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  1. Firstly I didn't miss the Clyde game and I will be back on Friday. Once upon a time I had to travel back back by tug boat to Abidjan then take 3 flights to get to Vaduz. So what I do midweek has nothing to do with my attendance. As for the rest of your response. I appreciate your advice. Personally, I think that the bigger picture has been missed and I by no means think I am superior to any other fan. While I agree that Ray is not the man. Who could we realistically bring in? I think he is too mild mannered and a guy like Alex Rae could turn things around. I was at Meadowbank, last game of the season when nearly 1,000 of us sang Jeffries Jeffries get to f**k. The rest is history. In terms of length of support, it was not my Intention to impress, simply to say that I have seen a bit. The power of this forum should not be underestimated. If I was on the board, I would have to either take some notice or completely ignore the views. Some of the comments have been over the top. As mentioned frequently the board do read this forum. You Sir of far more longstanding as a supporter of our club, should perhaps acknowledge that it hasn't all been bad under the current board. Lex Miller excluded. Anyway we will see what will happen tomorrow.
  2. Starters for 10 , I am in a different time zone this week and it appears that Bailey's hasn't been invented in Uruguay. What do you say about the rest, other than questioning my sobriety?
  3. Gentlemen of the loud minority. Time to reap what you sow. I'm a fan of 34 years , first game was a 2-3 loss to Morton, towards the end of our promotion season. For reference I stood at the fence from 1987 until the last game at Inverness. I was there when Jimmy Gilmour scored that screamer at Parkhead, the only reason I still have a VHS. The vitriol that has been directed towards the likes of Martin Ritchie, is complete and uniformed nonsense. Key board warriors hang your head in shame. This is the guy that saved us from oblivion and until the last few years, had us in cup finals, and had us on unforgettable trips to Czech Republic and UEFA Cup to Vaduz. Most of you pie and bovril regulars wouldn't have noticed that the alleged c!!!nts of the MSG were sat in the away end at Starks Park. Thats because you don't attend games, but shout the loudest from your keyboard after watching on your computer. The rest us of us are in the pub or on the way back from an away game. Incidentally I saw MC at Raith and the guy looks like a tink. So shout loud boys, destroy our club and continue to maintain that the likes of Yogi was a diddy. Look at the stats. There should be a statue of Yogi in the foyer for services as an exceptional player and our best manager since JJ. So we will wait and see what happens tomorrow. But in my opinion it will be the rank and file fans who suffer, for you over opinionated pish and shite boycotts. I will continue to follow Falkirk over land and see, whatever happens. Unlike you board jockeys. If Martin Ritchie and Colin Liddel sell their shares, then thanks to both and others who at the time saved us from oblivion. The memories of the good times will never be erased. Incidentally, if Ray has to go, which I am not averse to. Nobody has proposed a decent alternative My shout for what it's worth is Alex Rae. Lets get some passion back. COYB!
  4. Saddened to hear about Jim Jeffries, I hope he is on the mend soon. The fact that takeover drivel was posted after Bud1876, highlights why so many fans read, but never post. A genuine Falkirk legend, manager of the millennium. Get well soon JJ.
  5. I work abroad, and have this problem quite often. Rather than go to some less than salubrious bar,that most likely will stink of pish, I recommend the following. Take a laptop or tablet to the bar of your choice, hook in to their free wifi and then watch BBC Alba. Although I'm not entirely sure that it's being televised on Alba. If not, with a bit of VPN trickery you could change to a foreign IP address and then watch it on Raith, Hibs or Falkirk TV for a fee. the commentary can be a bit biased at times, but its still better than missing the game.
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