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  1. Was tongue in cheek comment and no intended slur on any of the clubs mention.
  2. Just checked Paddy Power and odds on a club connected to the leak are- 1/2 Buffs or Darvel. 5/4 Bankies or Pollok 3/1 bar.
  3. Stand up East Regions Juniors. the only place outside the corrupt web led by the Fat Jap.
  4. Are clubs who are announcing signings this early( some on a huge wedge) not taking a risk? Who knows what the financial future holds for clubs or their sponsors.Is it not a but risky getting players on contracts this early for a season that may not start til October? Maybe some are so cash rich it doesn't matter and good luck to them but there must be other taking a gamble.
  5. No wonder so many ignore this former top forum .Another interesting thread went to the dogs.
  6. Any chance we can move away from the mud slinging and find out if last night's meeting provided any hope of reconciliation?
  7. I know but finishing 7th bottom and still getting relegated just doesn't seem right Keep it at 20 with 3 down?
  8. What about Blantyre Darvel Cumbernauld Bonnyton added to the 16. Play each other once then split 10/10 after 19 games then play another 9. 28 games should be manageable even with a later start?
  9. Here we were thinking Petrie and the LL were pretty tight:)
  10. Fact remains clubs were sold a dummy without SFA rubber stamp.
  11. Celebrating a tainted title in these torrid times, classless.
  12. Correct was asking about next season.. Over 30 games is a tall order
  13. So what's the smart money on? 3 x17 and 1x16?
  14. Players-' we want our wages due" Clubs -"we have no money" = Legal action. Outcome clubs go bust.
  15. Kilwinning and Clydebank are two, maybe 1 or 2 others
  16. Some will need to find something else to salivate about
  17. Have I got this correct. Winners of the three tier 6 leagues (if lisenced) will have a 3 way play off, with the winner then facing bottom of the LL?
  18. If clubs are forced to pay players during this shutdown it will be the end of more than a few.
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