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  1. It would appear that when McKay was given the job by the SFA in 2016 Kick It Out made it known they were supportive of McKay as he had received equality and diversity training by the FA. If it is indeed the case that Kick it Out are satisfied McKay has reformed sufficiently to be given further roles in football I’m not sure I’m a position to contradict them.
  2. Maybe you’re not running about enough? Are you’re a defender in a very good team or a striker is a very bad team?
  3. You gave us Craig Curran. It’s only fair we give you a player of equal ability and skill in return. The only benefit Mullen has over Curran is he doesn’t waste time cutting holes in his socks. In all seriousness, and it pains me to say this, where United currently are you should be looking at a far better standard of striker than Mullen.
  4. I saw a few lads wearing them in the early 80s during the dress down period.
  5. I wasn’t impressed when McCann was made permanent manager. Yes, he did well keeping us up but i don’t think he was a realistic long term manager. More a short term fix to get the best out of what was a relatively reasonable squad of players. Appointing him as a permanent manager was extremely risky, particularly given the fact he openly stated he was essentially committed at virtually all costs to passing football. I didn’t want McIntyre. I don’t know any Dundee fan that did. No point in discussing this appointment any further. I didn’t want McPake. He was doing a good job in the youth set up but experimenting whether he had what it takes to be a good manager was ridiculous given the fact we were trying to bounce straight back up. I didn’t want McGhee and I think Strachan should have a good hard look at himself regarding this appointment BUT I did think McGhee would improve the shape of the team and read games better (I think he did but I can see why others may think he did not). For all McGhee’s faults I think it’s very unfair to judge him too harshly given he had to work with a squad assembled by McPake and had no opportunity whatsoever to add even one player of his choosing. I don’t think it is asking too much for Nelms to appoint a manager that, on paper at the very least, looks like a well thought out and good appointment. If Nelms does that I don’t think there would be anywhere near the same level of criticism that is currently being directed at him.
  6. 100% this. I think there are some who are trying to portray McPake in a better light than he deserves. McPake’s recruitment was a shambolic. His team selection was poor and his reading a game was even worse. He was incredibly fortunate that Adam became free to join Dundee when he did. I have no doubt that without Adam McPake would not have got us out an extremely poor Championship.
  7. @RandomGuy. appeared convinced that Rusk was getting the gig. Has he got any updated info on this issue?
  8. Saw this on Sky News today, I know you were talking about how Scottish electricity is generated but here is how the UK electricity is generated.
  9. If only that were true. The only time you “forgot” about us was when you were relegated and spent 4 years in the Championship.
  10. I’m absolutely serious when I say you spend far too much of your time thinking about Dundee.
  11. You can’t Kidd me on that you thought Hearts won the league in ‘86.
  12. How many thick padded coats must Billy Dodds be wearing under his raincoat? Please reassure me it’s at least 4 or 5.
  13. Are you angry because we have won the top league more recently than you?
  14. Just spoke to my son. He says it’s Sandbanks. Jamie Redknapp apparently started the label a few years ago…….and for that reason I’m out.
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