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  1. Hadn’t been on that forum in years until now. Says it’s agreed with Rangers but it’s up to Houston now. Also hints that a midfielder is close.
  2. If we carry on playing with a number 10 like we did the last few games it might give McBurnie a better chance to actually do something. McGinn likely being out is a blow but Fleck seems like an ideal replacement. Obviously they’re teammates as well so it could work. There’s making a fair argument for including a fairly limited player in the squad, then there’s this 😆. Bit hyperbolic if you ask me.
  3. We were up about 2,500-3,000 in the first half of last season which I think was good progress (even early this season we had a few gates like that as we were playing well). Our form as well as a bunch of rearranged midweek and Friday night games in the second half of the season saw that fall right on its arse though. Football fans are generally fickle but I’d say ours are probably even more so. We can easily add an extra 1,000-1,500 onto the gate if we’re playing well or have a big game. As soon as we turn in a few bad performances though they all disappear.
  4. Just search for ‘The Somerset Road End’ on Facebook. You’d need to join though. Its hilarious and depressing in equal measures.
  5. I don’t usually like him but Donny has the da’s wrapped round his finger here.
  6. Catching up on Match of the Day. Got to love the Arsenal players berating the ref for a red card that he didn’t even give and is just being told in his ear that he needs to give. So many footballers really are thick.
  7. Should have told him we were signing some diddies from the juniors to generate maximum knicker wetting.
  8. Aye I know that, I’m asking about you stating that the budget was cut due to “someone making a mistake”. I hate this shit. Without wanting to jump to McCall’s defence too much, there is absolutely no way that our board had budgeted on having a run in the Scottish cup. Further to that there is no way they were expecting at the start of the season that we would finish fourth. We exceeded expectations last season and will have gotten far more prize money than anyone expected or budgeted for. The one thing that hurt us this season was not getting further in the League Cup. However last season the game at Ibrox only got us one player in Smith, and even if you take him out of the equation I think it’s fairly obvious that our squad this season isn’t as strong as last. It’s hardly like we pushed the boat out in January either, we made one proper signing while getting two loans in and sending two loans out. I’m not one to criticise the board for the “lack of ambition” nonsense as I try to be realistic and it’s their money, but it’s perfectly fair to question why our budget seems to be so much less this season than last after such a good season.
  9. Do you have some inside info here or is this just made up in your head?
  10. I know it’s fairly common knowledge that he’s tapping up half the squad but it takes some brass neck to publicly declare it.
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