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  1. I think the Geggan we all know and love would be perfect for completing off the midfield. Can get up and down the park and chips in with his share of goals. Sadly we haven’t seen that for the last year and a half really. I really hope we haven’t let go of him without putting out an update though.
  2. We have plenty of them I think, I’d say we’re more in need of a box-to-box and/or goal scoring type. Agree on the rest though.
  3. This sounds almost exactly like Andy Geggan.
  4. The shame! I’ve been reading too much P&B.
  5. I remember at the height of lockdown @JTS98 getting on his high horse about people in the UK following the rules set by the UK Government. His argument pretty much being that we should be adhering to the much stricter rules which were in place wherever the f**k it is he lives - I think Malaysia. People going out for a walk or a run locally were scum, despite being told by authorities here that these were things perfectly acceptable. Don’t they know they should all have been following the standards set in a country in the far east! I think on that basis his remarks on this can be safely filed in the bin. Although worryingly there were actually quite a few people on here agreeing with him at the time.
  6. Horrendous result. Fulham must be the blandest, beigest club in existence. Brentford’s bed shitting is doing a massive dis-service to football.
  7. What a load of shite. Highers are 99% of how universities chose between candidates.
  8. There’s discussing former players and then there’s having a meltdown because they haven’t started the first game of the season. Was thinking the exact same.
  9. We were actually on track to score a whole 0.67 of a goal more!
  10. Kelly will be hardest to replace I think. Goal scoring midfielders aren’t the easiest to get a hold of.
  11. Just out of interest - thought I’d go through the squad as it is and look at where everyone can play to see how much cover we have. Right back: Jordan Houston Michael Hewitt Patrick Reading Aaron Muirhead* Centre back: Sam Roscoe Steven Bell Aaron Muirhead Left back: Patrick Reading Finn Ecrepont Central midfield: Andy Murdoch Mark Kerr Aaron Muirhead Steven Bell* Wide/attacking midfield: Luke McCowan Dario Zanatta Forward: Michael Moffat Craig Moore Mark McKenzie Dario Zanatta* * means it’s unlikely they’ll be played there but I thought I’d include them anyway. Obviously we still need a couple of keepers. We look fine at full back. Another centre half would be nice but I have a feeling we’ll go with what we have and hope Roscoe pushes on like Rose did, although if one of them gets injured it doesn’t give us much room for comfort. We’d definitely need another if we want to play Muirhead in midfield again. Think we need another two centre mids at least especially if Kerr isn’t wanting to play every game. Another winger/attacking mid or two needed as well - although one is probably fine if we’re planning on utilising a striker out wide like we did at times with the 4-3-3 last season. Be good to see Drinan come back as well. After looking at that I’d be more tempted to see Geggan kept on as he gives us cover in several positions and I think he’s a good option at right mid if we’re playing a 4-4-2. Just wish he could stay clear of the injuries.
  12. Us winning in Dumfries would be a sign of the apocalypse. In 15 attempts we’ve one once and even that was on penalties in the diddy cup. The last win in 90 minutes was in 2002.
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