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  1. I always thought "Athies" was a newspaper only nickname as that was about the only place it was used or occasionally in the programme. I was thinking maybe "Sky Blues" could work.. Nae bother “skybluedave”.
  2. What is this "The Athies" pish on official / Facebook reports?
  3. It's absolutely not a free hit for Forfar tonight but given our record at Starks and 7 games on the bounce being lost it's hard to see anything other than a home win whoever Raith are missing.
  4. Some supporters with that “season tickets in the bin” shite. Sure they naffed off when it got cold last season too.
  5. And led us to second, had a bad car crash and resigned to recuperate. Your point is?
  6. Bye Bye Barry (Sellars) >>> Hello Barry (Smith) >>> Bye Bye Barry (Smith) >>> Hello Barry (Sellars) Bizarre. Still to quote Loon74 will have been able to keep the same tracksuit top.
  7. Obviously he was one of the rumoured interviewees for us but I think geography may well have scuppered him for us in the end. In truth I think we have a decent squad of players, proven at this level that need to get fit, organised and motivated. Hopefully Malcolm and his back room guys are the men for this, I can understand fans of other clubs being a bit surprised by the appointment but in his spells with us he was club captain and pretty well respected at all levels of the club. If nothing else he will have the fans on side for some time I would think. Will be interesting to see who is his assistant will be.
  8. You read the Record? Do doubt for the wit and wisdom of wee Barry.
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