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  1. Potentially this Yank is being lined up to replace the "out-of-favour" Nelson??? (Have heard rumours about offield issues for his absence.) IMHO, you can never have too many options up front, but agree there are a several positions that need strengthening first - Manager, Central defence, left-back cover, winger who can cross the ball effectively, goalie etc etc.
  2. If I were in charge at Aberdeen, I’d be asking Celtic to take McKenna for Hendry and a million or so, as he has been so highly rated during the last wee while. Would take Hendry over him every day.
  3. The both BBC and our webpage has the kick off as being at 7:20 on Saturday night, surely that can't be right???
  4. Admittedly, those two factors may be related...
  5. TBH, I would give myself a better than 50-50 chance of doing that against our current defence, and I'm an overweight, lazy git who gets out of breath opening my chocolate advent calendar...
  6. I wasn't in the least surprised by today's score, we don't look like we could beat Fort William at the moment. McPake has no clue how to get, what looks on paper, a strong Championship squad playing to their strengths, or to adapt to circumstances during a game. What the actual fuckity-f**k is Nicholl doing? What input is he having? I knw it's not great to be changing manager every 6 months or so, but there's absolutely no way we will finish top 4 the way we are going at present. A change has to be made. A proper recruitment process needs to be undertaken, and Sir Barry can fill in until it's finished. I would like to think that @DeeTillEhDeh could pay for any compo McPake is due with his winnings from this season???
  7. I'm sure there's a "shooting weekend" joke in there somewhere too...
  8. It's a pretty poor thing to admit to, but am getting to the stage where I'm not really fussed about games. There's a pervading sense that the team don't particularly care, so not really sure why I should too. Obviously, a stirring 6 goal win will change my mind and convince me to go to Gayfield next weekend, but am not really seeing that happen...
  9. Close, but no cigar - their fudge yum yum is the business....
  10. Our game at East End Park moved to "primetime" Friday night telly on 24th January. That'll be nice and warm...
  11. That was a great day out (even if it was deep in the heart of in-bred farming mutant country). However, I can't imagine this current side being able to come back from a 2 goal deficit. Sad times indeed.
  12. Wow, that is one hell of a terrible squad. Can't think of anything positive to say about any of them, except I seem to remember that Twardzik wasn't too bad. Depressing reminder of why we are where we are...
  13. Dundee have got the weird set up that our last 10 games of the season are all home, away, home, away. We have two consecutive home games 29th Feb and 3rd March, then it's one after the other all the way to the end of the season. We also play away on the first and last day of the (regular) league season. It's often said that if you give an infinite number of monkeys an infinite number of typewriters, you'll eventually get a line of Shakespeare typed out. SPFL fixtures - three monkeys, ten minutes...
  14. You spelled ACT wrong in the thread title @RossBFaeDundee....
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