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  1. BSC Glasgow 1-3 Spartans Civil Service Strollers 1-4 East Stirlingshire East Kilbride 5-1 Gala Fairydean Rovers Edinburgh University 3-0 Gretna 2008 Hawick Royal Albert 1-1 Preston Athletic Selkirk 1-3 University of Stirling Vale of Leithen 4-2 Cumbernauld Colts Whitehill Welfare 1-3 Dalbeattie
  2. Cumbernauld Colts 2-2 Civil Service Strollers Dalbeattie Star 3-1 BSC Glasgow East Stirlingshire 3-0 Hawick Royal Albert Gala Fairydean Rovers 2-0 Edinburgh University Gretna 2008 1-2 Whitehill Welfare Preston Athletic 0-3 East Kilbride Spartans 6-0 Selkirk University of Stirling 2-1 Vale of Leithen
  3. BSC Glasgow 3-1 Hawick Royal Albert Edinburgh University 2-2 Dalbeattie Star Selkirk 1-4 Cumbernauld Colts Whitehill Welfare 1-3 East Stirlingshire
  4. Agreed and read hislop trying to get some midweek bounce games to get more game time for him and others as well After being taken to watch the Jambos last night and watching their collapse and dreadful defending think my season ticket purchase could be un wise lol
  5. Bsc 1-2 edin uni Css 0-0 gala Cumbernauld 2-1 preston East Kilbride 4-0 Dalbeattie East Stirling 3-0 Stirling uni Hra 1-1 gretna Vol 1-2 spartans Ww 2-1 Selkirk
  6. comeon

    hawick v ww

    All about opinions thats why its a forum
  7. comeon

    hawick v ww

    Devlin scoring for fun with Lothian as is Sean Wringe as is Tony Muir
  8. comeon

    hawick v ww

    Ease him in ? but play a 18 year old centre mid trialist up front in stead ?
  9. comeon

    hawick v ww

    Newcy dont think the wind was a major factor Hawick got 2 gifts for goals , young was woeful for the 1st and Ohara was sleeping( again ) for the 2nd as for peter he was probably correct we looked slow and created little which isnt the players fault its the management that played them out of position and it showed John Hall always gives it his all mate but he aint a right winger lol he was blowing like moby dick but got kept on and as said mcgregor gets dragged off for Manson ,,,,,,geex a break Not sure what they have against Keane always seems to do a good job but if they are playing Ohara in front of him on the left wing and not putting Kerr on then i think ill give up !
  10. Hawick were dreadful thankfully as WW were just bad
  11. An excellent 3 points for WW Which is the main thing Sadly it was one of the worst quality games ive seen for years and both teams will be in the bottom half of the league based on this performance Comedy goals ,poor passing,no control WW line up and formation was baffling but not as obsurd as the substitutions and the positions played A slow right back as right winger ,a right winger as centre mid,a slow left back as a left winger a young centre mid trialists as centre forward a right back as centre forward and 2 centre forwards a left winger and right winger and centre mid as subs !!! all made for a dire game thankfully for WW ,,,Hawick were rotten Not sure what the management see but Old Peter was giving plenty verbals with Hislop over the shambolic display but as the books will show 3 points to ww
  12. Dalbeattie Star 2 - 1 Cumbernauld Colts East Kilbride 5 - 0 Selkirk East Stirlingshire 6 - 0 Vale of Leithen Gala Fairydean Rovers 3 - 1 University of Stirling Grenta 2008 4 - 0 Civil Service Strollers Hawick Royal Albert 2 - 1 Whitehill Welfare Preston Athletic 1 - 3 BSC Glasgow Spartans 1 - 2 Edinburgh University
  13. 1st half there was 1 shot at goal , 1 nil 2nd half WW were well on top and another day could have had 3 , free header 5 yard out , smashed the bar from close in and a worldy save ,,,then the sucker punch with their 2nd shot at goal 2-0 then 3-0 WW were unlucky on the day and EK were poor but clinical Never like to see NON playing players and officials swing punches at players but they got away with it Ref was poor all game but thats football for you
  14. superb result for Hawick and Preston well done both
  15. The point i was making was the number of centre mids WW have i fail to see the need for another unfit , returning for long term injury centre mid Good luck to the lad and when he is fully fit i hope he returns to the standard he was a couple of years ago but it wont be any time soon and WW need players in other positions Now
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