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  1. The stadium bar in the west stand will probably be open to both sets of fans however it's not the biggest and imagine it will be packed full before the game. There's also the lime kiln 2 minutes away from the south stand, a few in the shopping centre as well (spoons, parry lamp). The livi Inn is decent too, that's in livi village about a 10-15 walk from the stadium and the saltire next to livi north train station. Handy if you're getting the train through but it's about a 20 minutes/ half hour walk from the stadium.
  2. Going to watch my team further solidify a playoff spot. Should be good [emoji8]
  3. Unbelievably gutted to hear about this, they were the band to get me into heavy music and hybrid theory was the first album I ever bought, makes my hybrid theory tattoo even more special now. Was lucky enough to catch them live a few times too down in England too, so glad I did now!
  4. That's the other strip in black and one of the goalie strips, I'm sure the other is orange. Managed to screenshot before they were taken off
  5. Heard from someone on the board on Tuesday that we are definitely getting an artificial pitch in the summer. Pretty happy with that!
  6. Thought he looked really promosing in his first game for us, pretty much every game after that he looked pretty poor, kept loosing the ball to often
  7. New livi home strip. Different than usual for us but I quite like it!
  8. So I'm judging the the clubs social media accounts that the home kit is going to be all black...
  9. Definitely agree with that one. Feeling a lot more confident going into the season now.
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