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  1. I also thought that the first time the goalscorer (can’t mind his name) hit the ball and it then deflected off Antonio and back, Antonio looked marginally offside. But from the images we saw they looked to only be checking the second strike of the ball and not the first.
  2. He had a poor game on Sunday. Barkley has surprisingly seemed to play well since the restart. Chelsea have a lot of competition in midfield but Gilmour will still get his chances under Lampardz.
  3. Absolutely shocked that a Bishop Briggs hot-take aged like milk.
  4. Inter seem to release a complete monstrosity of a jersey every season.
  5. It’s comparing the top 10 clubs in one country versus the top 12 in another, versus the top 16 in another and so on. It’s quite misleading without context. Then there’s the fact that a lot of clubs (mostly in the bigger countries I’d think) would have higher attendances if they weren’t limited by capacity.
  6. Yup. Right at the height of lockdown you’d regularly see groups of them clogging up an aisle, forcing people to squeeze past them at a baw hairs distance. Then the next minute one of them would be practically shagging you to put something on a shelf.
  7. Are you telling me no staff are capable of sourcing their own reusable ones? The company should be providing them but if you feel that strongly about it I’d assume you’d have gotten better ones for your own use.
  8. He could also do what plenty of other people have done and buy a mult-use one that doesn’t require to be changed over as often.
  9. It wouldn’t have cost the club to have the government pay their wages for another month or two. That didn’t stop them claiming they had to do it out of necessity though.
  10. Some brass neck for the club who couldn’t afford to give players an extra month of furlough pay.
  11. Masks need to be made mandatory in shops. People just won’t bother their arse otherwise. It doesn’t help either that no staff are bothering with it either.
  12. Sorry, there is a problem We could not locate the item you are trying to view Fucking hell jagfox 😆
  13. Barkley’s passing here has been worse than Gilmour’s.
  14. He’s been a right shithouse in this game, which is something we could do with.
  15. It has to be someone doing it on the telly otherwise you wouldn’t get the choice of watching without it.
  16. Imagine trolling over a stabbing attack. You stay classy @Lex.
  17. I didn’t mean that in reference to anyone challenging HBs misleading stats. I think people on here have generally been quite good at questioning what the government up here are doing through this. I just know and have seen a lot of people on social media who only seem to care that we’re managing it better than England. It’s correct to say our hands are tied to an extent but it doesn’t excuse everything. There’s people I’m pretty sure are actively hoping for England to have bad figures every day just so they can feel better about how it’s going up here.
  18. Sadly this seems to be all that matters to quite a lot of folk. It doesn’t matter if we’ve made an arse of things as long as it isn’t as bad as England.
  19. Aye those Raith kits are pretty bad. The sponsor on the away one is brutal.
  20. Who said I was trying to get it back on track?
  21. I don’t think @ali_91 is capable of posting in a thread without derailing it and making it all about him. Sad really.
  22. Aye but @HMIP said he’s pish on the basis of a few games so that cannae be right.
  23. Your irrational knickerwetting doesn’t merit any more of a response. Carry on if you get a kick out of it though.
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