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  1. Why do you think he would need to open his window to see outside? What sort of glass do you think he has?
  2. That stand looks quite full there. I take it United we’re on a good run leading up to that match? Good choice of words for your banner under the photo Biggie. It really was a great interview.
  3. What you are saying highlighted in bold is factually incorrect. You may wish to read my post/s again. Nowhere have I said there are vast swathes of P&B posters are simultaneously holidaying in Dubai whilst criticising Qatar as a World Cup host. Nor have I said anything similar. A poster made an assertion to me that the vast majority of posters here do not holiday in Dubai. That may indeed be true, however, I simply asked the other poster what they were basing their opinion on. They explained in a further reply they were not aware of any of his friends going to Dubai on holiday. They also said they had seen several posts on here criticising people who do holiday in Dubai. I never questioned their reasoning any further. To further clarify, I have never remotely stated one way or the other where any posters on here holiday, let alone quote percentages. If you do think I’ve said anything similar to what you claim please direct me to my post. I’m genuinely confused where you think I have.
  4. For the avoidance of doubt I did not say that I assume the majority on here holiday in Dubai. I simply asked you the question why you assume the vast majority do not. I was simply interested in knowing what you were basing that on. I have no idea where P&B posters holiday. I appreciate your reply.
  5. 1) I’m sorry you jumped to that conclusion but as you can see from my reply that was not my intention. 2) I will try again. Why do you assume the vast majority on here do not holiday in Dubai?
  6. Simply raising the issue in case there are 1 or 2 people on here that weren’t aware of any possible hypocrisy and to see if I was missing something. Regarding your last question, clearly it does not. ETA Why would you assume the vast majority on here do not holiday in Dubai?
  7. Fair play. I can’t recall any complaints due to human rights issues from fans about it here on P&B. There will probably be one or two on here that are complaining about the World Cup being in Qatar due to their laws etc, yet they are happy to holiday in Dubai.
  8. I get that people are against the world cup taking place in Qatar for a number of reasons. What I’m interested to know is if it is a case that some feel the football world should not be there because of Qatar’s various well documented laws, including labour laws, why do so many fans accept their clubs going to warm weather camps / friendlies in Dubai, which I understand have very similar laws? I’m probably missing something so where better to ask than P&B?
  9. You’re not wrong Biggie, although Kane’s got Keane and Souness out in Qatar to protect him
  10. Money to be made if you have the knowledge and connections. Sticking on the theme of money, it would appear you can wear a rainbow coloured Rolex Daytona* at the World Cup but a rainbow coloured bucket hat is not allowed. *stunning watch if you have a spare £125k ish and more importantly a minimum £500k+ (I’m guessing) previous spend at your AD and you pass the necessary assessment. The watch is valued at £500k pre owned though so not too shabby an investment.
  11. I know what you mean but I’d still like option of changing the look with a bracelet or rubber strap. Obviously not a leather strap - I’ve never understood dive watches on a leather strap.
  12. That photo makes the blue appear a lot darker than it actually is and I have to say the blue in this photo is much better. It looks more like the blue shade of the Pelagos FXD (why did they make the lugs the way they did on the FXD)? I’m going to live in hope that they introduce a navy blue Pelagos 39.
  13. First of all the BB GMT is a great watch. Congratulations. I assume you haven’t been hit with the date change problem? From what I can gather the issue seems to have been resolved. If it were me I’d go for the Pelagos 39mm. I tried one on at the Tudor Boutique in Glasgow a month or two ago and it is a great watch. Unfortunately it wasn’t for sale and there is already a massive wait list. ETA have you looked at the other two Pelagos in the range? Both are 42mm (just like the LHD) and are readily available.
  14. Not like you to show Bad Manners.
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