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  1. Yeah they aren’t coming across well in this at all. The other 3 could have just spent the 45 minutes telling Si Ferry that they want to suck him off and it would have been about the exact same amount of insight and analysis.
  2. Yeah it’s almost definitely because of the international games, the 4pm kick off still shows in the black out time. Can’t see any reason why Brechin couldn’t have shown the game if they wanted to.
  3. Really? Montrose vs Dunfermline had a ppv option on Saturday.
  4. Can confirm that the shot menu at Steeplejacks is as lethal as it is varied.
  5. I actually quite like Si Ferry, spoke to him quite a few times at games between Peterhead and Montrose and he always seemed decent enough and also quite enjoyed the earlier 1 to 1 interviews he was doing with the podcast. Was very predictable that the Broomhill thing would go the way it has though, the league position in itself is hardly a disaster but the vanity project it was intended to be has clearly failed. Hopefully now he makes the decision between either being a coach or a media personality and doesn’t try to combine the 2 as that almost definitely will not work.
  6. Glad I’m not the only one feeling this way. I know it’s easy for me to say as I sit on my fat arse at home but there’s a few in there I’d be backing myself to save despite having played about 8 games in goal in my life.
  7. Arrived today from JD, assume they’re just taking the hit on the 30% off.
  8. I’m sure JD Sports are owned by the same company that own Size who regularly cancel orders after their staff members pillage new releases so it’s something they have no issues with doing.
  9. Emailed JD Sports to see what was going on and they’ve come back pretty quick to advise the order is going through so I’m pretty certain they can’t back out now, that was with the 30% off too.
  10. For places to eat it really depends what you’re after and how you’re travelling to the game. Northern Vaults is good for your fairly standard pub grub and is central, Picture House is a Greene king pub, fine for something quick but you get what you pay for. If you’re driving and have a bit of time to spend I’d recommend Stroma down near the harbour or Catsers which is a that also does proper authentic style Pizza.
  11. The registration number on the advert for the new Volkswagen I4 actually belongs to a Peugeot 308. Also whilst looking for the PTTGOYN thread, I scrolled through 9 pages only to then discover it on page 2
  12. There’s plenty of English born players who would almost definitely have turned call ups from us had they been in with even a sniff of an England call up and gone on to do a job for us, so given that Angus Gunn has actually been in England squads I’ve no really issue with him taking his time before switching over. Whether or not he’s actually any good is a different matter and we may get to see that in one of the next 2 games.
  13. Aidan


    If it’s the same as the Xbox version then it’s decent enough, basically the same as the FM Touch versions which were a stripped back version of the full game. Much better than FM Mobile
  14. Thankfully not. Not just jealous, absolutely furious. Not sure who Brechin employ to do their security but if it’s the same company that supply the muppets at Montrose then this sounds about right. I know that Brechin are not, or certainly approaching the start of last season were not, willing to pay much for security personnel so they’re probably scraping the barrel a bit.
  15. Went to see Jimmy Carr years ago as someone had a spare ticket, absolutely pish. Been to a few comedy nights in Montrose, normally hosted by Scott Forbes who I believe does quite a bit at Breakneck in Aberdeen and even with the odd stinker performing, the nights tend to be class.
  16. Was looking at these on their sale earlier, what like are they size wise?
  17. Having to not go to Brechin is a risk worth taking.
  18. If you don’t mind waiting for me to get to the post office on Friday or Saturday, or if you just happen to be in Montrose at some point through the week, then I have a programme for you.
  19. As mentioned by others, The Stables is closed. I would second the suggestion for the Brechin Arms if you were looking for somewhere other than the bar at the ground. There’s also a bus at 1pm from Montrose to Brechin that depending on what time your train gets in, would allow for some drinking time in a civilised setting before heading through.
  20. I want Darvel to lose because every single one of their fans that was interviewed on Reporting Scotland was a weirdo but also want Falkirk to lose because of the way Callumn Morrison spells his first name.
  21. I believe having licensed security at the grounds is something that Angus Council push for and also helps with some of the SFA licensing stuff. It’s surely the only reason that Montrose and Arbroath continue to employ the muppets that they do.
  22. Aye I’ll be having that, don’t usually bother with Scotland tops but that’s a belter
  23. St Johnstone were able to recall Ross Sinclair from us for a game in November then send us straight back to us, both outwith any transfer window which until then I didn’t realise was possible. Could be that you would do the same with Schwake if required
  24. Souttars move was also a deadline day one I believe so it possibly is just a case that they take a bit longer for FIFA to do the paperwork on them and both clubs would rather wait.
  25. He was 100% involved with Celtic before signing for Dundee United, can’t remember if it was just a case of playing in a youth tournament or something as opposed to actually being signed for them though.
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