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  1. Watched all of these over the past two weeks, Justin Fields seems to be doing well at Ohio State, the second season seemed to have the most likeable players. Season 3 not so much, I hope Spencer Rattler's career goes downhill. Have a bit of a soft spot for Syracuse ever since my flight was delayed there in 2014 so was happy they were on national TV on Saturday, after TSN and Sportsnet lost the rights to English football I signed up DAZN, pleasantly surprised to learn this includes the PAC 12 network so I am spoiled for choice of games on Saturdays now
  2. My wife and sister in law were out for most of the day on Saturday, leaving me to watch sports all day on the couch, the wee man Cream decided he was going to use my warmth and sleep on me all day (had to post a screenshot as the original is 12mb)
  3. Torpar


    Top Boy is on Netflix from tomorrow, I liked the first two seasons when it was on Channel 4 and apparently so did Drake who bankrolled season 3. Fingers crossed it's as good as the first two seasons and Drake hasn't ruined it by casting himself as a London 'roadman' despite being a former child actor who grow up in one of Toronto's wealthiest neighbourhoods
  4. Appreciate the advice, time to buy a belt I think. Played ice hockey for the first time since April last night, thought I would breathing out of my arse but didn't feel too bad. Other than walking my dog and prowler runs I'd done zero cardio over the summer. So I guess prowler runs do wonders for your cardio.
  5. DAZN, in Canada anyway, showed Spanish football through Bein Sports, Bein Sports apparently now see DAZN as a rival so ended the agreement.
  6. Pull out cat bed for one cat, my lap for the other, the latter cat found it so comfortable he was loudly snoring. The purple light is a UV light for the wife's plants
  7. After trying for my 1RMs on Wednesday, Friday's workout was a struggle, hoping a few days off mean I can get back to normal on Tuesday. Do any of the guys on here who lift use a belt? Do you think it makes a difference towards lifting heavier and stopping soreness? And are there any brands/models you would recommend?
  8. Finally got round to the Staggy challenge last night, I'll get my excuses in nice and early and state that for the past few years I've been squatting and deadlifting 135lb/60kg as I felt my old knees couldn't hack it anymore. Turns out this was just a poor excuse and I surprised myself last night. Bare in mind the weights here are in pounds so I've converted to kgs and rounded up/down Squat: 88kg 1.02 Bench: 107kg 1.24 Deadlift: 116 1.35 I plan to attempt these again at the start of Octorber
  9. I'm sure police forces across Europe are delighted when Celtic and Rangers visit too
  10. It's an unreal place mate, such a difference from working out at a big box chain gym. When I was at the chain gym I'd end up frustrated spending half my workout waiting on benches or racks to free up, I didn't really enjoy going by the end. Now I look forward to going to this place, I've only ever had to wait for a shower after as they only have one. It's old school, no air conditioning, most of the equipment looks like its seen better days but they have every type of bar, rack, machine etc you could think of, there are buckets of chalk around the gym and occasionally someone will have their dog with them while they work out. There are some guys who like to slam the weights around and grunt a lot but in their defense they are usually lifting some serious weight. They have a prowler sled which I absolutely love, while the weather is warm you can take it out the back of gym and run around with it on the concrete, they also have a couple of basketball hoops and an ice hockey net out the back I like to shot on after working out. It's a shame but I don't think there are many, if any, gyms like it in Scotland
  11. Watched the documentary too and was inspired to get back into trying to lift heavy again. That and I recently moved from a Goodlife Fitness, a chain gym which is everywhere in Toronto, to a place called Torque Barbell which is a proper old school powerlifting gym. The founder and owner is a competitive powerlifter who did an internship at Westside Barbell and was clearly inspired by it, they have the same record board up on the wall etc. After my knee starting making a cracking sound every time I stood I just started squatting the bar with a plate on either side, but I'm now trying to squat heavy again so I'm up for the challenge too
  12. Hopefully whoever they play next in Europe can survive without the "blue pound" that keeps all diddy teams in Scotland afloat
  13. Finally joined the 100 club (technically 102kg as it was 225lbs) last night for bench press. I was aiming for 1 rep, managed 2 considered trying for a 3rd but shat out as I wasn't using a spotter, still I'm delighted to finally get it done. My aim for the end of the year now is to be benching 225lbs 3x5
  14. The bold Cream decided he wanted to help me study at the weekend, after trying to walk over the keyboard and eat my pen he settled for just offering moral support
  15. Only the ones from Touch and Abbeyview
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