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  1. Saturday-Cove Rangers Tuesday-Salford and on another line Blackburn [goal]
  2. Watching the highlights back there, he played a delightful ball in the lead up to the first goal, was unlucky with a shot at the near post, where the keeper makes a great save and he was slightly disappointed that he never received the pass, whilst wide open as Milne slots home his second. As I said on Twitter, I thought that Saturday was his best performance for Montrose so far.
  3. The highlights sum up the game pretty well there, with the editors not even bothering putting Clyde's one shot on target on them. Scudded!
  4. I thought yesterday was Keatings' best game for us, unlucky with his shot in the first half. Once he gets his first goal there will be more to come I'm sure.
  5. Scudding well and truly dealt out. You have your keeper to thank for keeping the score down. Three points and back up the road.
  6. Not sure if Webster will feature, as he has missed his last two penalties and may relinquish the task?
  7. You can also enter the stand from the Beach End to get to the "visitors part", but as there was no segregation, I fail to see the problem here?
  8. SP doesn't seem to mind reverting to a back three when called upon, but if it was a long term injury to one of the FB's, then it may prove to be problematic.
  9. Not too much in the way of protests from the Falkirk players, with the exception of the defender nearest Steeves.
  10. Creating plenty of chances, but we don't have a natural goalscorer to take these opportunities, hopefully he will be the missing piece of the jigsaw.
  11. I think it's something like 1 defeat in the last 15 or so games against you and we're unbeaten in the league going back to 1995-ish. This of course has a huge bearing on the outcome of today's game.
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