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  1. Saw the result there..yeah the big number 9 could have stayed and done well with my junior team it's a shame really.
  2. A wouldn't be writing out Ayrshire team Charlie's bar..cracking team with really good players... big stricker has scored around 20 goals in 6 games...played with my junior team beginning of the season before wanting too go back and play with his pals..shame really
  3. What I'm saying ya balloon is that a game is played over 90 min cant you read Well done you πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ didn't know that🀣🀣
  4. Christ and heres me thinking a game was played over 90 mins no wait ...... What you talking about you tube Al a said was that 3 weeks in a row Talbot have scored late goal πŸ€”πŸ€£πŸ€£
  5. 3 weeks in a row they have scored very late goals πŸ‘Ž
  6. Was there a pitch inspection this morning do you know?just wondered as it was a late call off
  7. Buffs Rob Roy just been called off frozen pitch
  8. You still here pal YAWNN and yes a am correct posting about a buS half way through a week should be done on a Monday..no time no desire too help out the fans Am having a guess here your Ben that runs the Facebook page and knows everything πŸ‘
  9. Nice reply 🀣 you stick too facts a will stick too facts
  10. Spoke too the guy himself last week so yeah a like too stick too facts aswell πŸ‘ A support the team like any other do just the lack of communication is not good with fans buses always getting cancelled due too no help from club with getting it out there etc..just my opinion though could be wrong πŸ‘
  11. 🀣🀣 And who said a was such an expert??so do you think is good like? everyone knew before the buffs make there statement that they have signed a player... Is all am saying
  12. Wrote on this thread last week that he was signing was in local paper before buffs announced it..buffs social media is terrible and the connection with the fans is a mess at the moment
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