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  1. That’s as good a game as you are going to get from Morrison when Williamson is injured and Miller is filling in because they know he’s not even attempting to go by him. If Williamson can come back and stay fit then that right side will take some stopping.
  2. Keena was brought on in the 90th minute while we had 10 men, he maybe will turn out not to be good enough but he can’t be lumped in with the other two today.
  3. Falkirk are nearly evens against Hamilton who are 2/1, pretty bold odds one game in
  4. Opposition aside, what an absolute joy to watch players actually playing with some purpose and not look like they’ve just been thrown together an hour before the game. Onto Saturday now to gauge where we are at against a decent side.
  5. Miller misplacing passes and the defence looking like they’ve just met, it’s good to be back boys
  6. Agree with a lot of what you say however the first bit is something that any of us don’t really have a clue about. He’s seen Wilson every day in training and 2 games where in one he scored 3 and in one where we were praised for playing really well, if anything I appreciate his honesty in saying he was poor against Stirling Uni but clearly still showed enough to warrant a deal.
  7. By that logic you should not be speaking about anyone in a remotely negative way on this forum, find a way to speak to them directly and if you can’t just let them carry on ruining the club you love. No worries Gary
  8. Tbf Sheerin stated that players needed to be signed before he arrived otherwise we’d miss out, but did say in the same interview or potentially the one after that the final decisions on players was down to him.
  9. As much as I hate the signing and everything about it, the boy has just came back from an American scholarship can you please show us evidence of him being shite? Or is it source ‘trust me bro’?
  10. Appreciate in the grand scheme of things it’s not a world beater signing but I think that statement is unfair on Hetherington. Been a consistent performer at a level higher than what we are currently at for a good number of years now.
  11. If he’s playing a 4-3-3 I reckon that’s probably it striker wise or maybe one young loan if he can get it done, but I doubt he’ll sign 4 permanent strikers if he sticks to 1 upfront. Time for one of them to step up and make a name for themselves then eh.
  12. I appreciate they have set up this avenue for fans to email in but really what are you expecting them to say? They are gonna tell you the players signed went through player analysis etc etc and when it comes to lack of strikers they are just gonna say they are working hard at bringing people in. Are people honestly under the impression they are gonna start firing back emails to fans personally to update you on timescales for signings, mental.
  13. Don’t think anyone is panicking over Cove being favourites? Think everyone just knows they have a 20+ goal striker in their team and another 5–10 goal striker in reserve while we currently have Anton Dowds leading the line and until that is addressed then we need to be realistic and say we ain’t got a team close to winning the league.
  14. Welcome back EdiBairn, we’ve missed you x
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