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  1. I take it we should petrified as, true to regular Dundee form, this opposition player that Raith are declaring to be absolute horseshit will have the two best games of his life and win the tie single-handedly???
  2. Am sure I just saw some club voting for Kerr.... 🤷🏼‍♂️
  3. Would like to see us try and kill the tie off in the first leg. I presume, however, it will be the usual go a goal or two up, try and protect the lead after 75 minutes and concede.
  4. Please re-read my post. I said the top flight would have all the biggest clubs in it. Which it will. (In the circumstances outlined.)
  5. To be honest, if we do go up, that will necessarily mean that probably both Hamilton & Ross County will be relegated (think Killie will have too much to finish in the bottom 2). That will give us the most stacked top flight in recent memory. All of the biggest clubs will be there, with only really Livi (& Fermers?) as "wee teams". This probably means that there won't be an obvious relegation candidate, unless it's us. Can we really afford to have another McPake special start, where we don't get going until February? Can we afford to be throwing away points in the first two rounds of fixtures until he finds (stumbles upon) the right formation to maximise the best of what squad we have? I don't really want to be in a position where we are yo-yoing between the top two divisions every season or so, we really need a good 5-10 year spell in the top flight as a minimum. Do I think we will achieve this with the current managerial team? No, I do not.
  6. I presume we are all hoping for a draw in both legs of the fife derby playoffs, with the second leg seeing four players from each side sent off and injuries aplenty??!!
  7. To be fair, it’s your number one choice I would be giving you pelters for...
  8. Saving himself; 4 consecutive hat-tricks for him in the playoffs IMHO....
  9. Wonder if Raith will implode against their neighbours now? They appear to have lost the plot somewhat...
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