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  1. Relegation

    How do you know exactly what happened? Not exactly but it seems you played away at Kilwinning on 22nd and then managed to get all the kit and boots etc locked away on the 23rd without anybody think hey what about the 29th??
  2. Relegation

    Right decision in my book, time the region got tough with teams taking the urine.
  3. Relegation

    That would be because you never had a defence
  4. Kilwinning Rangers 18/19

    The Buffs can consider themselves very lucky that the KSC alternative if there and they should be dancing along the road.Other teams in similar positions wouldn't or have not had such a fantastic alternative. Maybe just maybe overspending on the playing side has contributed not failing to properly upkeep the facilities, can understand that though, no decent team then less punters and less sponsors.
  5. Relegation

    Who is for the drop ? Medda have done great to pull clear, KRR and Cumnock have enough points so any 3 from Petershill, Cambuslang, Kilbirnie,Troon and Renfrew. Hard to pick the 3 at the moment, on current form all are firmly in the mix.
  6. Another year, another Cumnock manager

    Nock player leaving?
  7. West Region / Clydebank (hypothetical)

    One season wonder as it will need to be scrapped next year
  8. Weather watch

  9. Friday night fixture December 28th

    Can't have the lights on after a certain time as they disturb the locals.
  10. Friday night fixture December 28th

    Largs can't do it I think due to time line for proxemity of houses.
  11. Kilwinning Rangers 18/19

    Wonder how players would respond to a 10% across the board reduction?
  12. Scores 24/11

    hard to believe a honking Medda team nearly got a result today.
  13. Meadow v Ladeside

    Odds on for a team with one win in 8? Bonkers!!
  14. Cove Rangers vs Talbot in the bookies

    At least he can count home,away and draw
  15. Cove Rangers vs Talbot in the bookies

    Think you will find it's a 3 horse race mate