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  1. It would be 12/ 14 / 17 as there are 2 new team applications
  2. We have just signed 2 from HT and they also tried to sign at least one of our players during preseason, im not saying we wouldn’t lose players but knowing the majority of our squad I know they want success with Crosshouse not just because we play in 1st division but because they have the belief in us as a club to progress
  3. I was going to say something similar, if we are lucky enough to gain promotion this season it will be down to hard work done by our management team over the summer getting new boys in that have improved us massively as well as keeping the majority of our squad from last season, we have a pool of around 22 quality players. And I’m confident we can keep most happy as I believe we have one of the best young managers in amateur football, ask our boys and most will tell you Ross is one of the most genuine guys and also knows his stuff.
  4. https://www.scottishamateurfa.co.uk/newsdetail/ID/620
  5. I wouldn’t like a SIGNED player of ours going and playing for another team, but don’t know about our management team, we’ve had a few boys over the preseason go and play with different teams but that’s what preseason is about, once u sign then that should be u committed to that team
  6. We had a 1 o’clock kick off up at Dalziel and beat Dalziel 2-1
  7. Why would that be an issue? A lot (not all) public parks are fine with countless teams training/playing on them, surely neither team would train there and once a week wouldn’t do much damage, especially if they have a decent groundsman
  8. Not as far as I’m aware, Duffy has said he’s retiring
  9. Crosshouse Waverley would like to thank Colza for his service and wish him all the best, genuinely one of the nicest guys I’ve met and a pleasure to know him
  10. Nice easy tie for us, away to Goldenhill
  11. We’ve got Glasgow Island at home
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