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  1. Welsh FM said that it’s to stop them from giving out loads of jags only to then be left with not enough. It’s a batshit mental approach.
  2. 95% of care home residents jagged, 80% of care home staff. Surely to f**k the pace should be picking up now in line with the rest of the U.K? No excuses now.
  3. Caught Radio Scotland in car there. They had someone on whose mother got the vaccine in December but has since contracted the virus. And the presenter is there putting questions to some vaccine bloke asking shite like “well it’s no that effective then is it??!!!” Everyone should fucking know that it doesn’t stop 100% of people getting the virus, especially when the woman’s only had the one dose. But you’ve got a publicly funded broadcaster fearmomgering and essentially spreading misinformation based on one woman. What the f**k happened to journalistic standards?
  4. Will it not have been for that corner that often floods? Dunno what the weather’s like in Dundee but it’s largely miserable here.
  5. Kante out for Chelsea today. Hopefully he gets his chance.
  6. I don’t have time to read through everything I’ve missed every day. I asked a fairly simple question but you can’t help but getting yourself worked up to bat away any potential criticism of Scotland’s response to this. Sit the f**k down.
  7. Why were so far ahead in the first place then? It maybe does explain it but it’s a bit alarming to see us dropping off like that. Drop the condescending tone an’ all m8.
  8. At the beginning of this week we had more vaccinated per head of population than England and Wales. As of today the total numbers vaccinated per 100k are: Northern Ireland - 640 England - 497 Wales - 425 Scotland - 307 What the f**k has happened?
  9. I think McLean has played quite well for us. Usually does a decent job of calming things down when he comes on. Big fan of Gilmour though. Ideally the max squad size will be increased because of the crammed season and we won’t need to bother debating it.
  10. There’s an awful lot of young players out there who have options other than us. If you planned on giving them all 5 minutes to tie them down the entire squad would be full of them. About 95% of them would be one cap wonders as well. I don’t know about everyone else but I’m quite glad we didn’t give out a cap to a striker who - now in their mid 20s - is playing in the English National League North with 3 league goals in their whole career.
  11. You’re probably right, but I think it’s perfectly understandable to get annoyed at a government adviser effectively advocating that we lock ourselves in and rip the arse out of everything until it’s completely eradicated.
  12. Except that clearly wasn’t the case here if you’d read what I said. I was already doing my manoeuvre before the stupid b*****d - who was also reversing - barged out. It’s a very small car park and was busy when I got there so I was doing everyone a favour by driving in instead of holding everyone up while reversing in, and I had stuff to get out of the boot - which would have been up against the wall if I’d reversed. Bizarre that “well you should have reversed in then!!1!” is the response to the above story.
  13. Reading between the lines of that McInnes quote it implies an attitude problem. Says Anderson himself wasn’t happy about game time. He started 9 out of the 13 games he was available for despite not scoring since the start of October. If that’s his attitude we’re well shot of him.
  14. Driving in isn’t my preferred way but it’s perfectly acceptable. That’s why “drive in, reverse out” is one the manoeuvres included in a driving test. And it’s no excuse for the dozy c**t in question either.
  15. Not so much “c***s on the road” but “c***s in a car park” for this one. In the wee car park round the back of the corner shop. Started reversing out my space (after checking mirrors and blind spots ofc). After I was already out a bit, the guy opposite/behind me turns on his engine and I notice his reverse lights have came on. I stopped for a wee second and he hadn’t moved, so started edging out again assuming he must be waiting until I’m finished. How wrong was I? The c**t then starts reversing out while I’m halfway out my space, so I stopped again and gave my horn a tap to let him know I was there. Does he stop? Naw. He carries on his manoeuvre, coming so far out that he’s blocked me in - leaving me with no option but to wait in amazement at what I’m witnessing until he’s fucked off. As he was driving off I gave the horn another beep to see if I got any response. The c**t didn’t even look. I don’t know if he was completely oblivious to what was going on or just had a neck made of brass. He was fairly old but still looked too young to be at the “so senile he shouldn’t be driving” stage. To top it off he then indicated right before turning left on his way out the car park.
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