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  1. Caley could be against it if they think the had a very small chance at the title (which I don’t think was ever happening), or even just because it denies them a play-off place. After that you could also have Dunfermline, Arbroath and maybe even Morton pissed off that they can’t have a go at the play-offs. It would be nice if clubs approached this more on the basis of what’s the “right” thing to do (which personally I think is to give every chance to finishing the season when possible) rather than just what it means for them in terms of promotion or relegation. But that’s clearly not going to happen for the overwhelming majority.
  2. This might be the most ridiculous and petty point I’ve seen raised in this topic yet.
  3. Why is completing the league not an option? It can be delayed by however many weeks or months is necessary. It’s a completely knee-jerk reaction doing this when we’re only 2 weeks into a lockdown, especially after UEFA’s statement yesterday and FIFA announcing they’ll be moving the registration windows for players. And before anyone comes back talking about prize money, ending the season now would likely forgo the remaining TV and sponsorship payments (why would they pay up for games that never happened?), so any prize money paid out off the back of calling the season as it is would be heavily diluted.
  4. This is a fucking heap of shite to be honest and I’m disappointed we’ll be voting for it.
  5. The main stand at Falkirk is similar to the JHS stand at Firhill in that it’s stupidly big. Would have made far more sense to have 4 smaller stands.
  6. Ha, clearly I’m not the only one who thinks so. I’d have more sympathy for the points you were making if you managed to make them without the condescending Poundland VT act you’ve developed.
  7. I’m sure @Skyline Drifter is raising some valid points but his attitude towards all this from day 1 gives me the impression he’s incredibly keen for the season to be ended to save Queen of the South from being relegated.
  8. A seemingly disproportionate number of keepers are left footed for whatever reason so there’ll be a tonne better than Dida ffs. Petr Cech being one.
  9. Feels like whenever I go out either to the shop or for a walk I’m the only c**t that actually gives a f**k about social distancing. Regularly being the only one who makes an obvious effort to keep a safe distance from other people while most just carry on as they were as if I’m not there. Special mention to cyclists and joggers for being the worst of the lot. What the f**k is wrong with people?
  10. Someone tell @Oleksandr that anyone born in Northern Ireland has the right to an Irish passport pls.
  11. Dunno what’s worse folk giving Star Wars a hard time or folk greeny-ing f**k out of photos of absolute stinkers. Either way I feel there’s a high correlation between the two.
  12. Negative nelly hat on here but it’s a struggle to watch any of the highlights from last season without wondering what could have been if we didn’t shit the bed at home to Ross County.
  13. Per capita and adjusted for purchasing power parity is the only way to go. But even then it’s still to be taken with a pinch of salt as it gives no indication of equality.
  14. I’d imagine PFAs around the world wouldn’t be happy with it but every option seems to lead to potential legal challenges. There’s no easy way out.
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