. Strangely relaxed. 2016 was so good that nothing will come close and the fact I can't be at the game or even the pub without booking and there will be no parade or organised celebrations should we win has somewhat taken a bit of the excitement away from it this year. Its weird. I'm sure I'll completely change my tune on this by the weekend though.
  3. Dunno if I would've have dropped that many of those who will play next week tbh. Match sharpness vs risk of injury trade off I suppose but playing loads of matches in the run up to the 2016 final didn't do us any harm. Our opponents on that day however... (who iirc had about 2 weeks off before the game)
  4. Well quite. Tbf I don't think there are many in the two sets of fans who want to go through the rigmarole either. Anyway looks like we won't have to worry about any of this now. Scottish football, some laugh eh?
  5. "contingency plans" and 600 "spectators" mentioned in that first tweet. Ballot for key workers from the Glasgow area or some other such nonsense?
  6. Good luck with that when Christian Doidge bangs in the winner at Hampden next weekend.
  7. There must be rules about this sort of stuff? I presume I couldn't register a "Scottish Nationalist Party"? Like, how close to the name/slogan etc of a current party are you allowed to get? Or is it just up to someone to decide if it is OK when you register your party/candidate?
  8. Tbf I thought Forster was going to be the next big thing when he first broke through. Very unlucky with injuries from what I recall.
  9. Less confident about our chances of winning this than I was about the 2016 final tbh.
  10. Yeah I don't know how realistic a lockdown is over there. I'm not sure they can afford the levels of government support that western economies have been dishing out, and that's before you even get to the issue of the conditions some people live in. High levels of poverty with lots of poor people living in close proximity who already have poor access to health care. I presume there is also a much higher instance of multi generational households which has obvious problems. So aye, I think essentially this is going to just have to rip through the population naturally over there to a much greater extent than we have seen so far in most other countries. A shite state of affairs to say the very least.
  11. Hoping this is just the usual click bait based off the fact that the most pessimistic stories generate the most traffic. Or (as they have done for the past year) the government planting stories to gauge public reaction prior to actually making policy decisions. However if this happens in conjunction with removal of government financial support then it will destroy the entire hospitality industry.
  12. It was merely a retort to the assertion that things have changed forever. I don't think they have. It will take a few years but eventually we will get back to the way things were pre-2020, as always happens.
  13. Has it though? Forever? I mean in 10, 15, 20 years time do you think we are still going to be wandering about in masks and having to scan your phone to get into the fitba? The only thing I could see changing permanently would be regarding vaccines for international travel but there are already many countries that you need certain vaccines to visit so I wouldn't class that as much of a change. There has been pandemics before and things get back to the way they were sooner or later. Despite the hyperbole over the last year, this will be the same.
  14. Cant go to football, cant travel out the country, no gigs or theatres and your going Tonto over having to wear a wee bit of cloth over your gub for the 1hr a week you might be in a shop. All about priorities I suppose !!! Tbf I feel similar. I don't want to go to the football, travel, go to gigs, theatres or do a multitude of other things whilst wearing a mask so for me until the mask requirement is lifted I won't be doing these things anyway. I realise that's maybe a minority view but there we are. And that's without even going into wearing one for 12 hours a day at work (despite spending that whole time in close proximity to the same people and therefore it probably being useless anyway).
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