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  1. There’s varying levels of being “good on the ball”. McTominay’s biggest asset to us has been driving out from defence. If Tierney doesn’t make it that becomes even more important.
  2. The whole “arms length” shtick feels like a way of taking all the credit when it’s going well and none of the responsibility when it’s going shite.
  3. I’m not a fan of cashing out when it comes to smaller bets, as it’s generally poor value, but you’d have to be monumentally stupid to knock back a £95k cash out regardless of how much you’d be due if everything went your way.
  4. Mind when “40 points” was a thing? Are the bottom teams in the #Barclays getting worse?
  5. I see the “start getting more ridiculous to make it seem like you were just trolling the whole time” card is getting pulled out.
  6. Love it when you get so much buildup to a corner and it’s absolutely fucking shite.
  7. I didn’t think Dunfermline seemed bad at all compared to most Scottish towns on my only visit. Am I missing something or is this just the classic Scottish/P&B way of “every town that I don’t live in is a shithole”?.
  8. I learnt that the hard way with the purple/green kit last year.
  9. Posting “more to come from Ayr” while we sit here in May ain’t the boldest of predictions either.
  10. Our deal with Hummel is supposedly a bespoke home kit one season, then a bespoke away kit the next and so on. So you’ll be disappointed every couple of seasons unfortunately.
  11. Yep, ScotGov making a c**t of it doesn’t dismantle the concept of nationalisation. Which is why Lex should be laughed out the room when he tries to turn this into a “see! Privatisation is so good” thing.
  12. It’s just a joke now. Half the c***s had their phones out filming it - all about appearances.
  13. That goal was good scenes until the arseholes on the pitch ruined it.
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