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  1. OK lol. We have had a couple of harsh ones - especially Grazer & Deasy's sure it was against Hurlford. it's definitely something that needs to be worked on!
  2. the fact that Beith are still in all competitions (the big Scottish in particular) means that his company potentially could land some decent exposure from that in itself. no sponsorship is strange sponsorship when it comes to the funds.
  3. Apparently it only was only agreed that he wouldnt face on Saturday gone. He should feature in the rescheduled game if fit.
  4. Beat it aff the post then ya muppet
  5. On his game he can't be touched but inconsistency was a regular thing at Dunterlie last season and that is going to affect a lot of the team so fingers crossed that bringing him in to play alongside Gemmell & Deas will bring a decent player out in him
  6. Yes a pacy attacker was what Kegs needed he said so I think Ed fits that bill. I'm not sure of the in's and out's but regardless of what happened before he's back in a lie strip and he needs the backing of the fans. Far too many arthurlie fans turn things into a negative - we're sitting healthy in the league at the moment and if the gaffers thinks ed will put in a graft then lets get behind it.
  7. Eddie is Kilbirnie Ladesides top scorer in competitive matches so far this season. Surely him not scoring goals could leave Ladeside in a sticky mess if no1 steps up? PLUS you's need a manager brought in. Liam if Ed picks up that form he had whilst a Kilbirnie then I'll be happy with that. I agree we need defenders in as well Liam BUT to bring a boy back to a club that he served well for is a great idea from the management.
  8. must be doing something right if Kegs thought he wasn't good enough and then re-signed him? Also i'm more than positive that 90%+ of games he started he's scored in? Maybe Ladeside fans can correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. Eddie has re-signed for Arthurlie. Eddie is a great addition to the Arthurlie squad - exactly what we require at the moment.
  10. I couldn't imagine him being like that he's a big friendly giant. loves a tackle though lol
  11. final should be cracking - dont get where people think that Southside are giving a wage out? I'm mates with a few of their players and think people need to stop talking cow pat. they really enjoy playing with their mates - so many mates in the one team enjoying their football. couple of Efe Ambrose moments last night at the game though lol
  12. I enjoyed your match report although the trialist no#11 didnt score the second lol it was Jordan Leyden.
  13. I don't think it would be useful to anyone who has been playing as a trialist - especially when they are coming through Arthurlies youth academy for someone to entice the fella away to go play somewhere else. plus brandishing 17 year old's names about a forum isn't relevant lol
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