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  1. All my new posts remain Unread also. Android too.
  2. Waddell is carrying a wee niggle, so we may have to wait for his debut.
  3. A pretty neat effort from Montrose, slightly biased of course.
  4. Not exactly a confirmed transfer as this thread is meant to be for.
  5. Is this not the race where the winning jockey gets her weight in champagne as a prize?
  6. Nah, they have just set up a pre-order store with @FootballNation for the new team and training wear. Liking this [emoji170][emoji170]
  7. Think Gary and Peter get on alright, sure it is their wives that don't get on.
  8. On the train heading down to London now, a few beers and a curry on the cards tonight.
  9. Wembley bound on Monday, canna wait!
  10. Khadeem is my choice. After being beaten by Calyx in his first race, he then won two minor events to end his juvenile season, leaving the impression that he had the potential to develop into a group race performer.
  11. Try uninstalling and then reinstall the latest version.
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