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  1. While he’s still young it’s worrying that he seems to have regressed since this time last year. Was solid for most of last season but he now looks like he has no confidence at all.
  2. There’s definitely an awful lot of people getting carried away. The performance last night was dreadful but it’s the first of its kind this year. We got 7/9 points wise in January plus a cup win against a Premiership side. On Saturday the general consensus was we played well into a strong head wind in the first half and would have cruised the second half had the game not been abandoned. We would still go third with a draw in our game in hand. This is just football at its fickle best.
  3. Lewandowski against that Chelsea defence will be interesting.
  4. Worried we might miss Kerr, but I suppose the squad needs rotated come this time of the season.
  5. I think chucking Tierney straight back in would be very harsh on Palmer.
  6. Ignoring the bit about him supposedly being desperate for first team football.
  7. Said it before and I’ll say it until I’m blue in the face - if McGuffie was that desperate for game time then moving to Morton was a complete waste of time. He should have dropped down a level.
  8. At least there’s no shortage of puddles for you to drink in this weather Donny.
  9. Not defending our arsehole fans but what sort of diddies don’t have segregation at this level in the first place?
  10. Ref’s made a rip-roaring c**t of that one wasting everyone’s time.
  11. Quite happy we’ve gotten to half time with a draw while playing into the wind. Just need to take advantage of it in the second.
  12. Mate you’re confusing me with someone else. I fucking love Sir Stevie Bell.
  13. You suggested that bell lets the club down whenever we need him, and you seem raging about stuff without knowing what's happened. Can you read?
  14. lolwut I asked if someone at the game could us what the back 4 is. What a weird response.
  15. Can someone at the game tell us what the back 4 is? I’m still convinced Kerr being there is a wind up. Soccerway, FlashScores or AUmedia will all give you the score through much quicker than BBC.
  16. That’s complete dung to be honest. You must be conveniently ignoring the power of tracking back both Forrest and Moff did against Ross County and ICT. McCowan is a good player but he spends a fair amount of time throwing a strop when he loses the ball. Suggesting he’s one of the best at tracking back is nonsense.
  17. That better be some Mourinho-style mind games there.
  18. I think it will be Harvie in the middle. He’s taller and he played there against Ross County towards the end of last season. Gillespie - Roscoe - Harvie - Houston
  19. Ahahaha what the f**k is that line up. Call if off please ref.
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