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  1. Torpar

    90 Day Fiance TLC

    By far the biggest trainwreck of a season so far. Ed is the wee man with no neck, not sure how far on this season is in the UK but the latest episodes show him as a right creepy wee fucker, definitely needs his hard drive checked. The 'lesbian' couple don't actually seem to like each other and it appears aren't actually gay. Usman aka Sojaboy's performance is a club with about 20 people in it has been a highlight so far, the sound of silence and looks of disgust/astonishment when he introduced his finance Walmart Angela aka Lisa was a laugh out loud moment for me. Geoffrey continues to challenge Ed for creepiest c**t on there, I thought/hoped he was going to get a kicking off a Russian boy with a bowl cut. And David is some boy, travelling to close to the war zone in Ukraine to try and find a women who most likely doesn't exist. He should go back to Vegas and hook up with fellow fantasist Yolanda. I love this show!
  2. Have any other adults managed to 'achieve' cooking such culinary masterpieces as chips, chicken nuggets and burgers because McDonald's is closed? Seems to be a story about it in the paper every day
  3. Finished the second series of Lore at the weekend, don't like the new format nearly as much as the first one with the narrator but it had some good episodes, especially the Burke and Hare and the Hinterkaifeck episodes.
  4. Yesterday I dismantled a wardrobe and carried the pieces down from the 10th floor then jogged back up the stairs, best workout I've had since the gym closed!
  5. Not sure how I even found this guy's channel but there is something strangely interesting about watching people's reactions to him
  6. Our apartment building management has decided today, when a lot of people are working from home and we are being told to wash your hands frequently, is a good day to switch off the water from 9-5. My wife reminded me this morning that I would have to bring forward my usual 10.45 shite to before 9am.
  7. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2020/apr/02/nrl-island-queensland-tropical-resort-plan-rescue-coronavirus-2020-season I feel Australia really aren't taking this whole pandemic too seriously.
  8. Torpar


    Mentioned this in Amazon Prime thread, fairly decent show but I saw the twist coming a few episodes in and the Sister character's overuse of stereotypical British phrases annoyed me.
  9. Woman on the news said her husband was now recovering from the Covid 19 and it was "all thanks to god" Aye nothing to do with the health care professionals risking their own health you silly cow
  10. Working from home is pretty decent ETA - badly needs a haircut but not likely to happen by a pro anytime soon, might have to give her a 4 all over with the clippers
  11. Usually check for the Hillfield Swifts score since they joined the EOS league, also check for the Rapid Wien score, I love Austria and Vienna is a great city, it also seems to wind up some celtic fans I know, even though they were all born 85 and onward.
  12. Yup planning on a wooden stadium, the ultras might have to go easy on the pyros
  13. Loved that game, I was stood near the baldy roided up steward who was seething and mouthing "fannies" all the game. I was working next to Darren Smith at the time, he told me on the Monday one of the Pars players, David Graham maybe, gave him a full force elbow in the face and laughed about it. The sight of the pissed off wee team fans trudging up Pratt Street was glorious, and I believe this was after that game
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