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  1. I’ve heard that it was the final straw for Johnson when he found out Cameron was starting before him and that he lost the plot. The fall out from it was that he was told to find another club. G_Man, you know more about the reserves than me but I’ve also heard Cameron was playing a full 90 minutes for the reserves last Tuesday before starting against Dunfermline on Friday night? He then played the full 90 last night in the reserve cup. Mental playing such a young player on the Tuesday night in a reserve match before giving him his first team start 3 nights later.
  2. We have twice made the mistake of bringing in an unproven youngster as a manager and that is why we are in the position we find ourselves in. This league is not the place to allow people to learn on the job if you are serious about getting out of it as soon as possible. The same applies to players.
  3. We wouldn’t have to be begging other clubs for their youth players if we had kept some of the players we got rid of. We’ve had too many managers coming in and bringing in their own players that aren’t as good as the ones we already had. Managers with big egos have cost us both on the park and financially.
  4. You’re spot on. Ex manager but not ex player. I still hate him though 😂
  5. It’s all making sense now TCM. Was it not Levein that once played that or a similar type formation when he was manager of Scotland? It’s obvious Nelms is preparing the team for Levein’s appointment. It would tie in with the way Nelms has lurched from one set of supposed criteria to the exact opposite criteria every time Nelms has made a managerial appointment so far: Appointment 1: ex Dundee player with no managerial experience (McCann). Appointment 2: ex United player with managerial experience that hates the Dees (McIntyre). Appointment 3: back to trying an ex Dundee player with no managerial experience (McPake). Appointment 4: back to trying an ex United player with managerial experience that hates the Dees (Levein).
  6. Correct. We are looking at another close season where there will be an almost complete change of team. That says it all really.
  7. Spot on johnny. Looks like we are continuing with the belief that if you are / were a big name in Scottish football we will sign you no matter how past it you are. Shows a real lack of knowledge in how to build a team. I’ve also heard that McPake is looking to sign the ex Celtic player Johannes "Jan" Vennegoor of Hesselink. McPake was apparently heard saying you can’t get a much bigger name than Johannes "Jan" Vennegoor of Hesselink.
  8. I heard the interview is still being recorded and the delay is because McPake is taking a slightly longer inhale of breath than usual before answering each question.
  9. A team without confidence, lacking leadership, devoid of any inspiration and slow in thinking. This team is definitely a team that reflects the manager.
  10. Once he’s back fit I’m sure McPake will be keen to play him out of position again.
  11. Quote from McPake tonight: We're not starting games anywhere near well enough, there's a problem. We all need to take a long, hard look at ourselves, including myself. Just not starting games well? Oh dear. It’s worse than I thought gentlemen.
  12. Of course you do. McCann, McIntyre and McPake are bound to remind you of McKinnon, Mixu and Csaba.
  13. McPake has a year left on his contract (12 month rolling contract). McPake’s trial is next month. If he is found guilty he will be sacked with no compensation given. No chance McPake is getting his jotters before the trial.
  14. Why would Crawford be sacked at half time? I know Dundee are bad but surely 2 up against us at half time is enough for him to keep his job for another week.
  15. Great keepsake Biggie. My favourite ever Dundee strip - apart from the material used. Rougher than a night out in Arbroath.
  16. You would be better off concentrating on the replay GD. By the way I believe the kick off is 1940 hours. 😉
  17. No surprise there. After all the boasting before the last derby about the size of their support I’m just surprised United never sold out three stands. This is one of the biggest teams to have visited Tannadice in the last 4 seasons.
  18. For the 1,940th time. We didn’t relegate United. It was the results over the course of the season that relegated United. 😉 I certainly am. I never even bothered to check how many United fans turned up for the Doon Derby until Old Man Danger made the claim that if Dundee sold less than 2000 tickets for the recent derby at Tannadice it would be the smallest away support for a Dundee derby since he started supporting United. It certainly looked like United had less than 2,000 fans that night. It turned out I was right.
  19. Not only a keeper but a keeper worth paying money for:
  20. I can give you 1,940 reasons why it must be a city wide thing.
  21. I think I just saw McPake raise an eyebrow. That’s the most animated I’ve ever seen him.
  22. Correct. I don’t think either Dundee side will ever win a major trophy again. I’m afraid both Dundee sides are stuck on 5 major trophies each.
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