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  1. Received today, should keep me going for a while
  2. Wore the Nikes for about 5 years but 1 of them ended up completely splitting at the front a week before a Scottish Cup game last month. Picked up the Adidas brand new with tags for £15 and even though they look a bit w**k they feel good on the foot.
  3. 2020 coming to Xbox Game Pass on Thursday.
  4. First time I can ever remember drinking pints was Tetley's Bitter in a Premier Inn down in London when I was 15. No idea why I was drinking that of all things though.
  5. He signed at the start of last season. Excellent player though.
  6. 2 bottles acquired in Farmfoods Montrose this evening and got a case to pick up on Saturday. Lovely stuff.
  7. Just ordered the Redmi Note 8 Pro, looks good for the price
  8. Also 1 month EA Access and 6 month Spotfiy premium with it, cracking deal.
  9. Aidan

    F1 2019

    I turned start assists off and traction control down first, then brake assist, then racing line and finally turned traction control right off.
  10. Josh Skelly has left Montrose to sign for Broughty Athletic
  11. Aidan

    F1 2019

    Do you play with traction control on? I find setting the fuel to lean and starting with medium traction control seems to work.
  12. Cheers I was a bit late so I'll try again tomorrow.
  13. Does anyone know the opening hours for the office at Gayfield? Had no reply to an email I've sent and couldn't get through on the phone this afternoon....[emoji848]
  14. Had it in my head this was a permanent signing, turns out he's actually a loan signing until January.
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