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  1. It's funny that Canada is often seem as a liberal shinning example of tolerant by people not from here when in reality it's not at all. According to the internet last night, the NHL will soon be out of business because everyone is going to stop watching it, the same thing was meant to happen to Rogers Cable when 'everyone' stopped watching after the king of the bigots Don Cherry was fired. With a growing number of non-white players, coaches and fans I support the NHL players on this one.
  2. The whole Albanian gangsters injecting people story sounds like something that would be posted on a local town's Facebook page - BEAWARE Shared Mykonos x
  3. After praising the quality of the football in the league, I watched Soccer Republic this morning, Derry beating Cork 3-1 in a game featuring some truly awful goalkeeping, Derry also seem to be piping in crowd noise. The first Dublin Derby between Shamrock Rovers V Shelbourne was much better quality wise, decent 0-0 draw for Shelbourne. Second derby between Bohs and St Pats not too bad either, the first Bohemian goal was a peach. After getting pumped in Europe Dundalk got pumped away in Sligo 3-1. Waterford lost to Finn Harps 3-2, one good goal, 4 awful pieces of goalkeeping/defending. Fans are banned again in the Republic of Ireland, meaning the big Dublin Derby on Saturday between Shamrock Rovers and Bohemians is between closed doors. In the absence of Scottish Championship football, the LOI is a good alternative for me
  4. Cork City isn't a great accent but compared to the nasal whine of Limerick it's a joy to listen to.
  5. I downloaded the RTE Player app just watch a show that ended up not being on the app anymore, instead I watched Soccer Republic with highlights of the LOI, pleasantly surprised that the football wasn't awful, was nice to hear fans at a game too. I have a bit of a soft spot for Bohs, mostly because I dislike Shamrock Rovers but it seems like fans of both clubs are considered wankers so I think I need a new team to root for. Interesting in the First Division that the place with the worst accent in Ireland, Limerick's side went bust and were replaced by Shamrock Rovers II, glad to see they have only managed one win so far this year.
  6. Mark Lawrenson commentating on DAZN, I switched to the French commentary
  7. Arrest fully deserved just for wearing Adidas shorts with a white shirt
  8. City of Toronto passed a bylaw on August 5th requiring masks to be worn in the common areas of apartment buildings, lifts, laundry room etc Half the morons in my building have taken this a mere suggestion. Just been down to the laundry room, some bint who looks like she should on the TV show Intervention complaining loudly to her latest boyfriend that she won't be sending her son back to school as he won't keep his mask on and she doesn't want him to catch corona and give it to her, said bint and boyfriend both not wearing a mask. I fucking can't stand this city anymore!
  9. Next season it will be known as Bills Stadium
  10. Who are these people getting kebabs when currywurst is on the menu??
  11. https://buffalonews.com/sports/bills/the-newest-name-of-the-football-field-in-orchard-park-bills-stadium/article_a613fc5e-e0b9-11ea-bee3-3f9c5fdf944a.html The Bills using the same creative team as Washington for their new stadium name, not sure what's wrong with going back to Ralph Wilson Stadium
  12. https://www.cfl.ca/2020/08/17/cfl-not-play-shortened-season-fall/ Season cancelled
  13. The Hamilton channel I get, CHCH, was showing Forge FC v FC Edmonton yesterday, I watched the first half and the standard was fairly decent. The first goal by Kwame Awuah was a cracker, looked him up and he played 10 games for New York City. The TV channel was showing the app One Soccer's coverage, fair play to their graphics guy, the game was played on the University of PEI's AstroTurf pitch which has no stands but grass banking behind the fence, One Soccer superimposed a stadium with the seats covered in the background
  14. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/toronto-strip-club-brass-rail-covid-19-exposure-1.5686294
  15. FC Dallas letting 3000 fans in last night, some booing the players for kneeling during the national anthem, still not sure why they need to play the anthem before a domestic league game.
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