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  1. Mines was basically instant for our game against Dundee and the money also came out of my bank straight away so it may be worth checking your online banking. If you're still unsure it might be worth contacting [email protected] they're quick to reply.
  2. I don't think they've actually confirmed it yet but I think it'll be a while before PATG is an option again. Tickets can be bought here though. https://www.montrosefc.co.uk/ticketing/12-commercial/1848-match-tickets-shop
  3. Greig Pascazio spotted in the Peking Palace tonight.
  4. He could play through the middle but tbh if that's the plan we would have been better just keeping Russell McLean, he has a better record at this level and I'd imagine he would cost less.
  5. Would be a good backup to Webster and Lyons I think but would prefer an out and out striker first.
  6. https://montrosefc.univtec.com/event/60c9e5ff021dbc5853451cea
  7. Deveronvale don't have Hamish though, depending on his mood he could be worth the admission fee alone.
  8. Pretty easy I'd imagine, they appear to still be on sale on the website https://www.montrosefc.co.uk/ticketing/12-commercial/1848-match-tickets-shop
  9. Definitely not regretting telling every single person I seen wearing a Dundee top today that we would smash them tonight [emoji102]
  10. Montrose F.C. season ticket prices: Adult: £240 Concession: £130 U18: £85 U12: £20 No idea about PATG but I know individual tickets for our cup game on Wednesday are £12/£6 as I bought one without realising my season ticket was valid. I'm sure we are normally £16 but having not paid at the gate for about 2 years now I could be wrong.
  11. Ticket purchased for the game. Leaving work early enough to get up the road and get a couple pints before it too
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