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  1. You are right of course, but having seen plenty of friendlies before have rarely seen such a gulf between us and another non Premier League team. Perhaps this might have been better behind closed doors.
  2. It if both, think Dunfermline are well ahead of us fitness wise as well.
  3. Only that you would hope we don’t make any efforts to sign them.
  4. Looks like it too. We are miles off Dunfermline, Slater looks like the only Forfar player to have seen a football before.
  5. Yeah, but he was on a two year contract and we agreed to sell him for a fee. Similar a few years ago when Swankie refused to play for us , sold to Arbroath for a fee also.
  6. Darvel paid Forfar a five figure sum just this week?
  7. Our passing and decision making tonight was genuinely worse than you’d see in a Scottish League Two game. Best team won, a disgraceful ‘performance’ by our team.
  8. Kinda torn on Meechan, he is super consistent but as the Annan game showed there is better out there. He is under contract though so would think Clyde would have to pay something for him. See Airdrie have released Jordan Allan, worth putting an offer in again as that is the type of striker we could be doing with.
  9. No info to back this up but I would imagine Forfar’s budget won’t be that far from yours, my season ticket is £190.
  10. Well done Edinburgh City, especially delighted for Michael Travis, deserves good times for some of the injuries he has had to deal with. Enjoy League One will be a hard one.
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