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  1. Another statement saying nothing. Maybe after tonight's SGM the West will man up, call it null and void and get plans in place for a safe and timely start to 2021-22.
  2. Get in called now, keep everyone safe for a clean start in July
  3. With some teams having only played 4 or 5 games it is being extremely optomistic/ nieve to envisage the season being completed.
  4. Admire those who gave it a go but stumbling ahead blindly is a gamble in my opinion not worth taking.
  5. Relax it's been proven this week that the SG are not interested in what footballers do.
  6. Tomorrow's water logged treble. Hurlford,KRR and Rutherglen.
  7. Some sensible but unconfirmed numbers doing the rounds.
  8. What is this sub divisions nonsense you speak of?
  9. 3 or 4 committee men sharing a car going from one tier to another but it's ok cos it's professional sport. Bonkers.
  10. Yet Yoker got penalised for doing exactly the same.
  11. Compare Yoker outcome with the Israel Norway desicion ??
  12. May have missed it somewhere, did Beith consult their support before starting the season?
  13. 90 % know a delay til March was the best option but never managed to get it through due to the conveluted two tier vote fiasco.
  14. Can't possibly see how they can do that, not a leg to stand on.
  15. Shuttle or rotation is clearer stated within the guidelines as not allowed at the moment.
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