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  1. Alcohol is usually required to dissect the alleged game of football that we've just witnessed. That we are still in a playoff spot is astounding. Our defence at times seems to struggle. We lost Mitchell in the summer and Pete Watson not long after. The partnership they formed with Swinglehurst at the end of last season was the best I've seen us defend in years. We need at least one more striker to help Nade and Muir and hopefully Flanagan can provide the creativity and boost our chances of securing 4th.
  2. Jordan Holt was reported in the news and star a few days ago. Hopefully just finalising paperwork.
  3. Annan have signed Euan Griffiths(mf) James Ballantyne(lb) and Lyle Avci(gk) this week.
  4. Young Russell Currie has signed for a year. Hopefully get a few of the trialists confirmed early this week too.
  5. Youngster Russell Currie signs on for a year at Annan.
  6. Aye we had him on loan for a few months. Mostly made sub appearances I think but seemed a decent player.
  7. Think we've got a cracking player in McLean. Hopefully he can weigh in with a few more goals this season.
  8. He's signed on for another year. Always looks a good player when he gets a game.
  9. 10 signed up (6 from last season 4 new) and a few lads on trial set to feature against Stranraer in Thursdays friendly. Another couple of good additions should see us in the play off mix again. We Might've lost a couple but I think our business in so far has been quality.
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