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  1. Sectional clash from July match report says “game was played in torrential rain “ photos on twitter says “ low lying sun caused problems “ 😂😂
  2. Posting the result and pictures on Twitter is hardly under the radar 😂
  3. It’s not what they bring it is their right to be there being an existing tier 6 club.
  4. The likes of bonnyton are currently higher than Talbot in the pyramid, and yet again talbot fans trying to dictate who should or shouldn’t be in the league. Outside of Auchinleck your club is nothing special regardless of how many times you show us your medals.
  5. Talbot self entitlement mode right there in a nutshell .
  6. Obviously don’t want you holding your breath for too long that’s dangerous, not just me that’s got proof , if you want to find out just ask your back room staff how they’re getting on trying to set up their WhatsApp group!
  7. Not changing my story just giving another insight as to why the SFA might have listened to them
  8. You are spending money on floodlights because the Senior Scottish cup is going to be for licensed clubs only and the junior places were going to be withdrawn. And I'll look forward to your apology!
  9. And a high ranking West Region man who didn't want to go anywhere. Why can you just not admit that Talbot are not on board with the pyramid and will do anything to scupper the format of the WOSL which has been proved today. I think everything will be a lot clearer after tomorrow nights second part of the conference call and more power to Darvel and the clubs being denied a spot in the top league. If you think Rangers attempt to unravel the SPFL is something I expect that this will definitely not be an easy ride for the SFA regarding the pyramid.
  10. I did say maybe, never said that's what happened try and keep up!
  11. The same guy who said on 'View from the terrace' "Talbot are a junior team and will not be joining any pyramid" lol
  12. Ok, let's say it was Pollok and Talbot. Why did the SFA go along with it? What gives two junior clubs so much clout with the national association that they can effectively make decisions for them? What do the SFA have to gain by listening to them and what would the consequences have been for them had they told them to chase themselves? Or maybe they went to TJ greetin and got him to speak to the SFA along the corridor from him (Allegedly) I now await TJ trying to figure out who I am. Alas I am not affiliated to any particular club but just know people.
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