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  1. Beith 0-1 Auchinleck Match Highlights

    Post to Talbot Bing, give it a rest, your continued remorse about chants, about how big others are and Beith being a small club are basically tedious repetition, you might be right you might not (re how big the club is compared to other), the chant in question, I agree, poor taste, but you still hear lots of bad taste chants all over the country, move on. Finally, Beith will win the league this season, Talbot might make the top 4, personally thought Talbot were lucky to win last weekend, your keeper won it for you imo.
  2. Player Available for Transfer

    Bet Meadow are delighted to off load, pity the club who go for him !

    You are not seriously suggesting Glenafton deserved to win or even draw that game!
  4. Juniors in the big Scottish do we deserve to be there?

    Just a thought, my favourite years for Scottish football were in the 70's and 80's when we were qualifying for the world cup, junior crowds were great compared to today, at least that is what I remember, at the same time juniors were not playing senior teams, my own view, junior football still has a big part to play in Scottish football if we shout more about the positives, same attitude in Senior football would also help, radio this morning, Southhampton getting huge credit for bringing on players and then selling from their youth scheme programme, no mention that the big finds came from Scotland, my point , we need to start promoting good points , for example, despite the original focus of this thread, the biggest attendancies in the Senior Scottish cup have been at games involving junior clubs, yet we are not worthy! We are great at looking at the negatives, myself included, why not just be positive, junior ground improvements in recent years are great, evidence of more community involvement, stronger committees and younger players starting to come through, who knows, this year or in the next 5 years a junior team will get to the quarter final of the Scottish!
  5. Juniors in the big Scottish do we deserve to be there?

    All the talk about 3g piches, funding from grants, the first will need funds to repair or upgrade, the second will come and go just like most initiatives which are well meant but cost money, money which appears to be running out fast if you look at the financial landscape for all councils. That aside, is any of the initiatives making Scottish football any better, of the teams mentioned in the latest post (no criticism of the post), perhaps there are positive signs at one or two of the clubs, not unfortunately enough to change Scottish football, then again, small steps!
  6. Juniors in the big Scottish do we deserve to be there?

    Thread is really going round in circles. When has Scottish football been good, why, how do you bring that back? When it was good, was every level good, if the answer is yes, again how do you return the senior game to a much better level, if the answer to these points can be done great, if they cant, then Scottish football needs others to think up and try new ideas, some of which might be mentioned on this forum, then again, getting people to agree looks difficult! So now I am going round in circles, guess the answer comes down to a Team of individuals who receive tremendous support, 90% of the reason why most enjoy success, the rest is probably a bit of luck COTM.
  7. Juniors in the big Scottish do we deserve to be there?

    If you take the Hertha post in isolation to the thread, about a great juniors victory against a senior team, it was fine, if you then add in the comparison between Morton and Dunbarton, it was fine, he could have said more, this however would have taken away from a brilliant victory for a great junior team over many years, just like Auchinleck have been and are. But some of the comments from the Talbot fans appear at odds with a well meant post. Taking this a stage further, BRR now move on to Hibs, they could cause an upset, they might get thumped, however the glory is theirs in achieving what they have already, pretty much what H was eluding to, no doubt the Talbot fans that seem to continue to be upset about his post will wish to make their usual insightful comments!
  8. Juniors in the big Scottish do we deserve to be there?

    Think he was congratulating BRR and suggesting a difference in the opposition, for example Beith were thrashed by Morton, Auchinleck thrashed by Beith in the cup, he did not make any comment as to where that put Auchinleck after Beith were trounced by Morton, in truth your only question should who are the f..........'s and m..........'s
  9. Juniors in the big Scottish do we deserve to be there?

    Strange, to me, many of the posts basically highlight the problems Scottish football has instead of talking about the positives (see below). Think back to the start of the senior season, Celtic drubbed by Barcelona, not trying to compare, look at Celtic now, apparently unbeatable in Scotland, but still dreaming of greater things, perhaps next year, who knows. Then take the Scottish cup game yesterday, Morton proved (to me) they are a young fit team who pass the ball really well and had done their homework on how to beat Beith, they could push the top two in the championship for promotion, probably their dream, but why not. As for Beith, crowd was great, team tried really hard throughout, their game plan just came unstuck because of some clinical finishing (which Beith will continue to do, hopefully in our own grade). Positives: If Scottish football keeps trying to reinvent, try new ideas, copy others they have a chance of succeeding. The more you encourage youths, the more chance you will have of success (crowd, lot of under 20's there yesterday, players age of in particular the Morton team) Improvements being made to facilities/pitches in general, still some way to go with training facilities, park was great yesterday, committee and others deserve a huge pat on the back. Try being positive even when you are drubbed, it happens, having a vision to succeed is what Scottish football needs more of, again three examples, Rangers response to troubled recent times or even their resuls yesterday after being outplayed by Hearts, Celtics response domestically to Deila era, Morton looking like they are on the up, 3rd in the Championship, narrowly beaten in a natinal cup Semi or Beith, we had never won the Scottish, our prize, doing brilliantly to get to yesterdays round and dream!
  10. Talbot v Pollok. Cup replay.

    It will be a big crowd, however the next round will outdo this one, whoever Beith play.
  11. Excellent game video, did not look much between the teams, who would be a ref re penalty decisions, difficult to tell on video, ref in best spot to make the call, interviews with Pollk manager, agree, he came a cross really well as did all the Auchinleck inteviews. In short keep up your excelentwork.
  12. New Kilbirnie manager?

    Whoever it is, not too big a job if you are relagated, hopefully not, but current results suggests your new manager will find it difficult in what is a very competitive league, even Largs starting to pick up all be it Hurlford among others also look to be struggling, a real dogfight this year!
  13. Kirkintilloch Rob Roy 2016/17

    Except I don't really think you had an off day against Beith, just outclassed or perhaps I will eat my words as the season progresses, somehow barring injuries (and we had a couple out against you including our captain) I doubt you will end above us in the league.
  14. Pollok v Talbot

    Back to the game, it appears Talbot are getting back to their old winning superiority, while all does not seem quite right with the Pollok squad. On that basis Talbot to win, then again it is the Scottish?
  15. Kirkintilloch Rob Roy 2016/17

    Right or wrong with the formation, apart from Beith , the other 3 teams mentioned have had a terrible start to the season (in the league), KRR, a great start, however you could then argue, the one decent team (re form) you have played (Beith) beat you at home, sorry, totally outplayed you, wrong formation or just no quite good enough, time I guess will tell.