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  1. The one thing going for null and void is that it lets clubs know early what is happening and allows them to plan forward. At this level that is vital. As does finishing as is. Finishing the season is an absolute fantasy as is any form of restructuring. Sadly we will end up waiting to see what two clubs agree to by which time some clubs will be in quite a bit of bother. What happens in lower leagues has no impact on European leagues, who is to say what happens in Premier league will be replicated through lower leagues?
  2. It’s a difficult one. Last time we went with experience with Weir and he not only kept us up but got us highest league finish in years. Time before that we ‘overlooked’ Stewart Petrie to bring in experienced Gary Bollan. That was not a success.
  3. The only good thing is that Peterhead and Stranraer lost today too. We are in a 3 team league with them. We desperately need to find some sort of offense because right now we have no attacking threat. The only decent attacking performance of late was home to Clyde where Kirkpatrick played behind Doris whilst Leitch and Barr spent more time going forward than going back, with a complete lack of anything else I would go back to that. As for the defence, with Travis out and Stanger a prema crock why on earth did we bring in another young striker, with I think, our last loan? Just another head scratcher in a season full of them.
  4. Like most workplaces (or is it just mine?).
  5. With Stranraer having their two games in hand at home in midweeks and us to play at home think bottom place is a real prospect for Forfar now.
  6. To be be fair you either play him behind the striker or don’t play him. He clearly isn’t interested when out wide.
  7. Doubt we’ve got 3 goals in us for the rest of the season never mind in one game!
  8. Pretty sure it means some of the morons behind the dugout and it’s sadly not really that surprising.
  9. Yeah clearly it was the whole of Forfar that said that.
  10. He needs to grow a set and go for games, at this rate we will go down without even having a real go. Far too passive and negative at home.
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