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  1. As of 13:52 - Nothing on BBC or Dundee website... Or SPFL one
  2. Totally agree, Wright was fairly average when he was here. I totally expected Greg to flourish at Ibrox, having a lot more time on the ball, more opportunities to take on opposing defences etc. It just never seemed to work out. Probably fair to see that he hasn't really had much success apart from his last season at Cowdenbeath and his time at Dens? Loan spells at Aberdeen and Killie were meh at best, from what I recall. He should come home, where everyone loves him (until his first misplaced pass, obviously...)
  3. Wonder if they'll try and bring Greg home before newco try and punt him to Aberdeen in exchange for Scott Wright. (BTW, as he was leaving Dens, who would have imagined using Greg as a makeweight in a deal for Scott Wright????)
  4. I presume they must be without a pot in which to piss... If only they had had good COVID insurance....
  5. Can't really see us getting Clark, would be hilarious, if true. Why would we want Shankland? He's scored what, 3 times this season?? Waste of a wage (and far too tefal-headed for us)
  6. Unstoppable force meets very moveable object. Unfortunately, Unstoppable force has McPake in charge - 3-2 home win with Ayr scoring twice in the last 15 minutes...
  7. Footballers have the special elite athlete exemption for essential training, matches, trips to Dubai etc...
  8. Would like to see some of the fringe players get a run out here - N Hamilton, Anderson, Moore etc. Even Fin has not had that many games, so hopefully a chance to get some playing time under his belt...
  9. League Cup semis. Brilliant, thanks for that.
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