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  1. Not sure if that's his trophy cabinet or he's a burglar!!!! Legendary 'tache too...
  2. Sorry to disagree again, but my abiding memory of him is the "save" attempt during the fizzy juice final against the sheep. I was watching in the Uni sports bar with my mates and just laughed out loud at the hilarious awfulness of it...
  3. Have to disagree - was never really sold on Pageaud. He's only on the bench because Speroni had to be left out for Caniggia and Kelvin Jack was the only other candidate (cue "Schenk was a great goalie" posts from DABS). Letheren was a solid, decent keeper and Welsh, which helps immensely for this scenario!!
  4. After looking at the replies, I'll amend my team to the following: Letheren Lockwood Di Marchi Gadzhalov Vrto Wieghorst Nemsadze Adamczuk Stewart Caniggia Novo Subs Pageaud Konrad Kamara Robertson Curier Coyne That front 6 would have been a dream to watch...
  5. I refuse to believe that Danny Williams was ever involved in the build up to a Dundee goal....
  6. To be fair, I did see it on Twitter and just copy it to here. I shall redo it with Dusan tomorrow...
  7. Aargh, how could I have forgotten the mighty Dusan!!!! Will have to rejig the team tomorrow when sober!!!
  8. Not sure if Curier would count as Guadeloupe rather than France; if so, he gets Haber's spot!!!
  9. Got bored at work today and saw this on Twitter - apologies if it was started by someone here (or it's been done before on our 3000 page thread!), but I enjoyed the challenge!! Top Dundee XI, but with a catch - only 1 player per nationality! Any feasible formation - so no 1-1-8!! My 4-3-3: (from my time going regularly to Dens) Kyle Letheren (Wales) Matt Lockwood (England) Brent Sancho (Trinidad & Tobago) Kosta Gadzhalov (Bulgaria) Marco Di Marchi (Italy) Dariusz Adamczuk (Poland) Georgi Nemsadze (Georgia) Morten Wieghorst (Denmark) Nacho Novo (Spain) Claudio Caniggia (Argentina) Greg Stewart (Scotland) Subs: Michel Pageuad (France) Jonay Hernandez (Venezuela) James McPake (N Ireland) Glenn Kamara (Finland) Mark Robertson (Australia) Marcus Haber (Canada) Tommy Coyne (Ireland) Speroni, Caballero, Zurab & Artero miss out by virtue of their compatriots. Any better ones??
  10. For next season only, have two divisions in Scotland - current Premiership & Championship as Top League, and current League1 & League 2 as Lower League. Scrap the League Cup and start the season with a playoff between current bottom of Championship & Top of League 1 for right to play in top league next season. The two leagues play out as normal, with top 12 and bottom 10 in the top league making up the top two leagues for the season after, and top 10, bottom 10 in the second lower league making up the two lower leagues for the season after. If the Highland League & Lowland League champions want in on the action, then they and the bottom of League 2 take part in a mini tournament at the same time as the playoff mentioned above. It doesn't help the second/third in League 1 at the moment, and doesn't really help with the issue of Champions, but it is a fairer compromise and would make for a really interesting season in 2020/21. Thoughts?????
  11. In fact, I will take legal action if the poll results are allowed to stand without this option being included....
  12. Why no option for "continue the season when able from where we are now"?? That would get my vote...
  13. Stand by for 100+ DABS making "hilarious" "saves having to use toilet roll" jokes....
  14. What the football authorities should be trying is contacting companies that are likely to be unaffected/positively impacted by the virus (such as amazon, internet companies etc), and getting them to look at sponsoring next seasons competitions and advancing the payments and distributing them to clubs. Positive PR of a big company helping Stranraer/Elgin etc to survive the hardship. The worst anyone could do would be to say No....
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