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  1. The Italians serve it whole and use a knife and fork as they’re eating it. At home it’s a pizza cutter and into eight slices. The thought of someone using scissors gives me the creeps.
  2. True or not - they’ll be peddling it so that if/when it doesn’t happen it gives them the chance to paint it as a huge blow.
  3. So you were “hearing” that it was looking good for the SNP before the ballot boxes had even been opened.
  4. “who kept his vaccine card in a Ziploc bag”
  5. I admire your optimist but it would need to rise mahoosively for the remaining constituencies to have any chance of that happening.
  6. Again - you’re only dividing the SNP vote by 6 here but it’s highly likely they’ll win all 9 seats so you’ll need to divide by 10.
  7. It won’t happen because they’ll end up winning all 9 seats, hence their list votes will be divided by 10 in the end. The percentages are likely to stay fairly similar even as more list votes get added, so only dividing the SNP vote by 6 gives an incredibly false picture.
  8. Taking this with a gigantic pinch of salt but someone on Twitter saying it was the Tories who asked for a recount in Ayr.
  9. Murdo Fraser not even showing his face at the results.
  10. I’m hearing murmurings that higher turnout could be good or bad news for any party. Stay tuned.
  11. Even if all the Labour and Lib Dem voters last time went Tory they’d still have been second. I’d say it’s unlikely.
  12. Loving reports that extra ballot boxes had to be sent to polling stations in Glasgow - in part due to the regional list being that long.
  13. It’s absolutely despicable behaviour. Told to f**k off by the SPFL clubs so they’ll just keep going lower until they find some clubs desperate enough to take them.
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