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  1. The company was/is run by the Sarafilovic family and the initials of 3 children were P.A and R giving Pars. In later years they took over Stephen’s.
  2. Rangers PR refusing to let GVB stand in front of sponsors board including cinch branding? What an embarrassment.
  3. Only consolation was watching the dross from the warmth of my own home. Other than that the last few weeks have been so bad you even think of canvassing Nicola to shut football down.
  4. According to the latest Rangers statement “the status quo cannot hold” and “the need for change will not diminish”. Despite my personal dislike of this particular club, I cannot disagree with those sentiments. What I would ask, however, is what changes are Rangers willing to make in an effort to move forward? During the administration/liquidation/readmission to Scottish Football saga, there were instances where, to any fair minded individual, it appeared that the football authorities were looking for any opportunity to kick Rangers. But if there is to be any progress Rangers have to move on and stop nurturing their message that “We are Rangers and everybody hates us”. They seem to revel in their increasing pariah status. Their PR outpourings (and I’m aware of the recent changes with Jim Traynor moving on) are appalling and seemingly only intended to appease the Neanderthal minority within their support, leaving their many decent fans embarrassed. Since an element of those associated with Rangers cannot move on from 1690, what chance is there of moving on from the events of 2012?
  5. Closed door games is not an option. Anyone who thinks that the next OF game at Ibrox would not attract several hundred (conservative estimate) neanderthals from each side to their respective ends of Edmiston Drive, taunting each other while they watch the game on their phones, is simply deluded.
  6. It is at least relevant for Ann Budge to comment on behalf of her club. The latest from Jim Traynor at Ibrox, in the name of Stewart Robertson, is merely aimed at their own knuckledraggers who cannot accept that they have handed the Premiership to Celtic.
  7. It is an absolute minefield with every club looking out for themselves. To minimise the potential for legal action I would suggest the following restructuring which has been the subject of discussion between the clubs anyway : No relegation from Premiership and promote Dundee United and Inverness. 14 team league which splits into 2x7 after 26 games. Teams then play each other home and away for another 12 games. Total 38 games as it is just now, TV gets their 4 Old Firm games and they don’t lose Hearts who, from a revenue point of view, would be a loss to the top league. This may result, of course, in teams at the foot of the top 7 and at the top of the bottom 7 finding themselves in relative safety at an early stage - but what an opportunity to develop promising youngsters. Championship - remaining 8 teams plus Raith and Falkirk from League 1. Existing teams, particularly Dunfermline, would welcome the extra revenue and no relegation would save Partick. League 1 - remaining 8 teams plus Cove Rangers and Edinburgh City. Stranraer would vote for it as they would not be relegated. League 2 sides would be delighted as they would get rid of Cove who are regarded in other boardrooms as horrible people. League 2 - remaining 8 teams plus Kelty Hearts and Brora Rangers. Both are ambitious. Brora have apparently changed their stance from a few years ago when they met Montrose in the play off and they now very much want to get into the senior leagues. Brechin, who have had a sad decline, would be saved and the fans of other clubs would not be deprived of lentil soup.
  8. So appalled by this that I emailed the SFA - first time in 60 years that I have ever contacted any football authority. Not that I am expecting the courtesy of a response. I would fully support Inverness withdrawing from the tournament and, if there were sanctions, many clubs would likely withdraw from next year’s competition. After all many clubs take a financial hit in taking part. In what other country does sponsorship mean that clubs lose money? Having had both home fixtures against Dundee moved to Friday night with a significant drop in attendance, Dunfermline now have their final home game v. Partick moved to 7.20pm on Saturday night on the BBC Scotland ghost channel. Scottish football is a true laughing stock. The Inverness appeal evidence is being viewed globally now that the likes of Gary Lineker has tweeted it.
  9. I am hearing that the officials later watered down their explanation of the red card, saying that Cox was ‘involved in an altercation with a fan’. Club will be appealing the red card. Cox accepts that he kicked the advertising hoarding so may be downgraded to a yellow.
  10. Craig Brewster. At the time I could not believe that we were signing someone well in his 30s, even though I had seen him score screamers against us with Forfar and Dundee Utd. How wrong can you be!! He was an absolute revelation. It would be interesting to see Stevie Crawford’s goal stats playing with/without Brewster as his strike partner.
  11. Probably at least 1000 off the gate and the pittance that we will get from the BBC contract will nowhere near cover it.
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