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  1. When is the narrative gonna end that Keena is some quality striker that we should be devastated that we lost, such a lazy player that absolutely deserved to be punted. Shouldn’t be mentioned alongside players like Dowds who despite not even wanting to be here absolutely busted his arse for us.
  2. Played in two friendlies and managed to not talk to anyone at the club in doing so, mightily impressive.
  3. Hetherington will absolutely be a starter week 1 and beyond
  4. Will fit in REALLY well with the big physical team you guys have got. Never shirks a challenge.
  5. I was the biggest Hetherington critic last year however last night he played very well in a free role and although every pass didn’t come off he absolutely tried to create, get forward and was always open for a pass. Just own it and say he’s you’re scapegoat and you’ll never like him.
  6. I’m sure someone will tell me otherwise but thought Hetherington had a good game and think he will actually really benefit from McGinn beside him to let him get about a bit more. Think McGlynn pretty much alluded to the fact he’ll go get a striker on loan when the prem sides have sussed out their teams so I wouldn’t worry to much about the number 9 as it stands.
  7. I’m as confident about that as I am about the two signings today that you told everyone was happening. Nice try though.
  8. Mark Stowe from Linlithgow rose, name to look out for. Been offered terms from us and two other teams. Would be quite the jump.
  9. We have had worse is absolutely not the bench mark for this season, big no from me.
  10. 4-3-3 Fasan Mercer Dallison G Miller ATS Sammut Waddington Todd Lewis Haber Francis make it happen John, let us dream x
  11. You could sign Kane for the rest of the season and I can promise you he’d struggle to score in that system, I appreciate his abilities are very limited now but we could at least try and play to the ones he’s got and not lump high balls up to him every chance we get.
  12. Barring the 6-2 game against Dumbarton we have looked significantly worse in every game under Rennie. No one at all in that squad actually cares about where we are, bin the fucking lot.
  13. Bet he’s still gonna say there wasn’t much between the teams
  14. Well Martin not the result we wanted today talk us through the game
  15. we are gonna have to suffer another year of these tactics, unbearably bad
  16. Said that as soon as we appointed Miller, didn’t think he’d be coming here for a 6 month assistant gig without some sort of conversation regarding taking the job himself at the end of the season.
  17. Any manager in 2022 giving Gary Miller 90 minutes in the middle of the park is simply not good enough. He was given plenty of cash in January to do what he needed to do and he stockpiled CB’s to suit his shitebag 5 at the back tactics rather than getting a bit mobile midfielder who could actually run a game for us, let him see out the season then get him to f**k.
  18. No blaming Rennie but go on to say Miller has his USUAL stinking game?? Who’s picking the team
  19. How many times does Griffiths need to put it on the money ffs.
  20. Don’t worry tho we’ve had a good weeks training! Get Rennie and these negative tactics to f**k.
  21. Would genuinely love to know what gets worked on during the week, pass to either CB and either be immediately dispossessed or punt it aimlessly forward and hope for the best.
  22. But but but we are improving, absolutely fucking chronic. On par with the Sheerin performances.
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