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  1. Anyone without navy tinted specs can see Murray is out of his depth, the quicker we ditch him and employ someone who knows the league and has a knowledge of experienced players as oppose to clueless youngsters the better IMO
  2. Fans: “get Goodwillie out the club, board need to apologise and hold their hands up” Board: “he’ll not play and we got it wrong, sorry” Fans: “you’re only saying sorry cause you were told to”
  3. They 100% won’t tear up the contract, you aren’t linked with a player for a month more or less, weigh up the pros and cons and then get rid of him within 24 hours. I think he’ll be in the squad tonight and board will try and ride the storm for a week or two until it dies down
  4. What a fucking shitshow on links street, police scotland were woeful
  5. “We are awaiting the voting slip from one Ladbrokes championship club that is yet to vote. We will provide an update as soon as we are in a position to do so” Vote isn’t over
  6. They’re not going to null and void the league and no chance it’s going to be finished, I’m confident our next league game will be in the championship.
  7. Score Draw would be my guess tonight, win would be a boost for either team but neither are good enough to win all of their remaining games so don’t think it’ll be too decisive
  8. Hope it doesn’t put any of the regular young boys off. They’ve been brilliant this season and the players and manager seem to love them, I don’t doubt they’re part of the reason we’re doing well this season however no time for breaking seats as it’s always the club that takes the hit however I seem to remember a smoke bomb going off on the terrace at Forfar last season and nothing major being said, appreciate it’s different than an enclosed area but the boys have probably just been abit naive, Keep up the good work boys cause we need you going into the final part of the season.
  9. Taylor came up the stairs at the main stand at the end but not sure who the player was
  10. Can you still park at the wasteland behind the away section?
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