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  1. I'm sure that was supposed to be a temporary change. Remember some chat relatively recently about liquid compatible scanners coming in that would finally allow you to take a bottle of water you may have purchased outwith the airport on board again. Not flown for a couple of years for obvious reasons but you still couldn't do it last time I flew. Right pain in the arse tbh. I must've been in 1st or 2nd year, don't think we got told about it at school but I remember turning the telly on when I got in and seeing the rolling footage. I had a paper round at the time and remember the pictures of the explosions on all of the front covers. I also recall waking up to news on the radio that we had bombed Iraq a few weeks (or months?) later. Nievely found that quite exciting at first.
  2. Ireland were undoubtedly elevated up a level by having a genuine top class forward in Robbie Keane for 20 years. Obviously they had other decent players but you can't overstate the difference made by having someone you can hang your hat on to score every second game. Stating the obvious I guess there but I doubt they would've had the number of qualifications they did in recent years without him and will now struggle (as we do) due to the lack of a goalscorer.
  3. A bonus for the tight arses amongst us though.
  4. New Zealand going back into lockdown after a single case detected in Auckland....
  5. Why does anyone need a gun? Is it time to completely outlaw all firearms except for a very small number of occupations who are allowed to keep specific types of firearms for justifiable reasons? I guess farmers need them so they can shoot vermin maybe but even then is that necessary? How often does a farmer need to use his gun? Is a pump action shotgun required for this or can you do it with something lower powered and more time consuming to reload? Genuine question as I have no idea. Who else would justifiably need to own a gun? Get rid of gun clubs, target shooting, clay pigeon etc. Bit shite if that's your hobby I guess but at the end of the day if thats what it takes to reduce the risk of stuff like this even further then maybe its time.
  6. Was there not a lot of dodgy commentary in the mainstream red tops in the lead up to Charlotte Church's 16th as well? Mad to think this sort of thing was socially acceptable in the early 2000s.
  7. Something else I miss is a draught pint of Tennents. Which is completely ridiculous because I know its chemical pish water and I rarely drunk it when I lived in Scotland but now because I can't get it I make a point of drinking almost exclusively whenever I do go home.
  8. Well aye that is the case for now. I mean hypothetically if I moved back in the near future I'm not sure where I'd put my vote. As I said at the end of the post not something I'll need to worry about at the moment. I could see myself living in Scotland again at some point and therefore I still take an interest in things going on at home but obviously can't complain too much as it doesn't affect me directly.
  9. You could be right and this might not necessarily be a bad thing. The problem in Scotland is that so much is now split down the constitutional question and so if you are pro independence then the SNP are the only show in town outwith the smaller fringe parties. Difficult to break the SNP hold on power though I mean we all saw what happened with the Alba party (lunatics admittedly without even going into the Salmond issue). Some actual competition for them from another strong party on the same side of the independence debate would be good for all concerned IMO. Easier said than done though and I don't know if someone like Cherry is the best person for the job but then I don't see too many candidates out there.
  10. Just resigned my SNP membership. Joined the party along with everyone else in the aftermath of the referendum but I really don't support the route they are taking currently with this and the nonsensical mixed messaging. I had been considering it for a while anyway as I no longer live in the country and always feel it is a bit dangerous to support a political party like they are a football team but the last few days nonsense was the final straw. Still pro independence and still view that ironically as the best way we will end up with a non SNP government but I'm not sure who I'd vote for in Scotland at the moment. None of the choices seem particularly appealing. Thankfully not a choice I will have to make any time soon.
  11. Aye I mean to be fair I must live in one of the worst areas for accessibility apart from maybe the South West. Once you get out of Norfolk its not so bad but that takes an age in itself. Thankfully my job means I don't have to commute but its always a bit weird going back home and there being very few areas of motorway which have more than 2 lanes, whereas down here its the norm (not where I live admittedly but the rest of England seems to be mostly 3 lanes).
  12. You'll get someone every so often like Elton John playing Carrow Road or we've got Lionel Richie playing Blickling Hall next summer but it's nothing liking living almost equidistant between Edinburgh & Glasgow for choice and ease of access.
  13. This is a right pain in the arse tbf. The other thing I forgot to mention in my post and probably the number 1 thing I miss about living in the central belt of Scotland is the ease of access to large events. Gigs, live comedy, theatre etc. It is pretty rare for big acts to come to East Anglia so you are stuck with going to London, which is 3 hours each way minimum so realistically you are looking at an overnight stay. So an act I could go to see in Scotland for basically the price of a ticket for the event and a short train journey turns into a minimum £300 outlay.
  14. Moved to Norfolk from West Lothian 6 years ago. Missus is from here. Its alright I suppose. The weather is generally better which is a big plus but other than that I can't say its too different. Its full of gammons and the insistence of everyone giving me their uninformed opinions on the economy of a hypothetical independent Scotland within 2 minutes of me arriving here got very old very quickly. I don't miss the sectarianism or the rain but I do miss the humour and being able to converse about fitba with folk. Invariably conversations down here will revolve about the poor standard of the league or the Old Firm, which again people generally don't know as much about as they think they do. I would be quite happy to move back in future but other half probably wouldn't be as keen. We'll see.
  15. People who have clearly never sat in the away end at Pittodrie in December.
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