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  1. Not just you, could not care less what happens with this season. They can do what they want I’ll only be interested when I can get back in the ground.
  2. In person , yes, watching our soulless stream, not so much.
  3. Whoever writes the Facebook/ websites seems use the term. I hate it, should be Loons with Sky Blues a very distant second imo.
  4. Are they using the term ‘Athies’ ? That is definitely tinpot.
  5. https://www.facebook.com/forfarathletic/posts/4853425674730070 Latest central defender to take on the curse.
  6. If , and quite frankly when, we go down, sticking with Malcolm would be utterly ridiculous given his efforts as manager so far.
  7. Dumbarton 0 Airdrie 1 Cove Rangers 1 Peterhead 1 East Fife 1 Falkirk 2 Montrose 3 Forfar 0 Thistle 2 Clyde 1
  8. Fair chance of extending that as our game plan will be to play for penalties.
  9. To be fair there was not one single team in that draw I would have fancied us against!
  10. I would imagine the Board will stick with Malcolm, certainly if he’s bringing in players in January it looks like they are. looking at the league predictions at the start of season most had us down as 10th and losing Anderson, Whyte and Doris really hurt us, so I’m not all that surprised at where we are. But..... the tactics are brutal. We are a one trick pony and that pony is to keep the opposition from scoring for as long as possible. Once they do we have nothing else, there is no plan B. Malcolm has virtually admitted that his cunning plan is to get Doris back so that he can hold up our punts up the park. There is no entertainment in that and I don’t think there will be many points either. Would have loved Malcolm to be successful but his record is awful, we are awful and it is hard seeing us avoiding the relegation we deserved last season. We only have to look up the A90 to Brechin to see where this is going unless we get grip soon.
  11. First time this season didn’t bother watching, not surprised by the result, good luck to anyone watching that crap.
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