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  1. Does Kerr not take some responsibility for the discipline of the team as well? We’re 3 games in and seen two red cards. McCowan and Muirhead are nutters but I don’t remember them getting so many red cards under the previous manager.
  2. Was Muirhead responsible for us losing 3-2 when 2-0 up after 83 minutes? That’s unacceptable even with 10 men. If Kerr doesn’t learn how to sort out a defence we’ll be lucky not to be in a relegation battle.
  3. Can’t wait to hear what The Guys have came up with.
  4. Can’t believe no one’s mentioned Tier 4: short, sharp, shock yet tbh.
  5. Level 3 - Pubs and restaurants open until 6pm but can’t serve alcohol. Level 2 - Pubs and restaurants open until 8pm, can only serve alcohol with a main meal. Level 1 - People not allowed to visit others at home. This is actually nuts, she’s lost the fucking plot.
  6. Muirhead at right-back also further restricts any width we have, as all our “wide” midfielders are more likely to want to cut inside. The sooner Houston is back playing the better.
  7. I can’t read that without hearing it in that fucking nasally voice. Awful.
  8. Never understood why StandFree was regarded as a good poster by some tbh. He was a perma-seething arsehole.
  9. If the criteria is literally any striker 6’0 and over, then there’s a rather obvious recent entry missing from that list... You could also have Ross Robertson, didn’t always play as a striker but when he did he was essentially used as a battering ram.
  10. Quite literally, big Innes. I trust we’ll also be signing a plumber.
  11. Any one of a full back, centre half, centre mid or striker is much more a priority than a winger/attacking mid now that we’ve got Smith in.
  12. Imminent, apparently. Being greedy I really hope it’s a double signing.
  13. I’m sure the general consensus at the time was that Roberts was an alright appointment as he was always an intelligent player. I definitely don’t remember much ire towards Cameron when it was announced anyway. It’s much easier in hindsight to say it was an awful appointment from the beginning.
  14. I feel like he’s trying far too hard not to appear biased. Everything Queens did was excellent and every time Ayr made a tackle it was awful it seemed.
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