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  1. I’m fairly sure Brophy played at least part of the second half.
  2. It’s almost as if Gilmour was further up the pitch, had twice as many Scotland players behind him and wasn’t charging forward from centre back. In short - wind your neck in. Oh, and there’s also the small matter of it not leading directly to an opposition goal.
  3. To be honest I never doubted it was true. I’ve heard it being sung towards Alan Trouten and Stephen Dobbie before. Feels like there’s a few of the ex-Ragazzi lot who’ve never grown up and some of the stuff they come out with is vile. Needless to say I’m not sure what good was meant to come from joking about domestic abuse to someone who wasn’t even involved.
  4. There’s no defending any fan saying that but there’s a first hand account on here of him pretending to masturbate at oppositions fans before making a joke about someone being on the receiving end of domestic abuse. He then goes onto Twitter and attempts to take the moral high ground.
  5. @Bishop Briggsupvoting this as if he isn’t complicit in how this thread has turned out is quite something.
  6. I am shocked. The most hysterical, knicker-wetting, heads-gone, pish-talking merchant on this website.
  7. I’m aware of all this. That’s why I said squad.
  8. I’d no idea Neil Sullivan ever played for Chelsea. What a list of names to be amongst.
  9. Going by their respective teams it doesn’t seem ridiculous to say he could replace McKenna in the squad. I don’t know how either of them are playing though so I might just be talking a load of hot air - someone who pays more attention to the English Championship would know. Last time I saw Souttar play he was on loan at Ross County and looked like a lumbering mess. He’s presumably came on a bit since then.
  10. Did Chelsea not sign Makelele and Crespo that summer? They had Champions League football though, City didn’t and neither do Newcastle of course. City did convince Robinho to sign for them though, which at the time was seen as a huge signing despite how it worked out. Although they also made a tonne of absolutely beige signings like Craig Bellamy and Shay Given. The market is completely different today though, and Newcastle are a worse team than City were at the time. There might be a biggish name in there but there won’t be a Robinho type. It will be mostly solid EPL players for about £40 million.
  11. So they didn’t jump the gun then… I think what you say fits with the point that the club PR is poor - there’s no one at the club to even do it just now. Not having a go at you or any others tasked with doing it, the problem is from higher up. You do a great job of coming on here and putting out fires regarding tickets and the club shop, but the very fact that you have to do it so often kind of reinforces the point. And you’ve been doing it since long before the commercial manager left.
  12. How did Kilmarnock jump the gun? Their tweet is time stamped at 5pm. Ours was over 4 hours later.
  13. You’re a fucking whopper. About the half the forum expressed doubts over a midfield two of McTominay and Gilmour defensively. You’re not a tactical genius m8.
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