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  1. SJFA, like or not are elected members by the clubs,every now and then a ruling will go against one or other team. You have no option but to accept the ruling and move on accordingly.
  2. Nice sweep sweep about the rest of the events.
  3. Can see the headlines now "Bat Man arrives in Cumnock""
  4. Agree that's not a bad list at all. But was he considered a success by Lok fans?
  5. Can you remind us of what's on his great CV? Off the top of my head no Scottish in over 20 yrs, or league in over 10yrs. For the club with the biggest budget(maybe)
  6. Was Tony's spell at Lok viewed as a success by the fans? Memory not great, a promotion, league cup, West cup ??
  7. When will a decision be made on the venue for cup tie on 26th?
  8. Very true that's a tough run,huge squad,huge support and budget, points in the board early, time the made a go of it.
  9. That's a healthy lead Pollok have over Talbot just now, could this be their year?.
  10. When I saw Pollok earlier was very impressed large quality squad, huge travelling support. And a great history. I would love to be in their position However no Scottish Cup wins in over 20 yrs, league wins in over 10yrs, would it be fair to say the should be doing better?
  11. Got more £ than a horse can shit so who gives a toss.
  12. Hope he gets it, the game needs a panto villan.
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