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  1. Seeing as your mob took a couple of points off United at Tannadice here is my take on it Tam. Much to my wife’s dismay I could spend hours speaking (boring people) about wood burners. Do not read this if you are about to drive. You have been warned! I’ve got a Contura 586. Doesn’t sit in a recessed fireplace so all the heat goes into the room. Not sure I’d bother paying the extra like I did to get the side glass panels though as I tend to look at the main glass panel to see the fire. Contura is reasonably pricey but it is a good make with great after care. Very, very briefly: -Keep it 5kw and under so that you don’t need a vent cut into your flooring or wall. -A dedicated wood burner burns wood more efficiently than a multi fuel but if you buy a multi fuel burner you can add peat and coal which burns longer and hotter. Burning coal means you can pop out for the match and there should still be enough embers to restart the fire when you get back home. Can’t really do that with wood. - Are you going to cut your own wood or buy it in? Finding your own wood, cutting it and splitting it is obviously far cheaper but you obviously need to buy the tools to do that. You also need space and shelter for the wood to season. If you buy it in by the ton it can be quite expensive and you still need to space and shelter to store it but at least you can chose the species of wood you want to buy. -If you are buying your wood in it is very unlikely you will save money on your heating bills BUT there is nothing better than having a roaring fire on when it’s freezing cold or damp and miserable outside. It’s more than just the heat that a wood burner provides. It’s the atmosphere it creates. Takes away any winter blues you may have. Can’t really put a price on that! -Different wood burns differently. The poem listed below will help explain. -Finally, if you’ve got a spare £20 kicking about buy the book Norwegian Wood. That will explain everything a lot better than I can. Beechwood fires are bright and clear If the logs are kept a year. Chestnut’s only good they say, If for logs ’tis laid away. Make a fire of Elder tree, Death within your house will be. But ash new or ash old, Is fit for a queen with crown of gold Birch and fir logs burn too fast, Blaze bright and do not last. It is by the Irish said, Hawthorn bakes the sweetest bread. Elm wood burns like churchyard mould, E’en the very flames are cold. But ash green or ash brown, Is fit for a queen with golden crown Poplar gives a bitter smoke, Fills your eyes and makes you choke. Apple wood will scent your room, Pear wood smells like flowers in bloom. Oaken logs, if dry and old, Keep away the winter’s cold. But ash wet or ash dry, A king shall warm his slippers by.
  2. My mate‘s a bit inexperienced in the dating game but he finally thought he’d found his perfect partner. He’s only been going out with her for 2 weeks but everything was going great until last night. After looking through her knicker drawer he found a nurses uniform, a French maids outfit and a police uniform. He binned the poor woman on the spot. Reckoned if she can’t hold down a job she’s not the one for him.
  3. The Tag Heuer S/EL has got to be the most comfortable watch bracelets ever. I think Tag Heuer made a big mistake ‘squaring off‘ the links for their Link series bracelets. I’ve still got my S/EL and the brochure it came with. Just missing the box it would appear 🤷‍♂️
  4. A watch that has sentimental value is priceless. Far more meaningful that dropping £10K+ for a watch just because it looks nice. 👍
  5. 1,940 to be precise Mr A and if they are to be believed every United poster on P&B was at the match.
  6. 😂 You’re spot on there Crawford. More chance of us winning a cup than me being able to afford an AP 😭
  7. Makes total sense. I’ve got a watch that I bought on an orange rubber strap. Happy with it until someone remarked it looked like tangerine. Within weeks and £70 lighter I had it on a black rubber strap. Can’t take any chances. It’s just not worth the risk of being mistaken for a United fan!
  8. 100% agree and I said it fairly early on last season. He never seemed to celebrate with the fans as much as he did first time round and was usually one of the the first up the tunnel after a match. At a guess I’d imagine he was quite frustrated that he was constantly making intelligent runs off the ball that came to nothing. Usually because McDaid wanted to do his wee dance over the ball before deciding to run sideways with it and then pass the ball backwards. Of course it’s not just McDaid’s fault. For the last several seasons we have been painfully slow in our build up play. Little wonder we don’t cause as much danger to opposition defences as we should.
  9. If more people had voted like Dodds for a few more pence in the pound the club would have went under. That is totally different to the current situation.
  10. One out 6 were correct. What more are you looking for? 🤣
  11. Shankland’s cousin? 😜 * I only made 5 mistakes with his name in 3 short paragraphs. How did you notice them?
  12. Nisbet played in a much poorer side than Shanklands and didn’t come up too far short of Shankland’s total for goals in the Championship. He’s also younger than Shanklands and unlike Shanklands he’s never had a chance of playing for a big team. IMO now that he is at a big club Nisbet will quickly become a better player than Shanklands. If it is the £250k being talked about you have got yourself the bargain of the season. I know plenty of United fans that still maintain they will get £2-3 million when they sell Shanklands!
  13. I fully take your point but Arbroath have a manager and board that most if not all their supporters believe in. They are playing some if their best, most entertaining football in many a year. Now compare that to where we are. Nobody can fault the efforts Dundee fans have put in over the years to keep the club going. At some point the well of goodwill runs dry. I just hope we haven’t reached that stage yet.
  14. I don’t think Nelms is a bad person. I just think he is out of his depth. Managerial appointments, and in particular his reasonings behind them, have been an utter shambles. I still can’t get over Nelms saying that prior to appointing McIntyre he had spoken to “a number of Dundee minded people“ and none of them thought there would be an issue with McIntyre and his management team joining Dundee. Really? Does he honestly expect anyone to believe that? Or is it that even after all this time he doesn’t know the correct people to talk to? I know a lot of fans point out that Nelms has supported our managers pretty much unquestionably with plenty of cash. Surely though part of his job should be to question whether players coming in offer good value for money and not just blindly trust the manager. We have wasted so much money over the last 5/6 years because of very avoidable poor decisions. With proper leadership from the top we could easily be beginning our season in August, rather than October.
  15. I’ve no spare cash just now I’m afraid Stumigoo but in the spirit of being a good neighbour I can give you these if United are that desperate for money?
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