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  1. If my old man was working away, he used to bring me one of those back. That time he was away for six months and came back every other weekend was glorious. Did you ever get to meet your half siblings??
  2. 8 inches here apparently https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dildo,_Newfoundland_and_Labrador
  3. US TV ads are brutal, every time I watch channels from Buffalo half the ads are for drugs (with a million side effects) and the other half are for lawyers with catchy slogans, sometimes when my brain is switched off and I'm staring into space I hear the slogan looping in my head...
  4. Toronto news pages reporting another snow storm forecast this weekend with 5-10 cm of snow expected, cue the usual comments from absolute morons; "5-10cm?? is that it? We got 20cm in Newfoundland" or "no snow here, I moved to Florida 2 years ago :P" Why the f**k are you following a Toronto page then?
  5. As MixuFixit said, a trap bar is a good alternative or try sumo deadlift. But whatever you, take some time to rest first. I hurt my back before Christmas when I put my ego before my form going for a big 1rm, I altered my workouts so I didn't do anything involving my back too much, it helped ease the pain a little, then I just stayed away from the gym for just over a week and found the pain almost gone. Stated deadlifting again yesterday, went as high as two plates per side, unless I enter the next competition at the gym I doubt I will bother going about that.
  6. I interviewed for the Scottish Government when I was in my early 20s and it makes me cringe now, got asked the usual 'describe a time' questions, when asked about team work I genuinely answered with something about playing for my Sunday league team, I didn't even play for a Sunday league, needless to say I didn't get the job. I interviewed at a recruitment agency in Pitreavie Industrial Estate once and part of the process involved a typing test. I was given a passage to write out, they left me alone to practice before the real test started, I was meant to type out the passage to practice then delete it before the timed test start. I of course copied and cut the passage instead then pasted it when the test started and carried on, by the end the interviewer said she thought it was the highest word per minute count she had seen.
  7. Jack the Ripper style fog all the place in Toronto on Friday night, the missus wanted to take the dogs out and take some artistic style pictures, turned out pretty decent apart from the glaikit looking Fifer in them
  8. I bought a fake Club America shirt when I was on holiday in Manzanillo a couple of years back, I've probably worn it less than 10 times. I'd quite like a York 9 FC of the CPL home shirt but $120 plus tax price tag puts me off quite a bit
  9. How long does it take to put some tomato sauce on a piece of bread Philpy??
  10. Hipster Wankdorf, just get on the old Feldschlösschen!
  11. Torpar


    Based on the spoilers on here and the fact I can't get over the pronunciation of Etobicoke, I'll give Don't f**k with Cats a miss, hopefully someone makes a Bruce McArthur documentary for Netflix instead. I'm rewatching and re-recommending Hardy Bucks again
  12. I'm a fan of most winter sports and used to love watching Eurosport. While CBC seems to show some winter sports here, could not find any coverage of the Four Hills. I was in Bischofshofen earlier this year so hoping to at least catch the last event.
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