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  1. By jingo, you are not wrong! I highly recommend any interested viewers zoom in on said artwork. Rarely does one get the opportunity to see such a magnificent Ursidae/Citrus combo without having to venture forth to the world's greatest galleries. Blessed are we Bairns - this season is going to be a cracker.
  2. Agree with this. Say what you like about VAR, tonight was of our own making. VAR just added an all-new layer in the classic Scottish national scoobysnack sandwich: Ingredients: Hope - deflation - dismay -renewed hope - joy - VAR pickle - crushing disappointment. Review: the menu promised much but the fare was ultimately unfulfilling and left a residual taste of bitterness and rancour. But hey, that's the National team. I have no doubt that Falkirk's attack-minded, silky play in Div 1 with our new ultimate dream team will restore my faith in all that is good and pure in life.
  3. Sloppy crapbollocks from Scotland to be 3 up and get into that situation. Full stop. But here's a few additional thoughts... Team looked clearly out of steam before the goals were scored against us so why NO subs? Annoying American tv pundit questioned Kerr's tactical nous the other day. She may have had a point. Defender Smith has been the standout liability bombscare merchant for the whole competition in my opinion with continual inexcusable giveaways in key positions. She may have done some good stuff but seems to have been at the heart of most, if not all, major disasters. Is there really no alternative or sub for this position? Whoever coaches women (and men for that matter) to bugger about trying to waste time near the corner or anywhere else before you are 3 up and into the last minute of the game (AND NOT BEFORE) should be papped out the game. I bloody hate it. Doubly so if coaching that sort of negative and/or overly confident shite in Scotland, given our capacity for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. That was a penalty. The save, under the rules was a foul so the retake decision was (crappy but) totally correct. WTF was going on with the full time thing? Inexplicable. That ref seemed a right crabby cow. Also wondered at some points if she might pull some Mortal Combat-style 'finish her' manoeuvres. Can't understand how/why VAR didn't give Scotland a penalty in the Japan game. But even if we'd got it we'd have no doubt just found another way to screw it up. Rule changes and the use of VAR really need to be better thought out and applied with greater consistency, otherwise they risk ruining, not improving the game. I do find myself wondering if the old system of just thinking the ref is a twat might have been preferable.
  4. Wonder if that was written pre-Buchanan signing or not? That article is so strewn with errors and typos it reads like it must have been transcribed from a terrible quality tape recording by a YTS journalist with profound hearing difficulties and missing fingers.
  5. A spokesman for the (fan takeover) group said “We have however notified the Board that, should the other offers prove to be unacceptable, we may reconsider our position.” or did you miss that?
  6. https://www.falkirkfc.co.uk/2019/06/10/gregor-buchanan-back-with-the-bairns/ Thar she blows...
  7. Jeez. If I had a penne for each of these terrible Italian puns I'd laugh myself fusilli all the way to the bank. Too much, right?
  8. In that case you'll probably find them in Nandos or the chicken gaff in Camelon.
  9. Sorry to detract from the parking patter. Tragically I'm cursed by having to rely on public transport tomorrow. Any top tips for a boozer that'll allow kids (under 14) in, ideally between the station and ground?
  10. From the BBC. Surely we deserve a statement from the board.
  11. Credit to Livi. Not strictly pretty on the eye, but getting up through the playoffs is an achievement in itself. To do back-to-back promos is really quite something. Just bitterly consoling myself with the sure-fire prospect of Falkirk going up next season with an awe-inspiring blend of manly sexiness and breathtakingly beautiful football.
  12. Jeez, it’s not that difficult. You just need to apply the ‘1967 Scotland v England’ rule, and maybe extend it a bit. Here’s how it works... St Mirren stormed the league beating all in their path and and were therefore the best team in the Championship. Respect due, and all that. From this point, St Mirren are effectively a Premiership team. (Don’t believe it? Just look how those play off games are described) . Today Falkirk beat St Mirren and are therefore obviously the best Championship team, having beaten the winners of that league. And extending the 1967 rule, also remain unbeaten by Premiership teams too. So, until a Premiership team beat Falkirk, Falkirk are basically the best team in Scotland. I think that’s how it works, isn’t it?
  13. As a Bairns fan, I’ve seen a few shitey Chairman’s statements in my time but I genuinely had to check half-way through reading this that it wasn’t a spoof, such is the positively Rangers-esque level of profound dignity and lamentable syntax. Regardless of the rights or wrongs of the sentiment behind it I can only assume the Pars’ Chairman left one of his extra Fifer fingers resting a little too hard on the comma button of his keyboard. Makes Doug Henderson’s famous Brexit special read like Shakespeare by comparison.
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