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  1. Livingston v Dundee

    Are you expecting a rush of people trying to buy any of your players in the summer? I always get the impression that Livi have few star players and more of a team performance ethic so might you expect to keep most of your team together?
  2. Decent form from the home team, can mean nothing but a miserable 3-1 capitulation to Mr Hellinbottom's new team...
  3. Livingston v Dundee

    Or opt for root canal surgery without anaesthetic. Both would be equally enjoyable....
  4. Our best chance of collecting points before the split?? The next step in Livi's ongoing slide down the table, or the first steps of a mini-revival? Can Dundee keep it down to only 3 goals conceded from set pieces? So many questions...
  5. All things Dundee FC

    One sixth of this article is devoted to everyone's favourite Albert Kidd moment... https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/feb/06/the-joy-of-six-football-title-run-ins The picture taken next to the railings is in evidence and the last sentence is a classic: "Then up popped Albert Kidd, the substitute striker who had not scored all season, with a stab of the boot that was a dagger to the Hearts. The cruel Kidd did it again six minutes later too. Hearts are still broken to this day."
  6. Hamilton v Dundee

    Darian MacKinnon = Poundland Scott Brown
  7. Dundee v Killie - Wed 6th Feb

    Home fans to give Jones a rousing reception for getting McCann punted, then an even louder one when he is snapped in two by a maniacal-looking Swede. 1-1.
  8. The Three Team Mini-League

    No, just saying that I don't think any of them are any good!!!
  9. All things Dundee FC

    I wonder if there's a reason why there's such a relatively large difference between the top two and the rest?????
  10. The Three Team Mini-League

    This really is a brilliant example of having a "Who's the tallest Dwarf" Competition. None of the these three sides are anywhere near good enough for the top league, but, by definition, one, or maybe even two, of them will still be there next season. We seem to have one or two decent performances and then revert back to utter dug-shite for four games, so have no real confidence in putting together any kind of run to improve our lot. The other two teams seem to be no more consistent either, so the games between the three will be crucial. If we lose on Saturday, we will be right back where we were before the break. I'm guessing there will be no more than 3 points between us all at the split, and we should have the advantage of playing both the other two at home after that. Straw clutching at it's finest, there...
  11. All things Dundee FC

    What really pisses me off about the current situation is the comparison with Killie: Both of us have players who have signed a PCA with the Blue Bigots. Clarke at Killie says, in essence, "he's still our player until the end of the season, so I'll play him when it suit us, he will do his best for us or I'll throttle him" he plays against them, scores a beauty of a winner and is seen as integral part of their squad for the rest of the season. Dundee say, in effect, "Oh, we're not sure about playing Kamara, as his head might not be in the right place, and if we play him in the Cup, then we wouldn't be able to play for them if he moves on before the end of the season, so we better not, and it might be best all round if he goes before the end of the window for a derisory sum of money, regardless of any detrimental effect on us". Spineless management, spineless team.
  12. Dundee v Queens

    Lunatic found...
  13. Neil McCann has a proven record of keeping teams (well, one team) up when all is going poorly.... It's the only appointment that makes sense.
  14. Hamilton v Dundee

    We are playing the only team we haven't dropped points against yet this season, we've played much better in the past two games and finally can see a tiny bit of light at the end of the tunnel. Odds on for a spawny Accies victory.
  15. All things Dundee FC

    I'm presuming we will get a derisory cash sum and a loanee we've never heard of so that the Blue Bigots can get Kamara on Thursday...