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  1. Hopkin, Temuri or Weighorst would get me feeling confident and genuinely looking forward to coming Dens. Goodwin or McPake would be intriguing (ideally with an experienced No 2), McCall wouldn't come. The rest of them would be a bare improvement on the last couple of appointments. (That is, I believe, the very definition of damning with faint praise.)
  2. All things Dundee FC

    Have just sent this to [email protected] Dear Mr Nelms, It is with a heavy heart that I find myself in the position of having to write this e-mail. I've been a Dundee fan for as long as I can remember. I've seen us play in cup finals (winning and losing), play in Europe, win promotion and secure tremendous results home and away, sometimes against all the odds. I've also seen relegation, cup exits to lower league teams, thumping defeats at home and away and two administrations. However, I've never been more disheartened and disillusioned with the club than at present. We seem to be drifting aimlessly to relegation, with very little shown on the pitch to give any hope that we may be able to stage any kind of upturn in our playing fortunes. I have to say that the blame for this lies fairly and squarely on the shoulders of the team manager. Mystifying team selections, baffling substitutions (or lack thereof) and post-match interviews that seem to leave us all wondering if he has been watching the same games as the rest of us, all contribute to the all-consuming sense of a doomed inevitability to the remainder of this season. I know that it is easy for fans to say that they would have picked this player or that formation or made that substitution or this tactical change, but I know of absolutely no Dundee fan, from either face-to-face or online contact, who has the slightest bit of confidence in the manager. I'm not saying that I know what I would do differently that would definitely give us a chance, but it has become clear to me that Mr McIntyre absolutely does not have the necessary skills to do this. I take no pleasure in urging someone to be made unemployed, but I can see only positives from relieving him of his duties. Firstly, there is a chance that a new manager/management team would be able to change things up, either personnel-wise or tactics-wise for the final, crucial 4 (or maybe even, hopefully, 6) games of the season. Secondly, a new manager would have some competitive fixtures to assess the playing and coaching set-up for next season, rather than relying exclusively on pre-season friendlies. Conversely, the dangers of not making a change are not just limited to almost certain relegation. There is a very real possibility that I, and no doubt hundreds (or even thousands) of other season ticket holders will not feel that it is worthwhile renewing their ticket for next season. The financial impact will compound the errors of this season and make it more difficult to push for promotion next season. There is also the, in my opinion, very real danger of following the example of Partick Thistle and making a poor start to next season and be more likely to exit the Championship downwards, rather than upwards. The most pressing danger, apart from relegation is that fans will, as I believe has already started, simply lose heart and stop actively following the club, as defeat follows defeat, poor play continues and the air of despondency lingers. I hope that you and the Board of Directors will take the brave step of making a swift, decisive change to give us even the tiniest glimmer of hope for salvaging this season. I have absolutely no doubt that the manager has tried to do what he thought was best for the club, but I believe that tough choices have to be made, and made now. I hope that I can see Dundee FC playing Premiership football next season, and I hope that you agree with me that there is nothing more important at this stage than giving us a fighting chance throughout the next few weeks. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope it gives you an idea as to the deep-rooted love I have for the club and the desire I have to see us maintain our rightful place at Scottish football's top table. Kind Regards, I doubt it'll make a difference, but at least it feels like I'm doing something!!
  3. All things Dundee FC

    Maybe we should be speaking to the Board in terms they will understand: Chances of me renewing season ticket in Prem next season with a new manager - 100% Chances of me renewing season ticket in C'ship next season with a new manager - 75% Chances of me renewing season ticket in Prem next season with McIntyre - 50% Chances of me renewing season ticket in C'ship next season with McIntyre - 0%
  4. McIntyre

    Utterly clueless. Please, please, please GTF.
  5. The Three Team Mini-League

    I am honestly expecting it to transpire that our wise footballing genius Board have signed all our loanees until the end of the league season, and their contracts will all be up before the play offs (if, by some miracle we finish in 11th) and they won't be eligible to play. It would be peak Dundee to do this...
  6. St.johnstone v Dundee

    I suppose it all depends on whether or not the in-bred farming mutants can actually be bothered putting on a display or not. If they are already on holiday mode, then we might sneak a point, but if they even half-try we will collapse like a railway bridge made of candy-floss. We just have to hope that Livi and 'Well aren't on holiday mode too.
  7. All things Dundee FC

    Apparently, it's Jesse Curran. Kerr second, Gowser third.
  8. All things Dundee FC

    My mate in the pub last night told me which player has played the most minutes for us this season. The answer surprised me. Any guesses??
  9. All things Dundee FC

    Quick prediction: St J (a) - no points Well (a) - no points Accies (h) - no points Livi (a) - no points St M (h) - no points Looking good....
  10. Dundee v Aberdeen

    I am deliberately interrupting my holiday to come back and see this. I should be sectioned shortly thereafter....
  11. All things Dundee FC

    If your number comes up on the roulette, start a crowdfunding page to pay off McIntyre's contract....
  12. 2 from 8

    Oh dear... You didn't mention 9 Premiership clubs in your list (because they aren't shite enough to be in danger of relegation). Therefore, to complete a 12 team top flight next season, 3 of the clubs listed have to be in the Premiership. So it's 3 from 8 that need to be picked.
  13. St.johnstone v Dundee

    I presume Wright can't play on Saturday, so he should be on with orders to run himself into the ground, as he'll have two weeks to recover. Nelson as a sub, Woods starting.... Just going to leave that there to let it sink in.....
  14. 2 from 8

    Dundee (self-loathing will force me to put myself through another season of despair and misery) to stay up by finishing 10th (stop sniggering at the back). Ross County to win Championship (easily the best side in that division). Dunfermline to win play-off (another easily reachable away day). Would be my ideal scenario. More likely: Hamilton to stay up in 10th by some amount of spawniness. Ross County to win the Championship (same reason as above). DABS to win play-off (for this to pass, either we've gone straight down, or lost in play-off. Still not sure if I would rather have that week of added hope or not...).