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  1. What an atmosphere in Toronto today, place is absolutely buzzing! Just kidding, it's dead. Biggest excitement so far has been reports of a guy with a gun at Union Station. Seen more Portugal flags than Canada so far.
  2. If I'd have had a spotter I would have said to grab the bar when I knew I was struggling, instead I stupidly thought I can't be bothered trying to get out from under the bar so its keep pushing here.
  3. Big lesson learned in the gym on Wednesday, always use a spotter. I've been working out in our office gym for the past 6 months or so, it's a bit of a strange set up in that they have the main gym with fairly modern equipment including an adjustable bench and then there is another room with an old school bench and rack. I prefer the other room as I like working out on my own. Last week I managed 215lb (98 ish KG) bench press unspotted, so thought on Wednesday I'll go for 225lb, felt heavy but manageable when I unracked it, got it half way back up and started to struggle, I didn't want to get trapped and have to roll the bar off me so just kept pushing thinking I may still manage, then pop goes my right arm, awful shooting pain and I know it's bad right away. Ruptured bicep tendon with a "popeye deformity" and the big purple bruising looks like pictures of old people in the papers that have been mugged. Always use a spotter!
  4. SNL seems to be pretty competitive this season, every team has won at least one game so far and Kilmarnock seem to have improved greatly in the past two seasons.
  5. Refer to the Scottish Cup as "the Scottish", usually Junior inbreeds
  6. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/9456467/glasgow-edinburgh-top-ten-european-cities-football-fans/ Yup, just two teams
  7. I dislike that the Edinburgh Capitals have suddenly just reappeared like they weren't one of the worst run clubs ever and the Murrayfield Racers were told to take a hike. Also can't see to see any explanation why Belfast aren't in the league anymore.
  8. I used to always tell people "I'm not a cat person". Starting going out with my wife 7 years ago and her cat, Sparkles, would not leave me alone, he used to yell at me every weekend as if to say "where the f*ck have you been all week?" Eventually he become "my cat", I'd feed him, clean him when need be, take him to the vet etc. Used to joke with my wife that if we ever broke up we would have to arrange visitations with Sparkles. We knew he was getting old, 16 years this year, and that there was a chance he was near the end. Still when I found him under the kitchen table on Saturday morning, not looking too great, my heart sank. Took him to the emergency vet and they told me he had no heart beat, most likely had a heart attack. Not a big crier usually but I was greeting my eyes out before the vet even got the words out. He was some boy!
  9. https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/nrl-premiership/nrl-2022-kevin-proctor-sacked-dumb-mistake-vaping-in-the-bathrooms-nrl360-cultural-shift-opens-up-proctor-responds-footage-gold-coast-titans-struggle-david-fifita/news-story/cecf4324dfadd92a941e9352cec85a05 Is there another sports league in the world that has so many professional athletes that make so many bad decisions?
  10. Running on the pitch always seemed to be more popular in the English leagues, I'm remember watching The Premiership Years on Sky and it seems fans were always celebrating with players or on the pitch at the end of the season. I personally used to like timing a visit to my grandmothers in Dumfries with Carlisle's last game of the season, it seems for years they were either battling for promotion or to avoid relegation and a pitch invasion was always guaranteed. I remember one game against Swansea where the only player people were having a go at was Lee Trundle but he was escorted off the pitch by two aggressive Welsh "Heddlu" officers with dogs. I also remember Dunfermline beating Airdrie to win the league in 1996 and a pitch invasion happening that was booed, I debated with my brother during the game if we should go on if it happens, but I was too scared to join in case my dad gave me a skelp. People around me were moaning how it was going to delay the trophy presentation, in the end it took forever for the helicopter to arrive anyway. Helicopter Saturday, years before Scott McDonald
  11. Toronto Maple Leafs player Mitch Marner was carjacked down the street from me last, they stole his Range Rover in what was clearly a targeted attack. Doesn't stop all the house wives who drive 2008 Nissan Sentras to proclaim how it "could have been me!"
  12. Not sure if there are any NJ Devils fans on here but I watched Ohio State v Michigan on Saturday night, Devils' pick Luke Hughes' with a decent goal. https://detroitsportsnation.com/michigan-hockey-d-luke-hughes-barry-sanders-jukes-ohio-state-for-slick-goal-video/wgbrady/u-of-m-news/02/20/2022/270387/
  13. You can play hockey on them but it's far from great playing on tiny rinks with square corners like Ayr and Kilmarnock, Murrayfield and Dumfries have the right idea having separate curling rinks, Dumfries overall is a great example of how rinks should be run. Wouldn't say the KHL is a jobbers league but still happy that they beat Russia, fair play to Slovakia too, they seem delighted with their medal
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