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  1. That is two against us so far, neither close to being a penalty.
  2. Sorry to hear that hope he recovers OK. Guess he’s a major doubt for Saturday then?
  3. Better, a much needed win and actually played pretty well in second half. Left back a concern still though and not creating enough from open play. Need to keep feeding the wide men the ball, both looked good.
  4. No surprise , we were miles off it from the first minute of pre-season. Easiest Last Man Standing Pick yet.
  5. I would also have Annan as favourites with Stenny not far behind, we just do not have the goals in the team to really mount a challenge I feel.
  6. It is rather aided by quite the worst defensive performance I’ve seen for Forfar in a long, long time ( which covers some utter dross).
  7. Would agree with that Armour and McCluskey together was the best we have looked going forward this pre-season. I also thought Hanratty in first half and Thomson when he came on looked quite sharp. There is however, nothing seen so far that suggests we will trouble the promotion play-offs. Hopefully we can get Flanagan and Keatings fit and on the pitch soon as that should add to our forward options. Starting to worry that the Whyte injury could be a real problem.
  8. Different team when Armour and Thomson came on, first time we have looked like creating anything.
  9. He was, asked to come off pretty much straight away after a tackle
  10. Not too worried about the result ( but we could do with a win for confidence) would like to see the defence being a little more coherent and definitely need to see us create some more chances.
  11. Yeah, central defence is a real worry depth wise. This time last season we had Munro, Anderson, Fisher , Hussain who could play there with Travis and Whyte to come back from injury. Also with Meechan and Irvine that could cover in a pinch. At the moment it is Munro, Whyte and Hussain with Nditi that could cover ( but we have no other right back) and a season older Irvine that could cover. Would say we need at least two more defensive options.
  12. I would say Armour is the replacement for Shepherd, this lad probably replaces Crossan. Whether either is an upgrade will have to see.
  13. Can’t believe we didn’t put the lights on tonight was dark when they took the penalties. Also pitch is so much smaller this season.
  14. Better from us so far (barring Nditi’s diving OG). Trialist no.8 looks decent and has put in some good balls from right.
  15. You are right of course, but having seen plenty of friendlies before have rarely seen such a gulf between us and another non Premier League team. Perhaps this might have been better behind closed doors.
  16. It if both, think Dunfermline are well ahead of us fitness wise as well.
  17. Only that you would hope we don’t make any efforts to sign them.
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