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  1. So a one year pay off whenever he gets punted. Not sure Nelms will want to make the phone call to Keyes and hold his hands up to making a third mistake in a row regarding managerial appointments. A guilty verdict for McPake gives Nelms a far easier option. Nelms can claim he still has every confidence McPake will turn things around but his conduct cannot be tolerated by the club.
  2. How long is McPake’s contract and how much would it cost to pay him off? In all seriousness we should still be hanging about 4th, 5th, 6th for the next month or two. Nelms would be able to offload McPake for nothing if McPake is found guilty of the Braes incident. Nelms may well choose to wait and see what happens at court.
  3. Has McDaid done anything other than his Riverdance thing over the ball today?
  4. Because of an injury just before half time last week McPake was forced into playing Johnson and Hemmings together for more than a half. Now McPake thinks it could be a good idea to play two strikers. Why did nobody else think of this? The man’s a genius.
  5. Sorry Mexico, you seem to have misunderstood what I am saying. It’s not about simply winning. I am fairly certain Dundee will win tomorrow. The issue is the quality of football, the style of football and the tactics being employed by McPake. I’ve been to Celtic Park and Ibrox on many occasions watching Dundee. Each time I’ve gone I was pretty certain we would get beat but I’ve gone because there was something about what was happening with the club that was exciting and positive.
  6. I think you will find that’s how away support works. When a team is doing well they have a bigger away support than when the team is not doing well. I could just lie and say that the reason I’m not going is because I don’t want to go to a coastal town that they forgot to close down.
  7. Every year I get a season ticket and go to all the home games but away days are discretionary. I’m seeing little effort from most of the players and the manager, so I really don’t see why the onus is on me to make an effort. I’m particularly fed up of watching McDaid getting the ball and running on the spot / doing a Riverdance type thing over the ball before passing the ball backwards. A constant starter under McPake as well. He’s assisted in only one more goal than penalties he’s given away this season in the league! A grim stat for a winger.
  8. Things have got so bad I’d rather go Christmas shopping than travel 20 miles to watch the sort of football McPake is serving up. I will not be one of the 600.
  9. Because Nelms believes McPake is the ideal manager for us apparently. McPake’s interview in tonight’s Tele is interesting. Two highlights: Regarding Johnson: ”We know what he gives us. Can we get more from him and get him to take the ball in and get us up the pitch.” - not if you continue to only give him bit parts in games. ”We’ve gone from being a very dangerous looking team to the one that we’re seeing now.” - when were we last on a run of being a dangerous looking side?
  10. How very dare you DTotal. Nelms said something to the effect that he carried out a significant review of qualities he was looking for in the new manager (after the debacle of the McIntyre appointment) and that McPake was the outstanding candidate. Then again, Nelms also said that prior to deciding McIntyre / Dodds was the correct appointment he sounded out a number of Dundee minded people to see if they thought the appointment could be a problem and that none of the people he spoke to thought it would be. Strangely enough every Dundee fan I spoke to thought it would be a problem.
  11. I obviously don’t know the finances of our club but I think accepting £50k for Kamara was short sighted. By allowing one of our best players of the last 25 years plus to leave for so little it sends out a message to all future players, agents and clubs that Dundee will be easy to deal with if a player is nearing the end of their contract. We could have told Kamara, his agent and Rangers that we would categorically not accept a deal in January without a sell on clause. We could have then let it be known that if no agreement was made and Kamara did stay on to complete his contract he would not play another game for us. Would Kamara and Rangers run the risk of Kamara effectively being out of the game for the rest of the season? I don’t know. We will never know because Nelms thought it was more important that Kamara was sold so that McIntyre could have more money to invest in his squad. Without the anticipated £50k from Kamara maybe Nelms knew there wasn’t enough money to sign Davies. I am perfectly willing to accept I may be completely wrong about all this but I’m afraid Nelms does not fill me with confidence he is best suited to negotiating contracts and deals.
  12. I really hope it is that. Given past interviews I can’t help but worry it’s more a case of when things aren’t going well, remind everyone it’s not just himself who is to blame.
  13. If you can stay awake for them McPake’s interviews they are generally an embarrassment. Imagine a manager having to be told by the reporter that it took over 70 minutes for your team to have a shot on goal. Surely it’s details like that you should be well aware of as a manager?
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