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  1. Can’t we just knock out Spain on account of being the most boring team in history?
  2. First I’ve seen of Spain in this WC the last 10 minutes. Are they back to their keep-the-ball tactics? Absolutely brutal to watch.
  3. Germany would be 2nd on goals scored if it happens. They’ve 5 to Japan’s 4.
  4. I’m having a hard time figuring out if he’s an absolute fud or just really really thick.
  5. If you’re being generous you can point to the fact he was far from the only one who was “unconvincing” last night. I think most of us are desperate for him to do well after all the build up to him getting here, which is probably why we’re all trying not to write him off but it’s fair to say I wouldn’t be confident him playing a league game in midfield.
  6. Those were some shitebag subs there.
  7. I genuinely don’t know what planet you’re living on if you’re assuming that the majority of a large group of Scottish football shitposters holiday in Dubai. How common exactly do you think holidaying in Dubai is amongst the general public? I’m not aware of any friends who have been there. I’ve seen the occasional thing from people on social media being there but it’s a minority. As I said in my first response I’ve also seen several comments on here badmouthing the types who holiday in Dubai. You must be mingling in some wild social circles if the majority of people you know go on holiday to Dubai.
  8. It comes across very much like whataboutery - attempting to discredit criticism from the majority because of the actions of a minority. Why would you assume that they do? Is holidaying in Dubai so prevalent in your social circle?
  9. Where are you going with this? Willing to bet to the vast majority on here do not holiday in Dubai. You see people on here badmouthing the types who go on holiday to Dubai all the time. People on here regularly bring up human rights whenever these countries are discussed. If there’s 1 or 2 hypocrites on here so what? Does that invalidate all the criticism from everyone else?
  10. “If people are so bothered about Qatar then why don’t they also complain about <insert thing that loads of people always complain about> too?” Seen this about a dozen times on here since the WC started.
  11. The Home Nations can’t cap players based on U.K. citizenship because they’re multiple countries within a country. Otherwise anyone who was a U.K. citizen would be eligible to represent any of the four nations which would be a massive can of worms. If it’s happened in the past then the rule’s been changed at some point. They need to have parents or grandparents born here, or have been schooled here for x number of years.
  12. There are 2 Scottish cup games in extra time and they’re currently rambling on about England at the World Cup. f**k me.
  13. Jack Grealish there, spending 25 minutes trying to bait opposition players into fouling him, then getting absolutely raging at said opposition players if they fouled him.
  14. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/63690765 The fucking nick of that.
  15. The Sky article on this has this absolute gem. Now, it is understood beer will only be available in fan zones in Qatar after 6.30pm and drunk fans will be sent to special zones to sober up. Sounds like a great laugh.
  16. I didn’t realise that calculating the precise energy usage of every appliance in your home daily while you sit there wearing 5 jumpers could be so much fun.
  17. Isn’t Casement Park in a heavily republican part of Belfast? I definitely can’t see any issues from Northern Ireland games being played there if it transpires that way, no siree.
  18. To be expected from such a small footballing nation.
  19. BBC not offering text commentary on this is very shite.
  20. Not watching to know who you mean, but Cooper isn’t in the squad.
  21. Whether it’s Fraser at RWB or Tierney at RB it’s a waste of time. Neither are going to be playing there in a competitive game unless the world caves in.
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