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  1. Kyle Hutton’s yer man. Would be devastated to lose him mind….
  2. It’s a shit tactic, I hate it. The times we have looked to break and there is no one to pass to this season (including today) does my head in.
  3. Bad way to lose two points but difficult to argue we deserved all three. Still too passive. Long way to go yet but we really need a few points on the board or there will be a real gap develops.
  4. Not before time. They cannot risk an inexperienced manager this time. Moore? Lennon? Uninspiring perhaps but to be blunt we need someone to steady the ship and not finish bottom this season.
  5. He's clearly delusional, the decision should have been weeks ago. This is no longer Irvine's fault but the Board's failure to act. Given the exact same happened under Malcolm and it took him resigning to change things last time, you have to think that the Forfar manager's job is pretty much the safest in Scottish Football.
  6. We are hardly cut adrift, the situation is eminently escapable but only if the Board actually make the right decision soon. I have no confidence that our tinpot rabble of blazer and tie wearers will do so though.
  7. Agree with all of that. How can you start with Harkins and Hutton in the same team? Surely anyone with any brains can see the problem with that? McCallum saved us from a worse hiding today and was pretty distraught afterwards, I wonder if some of our other players gave a stuff? The injuries excuse is bull, nearly all are noted sick notes it was insanity packing our squad with so many injury prone players. We have been awful since January, diabolical since this pre season and Irvine clearly does not know how to fix it. The Board have painted themselves into a corner with their moronic statement a few weeks ago and they are clearly going to double down on Irvine all the way out of the league.
  8. We deserve it, like groundhog day. How can this Board continue to back this clown?
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