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  1. I reckon with everyone fit a 4231 or some variation of it would work. Lyons, Gardyne and Webby playing off Eli sounds sexy to me and would be very easy to switch things up when required.
  2. You are aware that you can just copy and post this drivel in to one post and dump it all at the same time rather than spamming the entire site, right?
  3. We were in before the cup game last month, nice pint of Heverlee. Nipped into the social club at the ground too and it was a good laugh but wasn't the greatest pint.
  4. Can't imagine it'll be anything significant but nice to see we've managed to get some money for him. I imagine he'll have a career bouncing around HL and L2 while hopefully doing well with his coaching at Aberdeen.
  5. He was. Played alright and was constantly looking for the ball but I think it'll take a few games before we really start to see what he can do. As long as we're not paying an above average wage for him then I don't really mind this as much as some others will. Needs to show more than what he has in the first half of the season though.
  6. Some signing if you pull it off, United surely favourites for top 4 now, maybe even 3rd if Hearts hit a bad spell[emoji33]
  7. Don't think we'll be seeing him back at Links Park even when restrictions are lifted tbf[emoji102] Anyway, 6-0 win today please, hat tricks from Gardyne and Templeman.
  8. I reserve the right to take this back if Simon posts that Lucas Birnstingl gif but even as a Montrose fan I'd be quite happy to see Arbroath get promoted this season. Got a number of pals who are smokies and I've dealt with the club a few times trying to sort out presents for them and it seems like a thoroughly decent club and the fact that folk directly involved in our club have said that Arbroath is a model we're trying to follow gives me hope.
  9. Missed last night but the last few games I've been to he's looked a lot better. Start of the season he was taking too many touches and it almost felt like he was turning back on himself to try and skin one player too many but I've noticed he seems more eager to take players on by driving at them now. I think he's won a couple of penalties doing this too?
  10. Mines was done at home as I wasn't able to get to a test centre. The phone line weren't even able to tell me if they'd even received it which is the most annoying thing. Got my booster on the 10th, no symptoms but I test a couple of times a week because of the amount of people I come into contact with working in the vaccine centre. I think if this comes back negative I'll be stopping the regular testing cause this is pish.
  11. Phoned and the automated message says 96 hours which it near enough has been. Spoke to one of their advisors who said that all they can do is send off some form which can take another 3 days, helpful that[emoji23]
  12. Had to do a PCR on Saturday after a positive LFT. Has anyone else had to do one recently and had to wait an age to hear back? I've had negative LFTs every day since but still stuck in the house waiting on the results[emoji42]
  13. The Vale Hotel in Fyvie would take some beating. The hotel restaurant side was alright if you ignored the view of the scrapyard out the back. The bar itself was absolutely stinking, a combination of the locals and the dog stuck in the cage. I'm almost certain that the toilets were the inspiration for that scene from Trainspotting.
  14. Is that Starfeld an actual professional footballer?[emoji15]
  15. 119 is definitely available in Scotland, I had to call them yesterday. Wasn't much help right enough as the nearest availability appointment they had was Kirkcaldy.
  16. I know someone who died of covid although they did also have underlying health conditions which no doubt contributed to it. 3 other people I know ended up hospitalised with it, all 3 of them under 30 and no underlying conditions that I'm aware of. None of them vaccinated.
  17. Go oot, do a test before visiting the family on the Sunday.
  18. I'm not too sure the weather was to blame for that goal, seemed to be a mix up between Ballantyne and Lennox. Referee definitely made the right call letting that go ahead[emoji102] fair play to the 19 away fans that travelled.
  19. Game on[emoji15] ah well I better look out my hat and scarf and get to the Legion[emoji23]
  20. Roads getting closed all over the place and the wind seems to be picking up. Wouldn't bother tbh.
  21. If this goes ahead it'll be a contender for the worst game of football ever. Almost hoping this is called when I'm sitting in the legion tbh.
  22. Mines was basically instant for our game against Dundee and the money also came out of my bank straight away so it may be worth checking your online banking. If you're still unsure it might be worth contacting [email protected] they're quick to reply.
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