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  1. Why even have a limit on it? If its only for head injuries and you've used all your concussion subs and someone else gets a head knock then why shouldn't you be able to sub them too? Seems a fairly unlikely scenario but you never know. I guess you would then have to take them off and go down to 10 men but this then comes back to the same argument of pressure to keep them on etc.
  2. Is that not basically how politics works?
  3. What's with the possible restrictions on weddings in step 4? No legal limits on social contacts and nightclubs can re open but weddings still need to be restricted? Doesn't affect me but seems a bit random. Also are we presuming masks will still be required in stage 4? Good luck with that in nightclubs.
  4. It's interesting. I've seen very high levels of compliance around where I live however I had to go to London yesterday (essential journey) and I would say about 30% of folk on the tube either weren't wearing masks or had them pulled down below their nose or round their neck. I don't place a massive amount of faith in masks tbh but it was a bit of a surprise and a contrast to my experience more locally here in Norfolk.
  5. It's awright, Phil the Greek about to sort that out over the next few days...hopefully.
  6. If this game results in anything other than Kamberi scoring the winner I'll be quite surprised.
  7. I enjoyed his reference to serial killer Dennis Neilsen in the pre match build up...
  8. People were saying that months ago. UK public are shitebags. When was the last time there was large scale public unrest in this country?
  9. Celtic to field an under 21 team but still win the match. Its the Hibs way.
  10. Just had an email informing me that nursery will be closed tomorrow here in North Norfolk due to lack of staff. Would be interested to know if this is through illness or staff deciding to stay at home. Not much of a surprise either way tbh. Supposed to be back on Tuesday. Canny see it.
  11. Disgrace what happened to him. Although I do feel we are perhaps guilty of romanticising the situation. He hadn't played a massive amount of games and whilst he may well have been the next Billy McNeil, I remember a lot of hype surrounding Danny Wilson when he first broke through at Rangers and we know how that turned out. If someone had snapped his knee in half we could've been having a similar conversation about him. Regardless Ganea wouldn't be getting any fucking tea in my house.
  12. Is that real? What a fucking minter of a country, honestly.
  13. Reading the story about that it sounds like one of those things where you can start a petition online and if it gets so many votes it has to be debated in Parliament. If its anything like when that happens in this country then I doubt there's much chance of it passing. I wouldn't get our hopes up.
  14. Fletcher's peak was taken away from him by his illness and he was becoming one of their most important players prior to that, I'm sure he was even being touted as Captain at one point. On the wider point of some of the "EPL standard" players that are either coming through or have already established themselves, I agree we now have some very good options. However what we really need more than anything else is a top class goalscorer. We've not had that for a very long time (if ever tbh). Thats been the real difference between us and the other home nations in recent years. Wales have Bale, ROI had Robbie Keane, even David Healy scored a barrowload for NI FFS!
  15. Supported Rangers when I was wee, because they won everything and all the kids at school supported them. Family had no interest in football. Got to my teenage years and realised I disagreed with pretty much everything they represented and that actually supporting a team from the other side of the country because they happened to be in the middle of 9 in a row when I was growing up didn't mean I had to spend the rest of my life amongst union jack waving neanderthals. Started going to Easter Road with my best mate (who had a season ticket and often had a spare) for something to do on a Saturday and the excuse to have a couple of pints. Had my own season ticket within a couple of years. Winning stuff very occasionally when you are shite the rest of the time is much more fun than winning every week.
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