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  1. Passed the Kelty supporters bus on the way up the M90 in the oissung rain yesterday. Shame you beat my team, but we'll done and hope you got home safely. Meanwhile @HibeeJibee...
  2. Replays at this stage should get in the sea. Just play it to a finish on the day and stop fucking up the calendar.
  3. Watched Four Hours at the Capitol last night. f**k me, some of these people are just deluded. 'I personally know 2 people who had their votes stolen'.
  4. Get your bird to wear a mask with this on the front
  5. 'This little piggie went wee, wee, wee all the way to a series of cushy directorships'
  6. Only broken 90 once since I started again, but thought I was in with a shout today. 5, 5, 3, 5, 3 start... and then the wheels came off. Again. f**k me but my putting is shite, which doesn't help. 5 penalty shots as well due to lost/wayward drives, so if I could eliminate them and sort my putting I *should* be mid/low 80s, and frankly at my age I'd be delighted with it.
  7. One of my mates from work is in the process of getting an Alphard hybrid imported from Japan. Nae cheap I suspect but looks well equipped for touring.
  8. f**k knows what possessed me to read some of the comments on a BBC have your say, but I did pick up one gem: one poster referred to BoJo as Spaffer the Death Clown.
  9. A variation on the 'my dog's got no nose'? Just imagining Huw Edwards reading this out on the evening bulletin... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leeds-57736873
  10. Or a better one... 46 is the atomic no of Palladium The London Palladium are currently advertising tickets for a show by Jack Dee John (from which Jack is generally thought to be derived) Dee was a confidante of Queen Elizabeth I and apparently coined the term 'The British Empire' He was also an occultist and influenced Aleister Crowley via his Enochian Invocations. Someone called Enoch was famous for being a massive racist (although he denied it) OR Crowley suffered from pleurisy and bronchitis, 2 nasty diseases. And who do we know who went around infecting people with nasty diseases 'for science' and liked to wear jackboots? Case closed m'lud.
  11. Article 46 is part of the GDPR legislation Valentino Rossi's racing number Psalm 46 in the Good News Bible is 'God is with Us' (hmmmm....) Foodcare 46 is 'a high performance, fully synthetic food grade lubricant fluid designed for effective lubrication of applications such as hydraulics, pneumatics and variator drives' (insert Kenneth here) There are apparently 46 pets waiting for adoption at Newcastle Cat and Dog Shelter It's a Wedderburn-Etherington number (nothing to do with footballers Nat or Matthew AFAIK) It's also an enneagonal number and a centered triangular number - no, I don't know either
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