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  1. That’s actually quite tame by r/Scotland standards. You get the feeling the posters there never leave the house.
  2. If I was that worried about being in close proximity with others I simply wouldn’t go to a restaurant and expect them to change the makeup of the place to suit me.
  3. This is right, they only act when it’s flagged up to them. After Airdrie were forced to change their badge a bitter Airdrie fan grassed on Ayr. They even posted a screenshot of their complaint to some Airdrie fans group on Facebook.
  4. Isn’t he out for the rest of the season? Be a bit unusual for him to leave if he can’t play for anyone else.
  5. That is genuinely outstanding news. Hopefully a sign that another midfielder will be on the way in too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a footballer encapsulate the meaning of “ponderous” quite the way Joe did.
  6. Worked for me. For all the slagging McGinty is getting for the first goal, Reading’s “stand back and watch the attacker get a free header” act has gone very under the radar.
  7. C’mon. Ndaba last season and Drinan the season before worked out fine.
  8. Dropping our biggest goal threat because his training stats aren’t very good would be absolutely mental.
  9. I hadn’t even finished sniggering at the ref’s name before that goal went in.
  10. He was supposedly injured a couple of weeks back so might just be rested. The reaction to this and his Instagram is a bit hysterical if you ask me.
  11. Tuchel will be out on his arse in a few months.
  12. I think we could do with both. The defence doesn’t get any protection unless Muirhead is playing and he isn’t a midfielder.
  13. RE the lateness of the subs - I’m maybe overthinking it but with Bullen being a youth coach for so long there might be a tendency there to give players a bit more time when they’re playing poorly before subbing them off.
  14. It’s a shame that the trains will probably put off loads of St Mirren fans from coming down the road. The works on that section of track have been “ongoing” off and on for over a decade. Happens every year for several weeks at a time. I’d love to ask Network Rail what the f**k they’ve been doing.
  15. If the club didn’t want people without season tickets at the game they could quite easily have only sold tickets to season ticket holders.
  16. He seemed to think after last week that our defence was fine so I’m hoping this is a wake up call in that respect. I hope the bit in bold is just some bait though We’d be humped without him.
  17. This wouldn’t be the first time I’ve heard them mistaking players in similar circumstances. Highly embarrassing.
  18. I wish our players could be not shite for more than 2 games at a time.
  19. The new interviews are welcome, I just wish they’d reposition them slightly so I don’t have “Death of Ally McLeod” staring at me the whole time.
  20. #imminent makes me think it’s a new singing but I don’t really care now it’s announced. Let him have his moment.
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