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  1. Saw that Davis Keillor-Dunn has been released. Always thought he was a decent player. I presume it’s doubtful we could afford him, though??
  2. I would honestly prefer ICT to go up tonight. Out record against them had been dire for as long as I can remember, whereas we usually get at least a split of the points with the fermers each season. Any other thoughts??
  3. Great work @RossBFaeDundee a bright spot in an otherwise miserable season. Where do I collect my prize?? It’s not having Mark McGhee coming round to my house switching all the lights off, is it?
  4. Has Scott Brown definitely taken the Fleetwood job? If not, can imagine WGS giving the gig to his former captain.
  5. As far as I'm aware, nothing in the Premiership is ever officially decided until it appears in this thread...
  6. The title refers not to my predicted scoreline, but to my prediction of the number of fans of each club attending this...
  7. Just seen the Adam goal on sky. what a fucking belter. Absolute filth…
  8. The Dundee way would, of course, be to win here by 4 goals, have the Fermers lose on Wednesday and con ourselves into thinking that there is some kind of chance for Sunday. Fortunately, McGhee doesn't do wins, so we will be safely in the Championship by tomorrow evening.
  9. Could be a lovely championship for away days the way things are going just now; we could have Arbroath, Montrose and the fermers, as well as cove. Obviously Perth is a shithole, but nice and easy to visit…
  10. My prediction is that we will draw the agony out as long as possible. The Fermers will lose their next two and we will draw both of ours; leaving us 3 behind going into the last game. McGhee still won’t have won a match, but we will have a chance going to the spaghettihad. We will lose that final game, obviously…
  11. Genuinely expect Charlie to lamp him the first chance he gets, even if it's right in front of the ref...
  12. Kerr's first half performance against the Fermers was like watching him when he first broke into our first team again - if he played like that every week he would be a real asset. Agree with the list of "keeps" from TheDerry, also Robertson and Sharp, and possibly Legzdins if no better options are available.
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