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  1. The club have been tweeting that for the last few games even though it isn’t true. Don’t know why it hasn’t been updated.
  2. Not to say he didn’t play well, but no point taking anything from those ratings.
  3. I’m convinced there’s a substantial army of Scotland fans who have a weekly mission of giving Scottish players in The Barclays a 10/10 rating regardless of how they actually played. See: Gilmour, Hanley and McLean topping the poll in just about every Norwich game last season.
  4. Can’t imagine either of these teams having great seasons based on this.
  5. Chelsea just yesterday paid north of £60 million for a rotation left-back. It’s absolutely lost the run of itself.
  6. Came onto say something about “Trent” crumpling like a piece of paper there but I see that’s already been covered. In even less surprising news Klopp isn’t happy about an absolutely nothing challenge in the build up to a goal.
  7. I haven’t seen a single Ayr fan on here who isn’t happy. All I’ve seen is the “better fans” absolutely desperate to get it up the fans who had the cheek to moan about the first half performance, instead of just enjoying the comeback. Stop making things up in your head.
  8. Great second half, think we won every second ball. Considering the first half was entirely in keeping with the pattern we’ve seen under Bullen up until now, bitching about things at half time was completely rational. But I suppose the better fans won’t pass up the opportunity to get one over us negative nellies!
  9. He’s the clubs head of recruitment. I find it difficult to believe he isn’t responsible for identifying some players. EVEN if you believe the “he just does analysis” thing - maybe his analysis is just pish?
  10. How many chances did we have to win the ball there? Seriously Bullen just go and take Glendinning with you.
  11. At least we have lots of firepower to come back from this.
  12. A club spending more than £50m on a left back while they already have 3 left backs in their squad is peak Barclays.
  13. I’ve said it before but we had an offer in for Adeloye until he rejected it a few weeks ago - choosing not to sign a replacement would be monumentally stupid.
  14. I forget what username he’s on now but Wisbit is, rather literally, in the conversation.
  15. I know the game you’re on about but naw it was a home game where Roberts invited Wullie from the Honestpage into the dugout. What a time.
  16. If you haven’t witnessed us being dumped out the first round of the challenge cup by East Stirlingshire at Ochilview, you haven’t lived.
  17. Lest we forget the time he power slammed Jamie Hamill.
  18. That’s better than I expected but our inability to score a goal is soul destroying.
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