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  1. Thought we might have seen them by now?
  2. Wouldn't want to be assistant ref near the Buffs dug out.
  3. Aye right. The SFA would love to hear that case.
  4. Sadly as predicted some teams not acting in the spirit of the agreement in releasing players immediately.
  5. Yes spite, hearing some examples already,complete fence siting in my opinion. no wages issues, don't start til season kicks off. Hope the SFA are staffed up to hear disputes.
  6. So a current club can prevent a player training with new club til 17 days before season starts. That seems harsh on players wanting to move?
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong with theses dates. Teams can train from 17th May.? Clubs can hold players contracts til 30th June.? Season starts 17th July?
  8. Definitely excited about a July restart but at the same time apprehensive about the horrible thought of games without fans.
  9. So if I'm hearing this correct clubs clubs have been ASKED to release players now who won't be signing for next season. I await the mayhem.
  10. Current contracts terminated now then to allow players to train with new clubs on 17th May?
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