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  1. Airdrie 2-0 Forfar Thistle 1-0 Clyde Clyde 1-0 Dumbarton Thistle 2-2Montrose Cove 1-2 Falkirk East Fife 2-1 Peterhead
  2. Between the lack of commentary, the awful pixellot, the marked delay between picture and sound that tells you when a goal is scored before it happens visually and our woeful team it has been some season. Roll on getting back in the ground because not sure I would be bothering with this format again.
  3. Yeah, would agree I think that despite our defence it is the midfield that is the real problem, they don’t tackle, pass or shoot and the two wide men are just passengers. Murray plays away in a variety of positions but really he’s not what we need in there, Moore is like most loanees in that he looks permanently out of his depth, Scally shows glimpses but doesn’t take anyone on and Anderson is just there. Nothing much on the bench that improves on that either.
  4. Agree completely ( except with describing him as a footballer).
  5. Agree with a lot of that but neither Brora nor Kelty are ‘better run’ - they have richer benefactors willing to put more money in.
  6. That’s definitely who you would take off when chasing a goal??!?
  7. First thing any new manager needs to do is get that dumpling Coll away to [email protected]&k.
  8. That is fair enough but what about the team Weir assembled for the next season? Signing four players from an abject Brechin team was hardly a master stroke. Are you forgetting how brutal we were at the end if Weir’s tenure?
  9. Kinda like the opposite of Duffy with even worse results.
  10. Well done on that, think it would have depressed me trying to work through that. Given the actual number of games that covers certainly shows one of our big problems of late.
  11. Cove 2-0 Dumbarton Falkirk 2-0 Clyde Forfar 4-5 East Fife Montrose 2-2 Airdrie Peterhead 1-1 Partick Thistle
  12. Bottom place nicely ( and deservedly) sorted out tonight, good luck in the fight for the play-off.
  13. That is horrific, added to that we are also terrible to watch as well as being not in the results business. The COVID situation has saved Malcolm but you cannot defend his record in any way.
  14. Yeah, basically what time would any new manager get with the players? There is next to no training left it is just wall to wall games so the only real choice is to stick with Malcolm and hope he knows what he is doing ( spoiler: he doesn’t).
  15. Based on last night should not be a problem as you are streets ahead of what Forfar and Dumbarton offer ( haven’t seen Clyde yet). If you score the penalty it was a simple three points.
  16. As one sided a game as you are likely to see. How we got a point is beyond belief, no doubt Malcolm will see some positive from the match but I can’t see what. Peterhead will be kicking themselves, loads of chances to score, dominated possession and missed that late penalty. Forfar will take the point but the performance was about as bad as it gets and there seems to be no structure or tactics or anything, did we even get out of our half in the first half?
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