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  1. I wonder if Murrayfield would be an option for them, they certainly used to train there, their dressing room was robbed twice though.
  2. European football associations changing their historic badges to complete cartoon shite Austria, Czech Republic, Belgium and Iceland all guilty in recent years
  3. Torpar


    If you go with Bordertown let me know what it's like. I have that on my list. I got a few episodes into The Rain which was decent. Need to get back to it though. I had high hopes for Bordertown, I read it was one of the most popular shows in Finland, it might be one of those 'stick with it, it get's better' type of shows but I got bored in the middle of the second episode and switched to watching Trapped, which so far is an excellent watch.
  4. Sweden's Allsvenskan kicked off last weekend, Sweden's "rule of 8" for outdoor events meant that games had a total of 8 fans at them.
  5. Torpar


    Finished the Swedish HBO show Beartown (Bjornstad) at the weekend, good watch, not sure if it's streaming anywhere in the UK. I'm now looking for any other good Nordic shows to watch, any recommendations? Bordertown any good? Quicksand?
  6. Toronto get a 1-1 draw away to Leon in the Champions League on Wednesday. They will join the Raptors and Blue Jays in playing their home games in Florida for now, sharing Orlando's Exploria Stadium. I'd imagine there are enough former Ontario residents in the area to have some Toronto fans at their games.
  7. As a hipster fan of Paris FC, I'm glad Lyon won. Red Bull Salzburg beat Rapid 3-0 in Vienna, opening up a 7 point gap over them, may as well just hand them the title now
  8. Got a call from the vet last night after they got the lab results back from his blood, he is, in the vet's words "remarkably good shape for a nearly 15 year old" He has a slight kidney marker which is common for a senior cat so we are switching his food to help with that and keeping an eye on it. As you can see, he's taking it all in his stride, some boy!
  9. Took the wee man to the vet last night, first visit in over ten years, vet said there didn't appear to be any health issues but agreed to have his blood sent to the lab, while find out the results tonight. The vet couldn't believe he was nearly 15, said he was in great shape. Now I'm not a graduate of the Royal Dick School, but it would seem to me the cause of the problems recently is the younger cat and I've no problem if he is rehomed tbh
  10. Nothing says drug dealer like a white Range Rover. FTFY
  11. No, but she's clearly smarter than I am!
  12. Our older cat is still hissing away at the younger cat, they are still being kept apart and yesterday after I shouted at the dog for going near his food he gave her a wee bite on the side. Our first thought was he may need to go, I started looking up how to surrender a cat to the local humane society, I did it with tears in my eyes if I'm honest. But after talking about it, we are not prepared to just give up on him yet. So he is now booked in for his first vet appointment in over 10 years tomorrow evening, I'm told he's never been in a cat carrier before, so that might be interesting. Fingers crossed it leads to him getting the help he/we need.
  13. Dog is too smart for her own good, decided to walk the half hour to the vet on Saturday morning, we went about 5 minutes, turned onto the main street towards the vet and she worked out where we were going right away, just stopped walking, so I carried her the rest of the way while she shook. She enjoyed the walk home at least.
  14. Last time I got one was in 2016 so they may have changed, I haven't used my passport to get back into Canada since getting my Permanent Resident card
  15. Edinburgh Capitals terminated Joe Grimaldi's contract after he threw his helmet a few years, I expect Colorado to do the same....
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