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  1. You'll need to explain that one a bit better. Say you’re taking the third exit at a roundabout using the right hand lane. There’s a small but not insignificant number of people who if they’re waiting to enter the roundabout at exits one or two in the left hand lane don’t see the need to wait for you pass them first. They just plough on and cause you to take evasive action when you’re trying to get off the roundabout.
  2. People who charge onto the outside lane of a roundabout while there’s a car in the inside lane. Dangerous c***s.
  3. Pulling up someone for laughing at a virus ripping through a mostly unvaccinated country says a lot about me? The zero COVID people are nutters but I’m not about to start laughing at the state Australia is in just now.
  4. What has that got to do with laughing about it? I’m not a “lovejoy” by any means but that’s just psychopath behaviour.
  5. What bit don't you get. Was out with two local councillors last night, I can assure you there was no fight. We simply should have all our season ticket holders in and made available a small number of tickets for the away support. No priority so don't try and act smart. When the allocation given is the exact number of season tickets Killie have it gives the impression that they just couldn’t be arsed implementing segregation for a small number of away fans.
  6. The fact that what’s proving him right is people getting sick and dying doesn’t get in the way of a good laugh, clearly.
  7. It’s not just been the barclays, since that Neymar transfer there’s been seven transfers for €100 million or more and not one of them has involved an EPL team doing the buying. The EPL teams specialise in spending ridiculous amounts of money on bang average players purely because they’re home grown, but the market is fucked everywhere.
  8. Some bloke’s belief that there was a demand for something is not proof that the demand was there. You’re not really getting the economics thing, are you?
  9. Trying to claim that the chairman isn’t representative of the club while simultaneously having a pop at another club over the actions of a bloke selling some scarves. It’s a bold strategy I’ll give you that.
  10. You did however sell them nearly your entire stadium and let them play their party songs on the PA to let them celebrate a title win. And let’s not forget being the only club to not vote against reinstating Rangers straight into the top flight. The fucking brass neck.
  11. Aye, the only reason the most prolific team in the country effortlessly swatted Raith aside 3-0 on two occasions was because Raith “let” Ayr attack them.
  12. I’m no Hopkin fanboy but you don’t half put a spin on things. Miller doesn’t play centre back so I’m not sure why you’d include him there. He’s primarily played in midfield for us. It also seems pretty clear that Hewitt that will be used far more in midfield than defence. Four centre backs is absolutely normal, even more so if you’re playing 3 at the back or if Muirhead spends some time in midfield, it’s the same number of them we had last season after Ndaba joined. And heaven forbid we have two competent goalkeepers in the squad to avoid a repeat of last seasons last minute loan shambles. We need more forwards and some creativity in midfield, absolutely. But it’s nothing like the ridiculously imbalanced squad Morton had last season.
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