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  1. Does Harry Kane just take every free kick despite never scoring like a pound shop Ronaldo?
  2. Finally I can tow around that trailer that I’ve got lying about doing nothing.
  3. Not sure if you mean bookies favourites, or just the concept of being “favourites”, but Flashscores still has the bet365 odds for all the games so… we were bookies favourites in the four games against Israel (3 draws and 1 defeat) and the defeats to Slovakia and the Czechs - albeit the latter two there was very little in it.
  4. We were in the play-offs for almost the whole 19/20 season, including when it was halted. If there were multiple posts expecting a title challenge that season then post them. I remember many of us that summer not expecting much more than a mid table finish. You’re talking shite mate. Much like when you tried to convince everyone that John Robertson was working wonders on a shoestring budget.
  5. Agreed, McTominay was also poor and they weren’t the only ones. I don’t think McTominay has ever done particularly well in a midfield role under Clarke. I’ve nothing against O’Donnell, seems a decent guy, but he’s had a few stinkers.
  6. That’s just complete pish though, he was awful in the Euros opener.
  7. Some of those stats are almost expected with the role he plays, but the number of times winning possession, tackling and creating chances is hugely impressive. Can’t believe I read a post on this website earlier saying we should drop him for Davie Turnbull.
  8. Great result tonight. Please explain what it has to do with expressing frustration at not scoring more goals against Moldova. Thank you.
  9. I’m sure there’s an Austrian 2426255 on Apfelstrudel and Almdudler defiantly stating that Austria have no right to beat Scotland.
  10. I thought Patterson was really good going forward particularly in the first half, but really struggled defensively and looked like he would have been a liability against a better team.
  11. No, I’d rather he didn’t say either. Lowering expectations is fine but there’s other ways to do it. Unless you’re dense every man and their dog knows that the phrase “must not lose” in a press conference is ill advised as it gives the impression that we’re going there to park the bus.
  12. Inspiring stuff. It’s technically true but why do players and managers come out with this pish? Just gives the impression that we’ll spend the whole game playing for a draw.
  13. Height obviously helps a great deal but there’s enough examples of not so tall players having a great leap on them and thus getting a fair share of headed goals.
  14. Tim Cahill is 5’10 and must have gotten a tonne of headed goals.
  15. Football shirt designer. Create something boring with minimal effort and everyone loves it. Create something wacky and shite and it generates an untold amount of publicity and seethe.
  16. Does having a gag reflex make someone a fuckwit?
  17. If that was his logic then Liam Palmer would have been the obvious choice. It’s not a huge deal but it’s a tad baffling all the same. Would be nice to call up a replacement for Fraser, but I’ve absolutely no idea who that could be.
  18. It’s not as if 4-5-1/4-2-3-1 with Tierney at right back worked under Strachan, of course.
  19. Iceland back to being shite confirmed I see.
  20. Christie would be a more natural fit but I’m still annoyed at him being pish yesterday.
  21. Just because the line up shows him out wide doesn’t mean he’d be playing as a winger. Robertson would provide the width on that side. Fraser is the only winger in the squad so you need someone else to play on the other side. It’s not a hill I’m willing to die on but it solves the right back problem.
  22. I’m sure waiting until the game had started before doing this wasn’t intentional at all.
  23. I think this is the issue. It does work for some teams, Chelsea have done well with it for example, but they have exceptional midfielders. We don’t have a proper shithouse who won’t give the opposition a minutes peace and is willing to stick the boot in. McGinn comes closest to that but for whatever reason we can’t get a tune out of him when he plays deeper like he does for Villa. We have a lot of tidy, ball-playing midfielders, plus McTominay as a box-to-box option, but it isn’t enough out of possession. I still think 5 at the back can have its uses but as we’ve seen since the Serbia game it isn’t working for us right now. We sit too deep and ask the midfield to do too much. Going for a back 4 with Tierney at right back has got to be worth another try than persisting with this pish.
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