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  1. who's looks like your teams best capture in the summer? new goalie? goal scorer? mid field boss?
  2. I've watched jamie darroch a few times and seems a good solid CB who organised thing a around him well. Alan Frizzell could be a good signing of he gets a run of games stays injury free he could fire the Bankies over the line this season
  3. hearing AWR spending quite a bit to go straight up from the ADL with a view of going up again the season after.....
  4. Would like to see us add The lad Harkins and beagley from Greenock now they are down for next season going up think they would do the job at Largs a stronger spine
  5. Chris Wilson available for transfer according to his Twitter account
  6. young Dylan McLaughlin very talented just needs to be managed right from what I've heard, definitely talent there
  7. heard Largs let a few go last night. Names still to be confirmed but obviously a few still to come in. Greenock will have a major reshuffle too with new management coming in Paul Harkins is down there they will do well to hold onto him. Port Glasgow will be disappointed to just miss out on promotion, with a good squad there if they can hold on to Tam Jamieson and Gus Gault I think they could go again, also looking for a goalkeeper now big veteran Mark Monk will be retiring and will the big lad jamie darroch stay in the 3rd tier? or look for another move
  8. My teams player of the year for Largs would be Kevin Strutthers
  9. also spoke to a west manager today who informed me rob Roy will have quite a bit to spend in the summer
  10. the boy mccann deserves a crack at the seniors think off pollock can get a few in they can mount a serious challenge next year
  11. hearing Malone back to Ladeside mccann to Talbot Chris hall to Blantyre
  12. don't know if everybody from the outside maybe even some of the fans not on the committee realise how bad things really are.
  13. where do we need to improve next season promotion or not
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