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  1. We haven’t lost a game in Dundee yet this season… Would love to see McMullan, Cummings and Griffiths all playing at the top of their games, they would be almost unplayable if so. However, have a feeling that our problems will be at the other end, even without tefal playing.
  2. Well, obviously, you’re not allowed to marry your own siblings…
  3. Cumdog to try and prove to McPake that he doesn’t need sparky by scoring a hat trick in the first half, gets taken off at half time and sparky scores 4 in the second half. Dundee lose 8-7.
  4. I know there’s a lot of “excitement” to come between now and then, but is it correct that our game against the blue half of the bigot brothers is going ahead on a Saturday at 3pm?? Is it likely to get moved for tv at this late stage? Just trying to work out plans for the weeks ahead…
  5. He’s wearing a watch in the signing photo; I presume we will get the obligatory discussion of what kind it is and what it means???
  6. Reading the article on the club website and in 63/64, he scored 20 goals for us (5 more than Alan Cousin), but was only our fourth top scorer!! Gilzean on 52 (!), Penman on 30 and Kenny Cameron on 22… What I would give to have been around to see that team play. RIP Bobby.
  7. It’s what I had my money on before kick off tbf.
  8. None of this friendly rivalry pish; let’s get into these Leith junkies and give them a damn good hiding… 1-3 defeat incoming.
  9. Rangers are willing to let us take Patterson on loan until January at least, as they see Tavernier as their main right back this season. Overheard some journalists talking about this in the pub last night. Will that do?
  10. I’m sure he’s just going there to pick the best players he can to join us on loan. We’ve still only really had Afolabi in return for our vote last year…
  11. Sheridan starting ahead of Cummings? McPake doesn’t like starting the Cumdog it would appear…
  12. Forgot to add in my summary that Sheridan has to either wear his hair long on the pitch, or get it cut. That man-bun/ponytail can get right in the sea...
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