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  1. Players-' we want our wages due" Clubs -"we have no money" = Legal action. Outcome clubs go bust.
  2. Kilwinning and Clydebank are two, maybe 1 or 2 others
  3. Some will need to find something else to salivate about
  4. Have I got this correct. Winners of the three tier 6 leagues (if lisenced) will have a 3 way play off, with the winner then facing bottom of the LL?
  5. If clubs are forced to pay players during this shutdown it will be the end of more than a few.
  6. I'm sure the West have been in talks with East, North and SJFA prior to this
  7. All clubs know there is no face to face meeting but don't let that get in the way of the moon howlers
  8. From the 17 years of the West Super League, one of the winners has applied. Woopy fucking doo.
  9. Another fine example of why very few clubs still have a page on this forum
  10. Another fine example if why very few clubs still have a page on this forum.
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