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  1. There is no way restrictions are going to be relaxed Stop sitting on the fence and make the decision to start next spring We all know it the only sensible option. As for the 12 non returns name and shame them!!
  2. So a zoom meeting next week to discuss the results of the survey. At this moment starting on the 10th with no fans is still on the table. No laughing at the back please
  3. Don't worry folks a nice clear response from the JRG. https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/news/coronavirus-joint-response-group-update-23-september/?rid=13929
  4. I'm not sure how you know that as the survey isn't complete yet and the IMG haven't seen the results yet. Sorry should have said managers, but sure you already know that.
  5. Exact opposite, high % of top flight clubs have told the league they want to start on the 10th with no showers,changing facilities or fans. Bonkers
  6. The time is now, protect the clubs futures. Come back March you know it makes sense.
  7. Wonder how many of these managers actually consulted with their clubs??
  8. So while we await the results of the survey by WOSFL 70% of managers in the top league indicate they wish to start on the 10th with no fans. Have I heard this correct?
  9. Managers group to lobby IMG for 10th Oct start. Tail wagging dog.
  10. have thought contracts kick in on a start date, I can’t imagine many people signing a contract that only comes into effect at some mythical point in the future. wrong.
  11. Couple of points. Contracts dont kick in til real football starts, so anything agreed between club and players meantime is exactly that, an Agreement. Never seen a contract yet that mentions hourly rate,not even sure if minimum wage applies either. Do some folk actually think clubs should start paying players straight away with no gate money, keep doing so for an indefinite period then just fold when nothing left.
  12. Petetshill for one I would imagine will be struggling to train or play home games. I'm sure a few Ayrshire teams will be affected by Greenwood being still closed
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