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  1. Be fine as long as he doesn’t have to play against Bobby Linn.
  2. Equally could be a great year for a strong, settled part-time club ( looking at Mo and East Fife) to have a real go as the shorter course may negate some of the full- time benefit?
  3. Exactly, our first vote to end the season was clearly because we were rank rotten, in ninth place and sinking!
  4. Only it wasn’t if you actually listened to said interview. He also, in the final vote, voted for a proposal that would have seen neither Falkirk or Partick in the same league as Forfar but don’t let facts get in your way. Most League One teams have survived without the “blue pound” up to now am sure next season will be no different.
  5. I’m sure Neil Doncaster will reverse this oversight imminently to ensure the fuckwit section of Falkirk fans on P & B can greet about more unfairness and proclaim more boycotts.
  6. Pictures should be removed for having Hegarty in them. Not even Stewart Petrie’s presence redeems that.
  7. Or the Bollan appointment, replete with Petrie snub ( cheers Alistair).
  8. I kinda get that, though I found him pretty disappointing (genuinely cannot think of 1 really good game he had last season), was more meaning we would offer to all four of them, Irvine and Robertston particularly offered absolutely nothing last season.
  9. Find it staggering we would offer terms to Bain, Tapping, Irvine and Robertson, was no one watching us? Fresh legs and ideas needed for midfield if we are to improve.
  10. Yeah, told Malcolm and Travis where to be and read the game brilliantly despite running like Robocop. If Anderson is half as good will be happy.
  11. Would take Dods from that season ahead of any defender we have had since.
  12. On the whole agree but I do hope we aren’t going to sign up the majority of the players from last season because they were not nearly good enough to keep us up.
  13. I thought he was dire for us last season but he was hardly unique in that.
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