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  1. Very happy to be proven wrong about the “he’ll never change the shape” line. I’m sure if someone had the time to go trawling through the Aaron Hickey thread there’d be a few posts from yourself (and a few others) that haven’t aged particularly well either.
  2. It sounds about spot on from what I remember.
  3. Marc Twaddle beats Austin McCann in the “shite left backs from that era” award IMO. Both absolutely shite mind.
  4. Don’t know how many times I shat my pants during that. Some effort. Hickey, Hendry and Porteous were all brilliant.
  5. Much as I like Tierney, there wasn’t any noticeable drop-off when Taylor replaced him yesterday. McKenna being out is a pain in the arse though.
  6. Never mind Stephen Kenny visiting the opticians, he needs to find a decent barbers first. c**t looks like he cuts his own hair.
  7. That’s the worst attempt at a professional foul I’ve ever seen from Christie.
  8. It’s a shame we literally have one wide option in the squad because this lot are coasting it by defending narrowly.
  9. Absolutely no point getting hopes up at any corners against these hammer throwers.
  10. I don’t care that he’s a keeper, it’s almost depressing that there exists a professional footballer who’s as bad with the ball at his feet as Gordon.
  11. There’s normally someone to blame at a set piece goal but I’m not seeing it there. Just a bit unfortunate.
  12. What the f**k is the point in keeping the flag down when it’s as obvious as that?
  13. Do the tartan army always have to embarrass themselves with booing every single opposing national anthem?
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