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  1. Whilst I’m not agreeing Ashcroft should be POTY does it not just show the lack of any real (meaningful) leadership on the pitch. If ever there was a season for someone to easily stand out surely this was it?
  2. 1,940 to be precise. The smallest away support at any post war Dundee derby I believe.
  3. Any current United player spring to mind? 😉
  4. Sure was mental the hype. Even the most deluded United fan must now surely accept that Nisbet is a significantly better player than Shankland. Yet United fans genuinely thought Shankland was a £3-4 million pound player simply because he was scoring for fun in a poor Championship (which he had previously done for Ayr with no million pound bids coming in for him). Absolutely deluded bunch most United fans.
  5. Next you’ll be saying Shankland is not a million pound striker! For your own good it’s just as well United fans are no longer reading this thread.
  6. That’s got be be a fake. There is no way United fans would be behind something like this.......oh, wait a minute.........
  7. Well done to Hibs. The result most of Scottish football was wanting. Also a remarkable achievement by Hibs to stop Shankland scoring today as he would have been desperate to add to his one goal this season when he’s been up against a top six side.
  8. I’m not trying to say Canning was a better manager. It was to illustrate just how muddled Hartley’s thinking had become. The point I was making was simply that he admitted himself he didn’t have a clue how to get a result out of his team as he had tried everything (over the season). Remember Hamilton dominated that game at Dens. It’s also something of a euphemism to say Hartley lost his way in the last season. He absolutely imploded in more ways than one. Each to their own though. I know you are very loyal to managers and there is nothing wrong with that.....most of the time 😉
  9. He certainly did. Another way to look at Hartley is that he had significant financial backing at Dundee in relation to other Championship sides and he did well. As we know, when he lost Hemmings and Stewart things went from bad to worse. He simply lost his way with the players he brought to the club. Huge number of players in with very few making the grade. This despite significant financial backing from Nelms. At Cove he once again finds himself with significant financial backing in relation to the clubs around him does he not? Don’t get me wrong there was some great football to watch under Hartley but in reality he just didn’t have what it takes to compete in the top flight. He fully admitted in an interview after the Hamilton match at Dens, yes HAMILTON, that he didn’t know what else to do. IIRC Hamilton’s manager at the time hasn’t exactly done on to greater things, yet he still out thought Hartley.
  10. In the interview after appointing McIntyre Nelms said he had a database of potential new managers on his computer and that he updates it regularly. I’ve attached a photo of the computer Nelms puts all his trust in.
  11. No more Kidding around. I quite like Hearts.
  12. Dodds has the pulse of the Dundee fans about as much as the chairmen of the ‘big six’ in England do with their respective fans. If Dodds had even a hint of awareness he would have known 99% of the Dundee fans don’t want him anywhere near Dens. How he thought he was in with a shout of being the assistant manager to McIntyre is truly unbelievable.
  13. Cheers Mr Alli. I didn’t know they had sold up. It’s not cheap running a junior team so I hope the new owners know what they are getting themselves into.
  14. Why did the manager Paul Marr and assistant manager Barry Britton leave?
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