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  1. I'm gonna cry if my last minute decision not to buy a season ticket means I don't get to go to the play off final[emoji25]
  2. Even as a Montrose fan I always thought Russell McLean was hopeless but he seems to have popped up with goals and assists at vital times this season. His numbers are also better then they appear if you break it down into minutes played rather than just appearances. Agree that Airdrie will be favourites overall but I think we'll beat Morton and give it a good go in the final.
  3. Montrose and District Welfare League. I reckon they'll just about scrape a draw in the derby match against The Stables.
  4. Must be some amount of people getting vaccinated at hospitals and GP surgeries in Dundee if those numbers are correct. I'd be surprised if they've had 300 a day turning up at the mass vaccination centre the last couple of days.
  5. If you haven't been already, take her with you and she'll get seen.
  6. There's definitely been people given the vaccine whilst they were, in my opinion anyway, clearly under the influence.
  7. Illness, work, drop off/pick up from school, other appointments. There's plenty of genuine reasons that someone couldn't make it in. When I said the helpline number they give you is a nightmare I mean it is at times impossible to get through to and it appears that the advice they are giving out isn't exactly helpful. That being said I would say that a vast majority of the people not turning up are either people who don't want the AstraZeneca which they've changed over to in Dundee today, or folk that just can't be arsed turning up.
  8. I thought Russel McLean was absolutely hopeless but he seems to have stepped up massively this season when we've needed him. Not sure if I'll be able to convince my Mrs to call our first son Russell Stewart Ross Steevesy Templeman Aidan but I'm willing to try
  9. Roughly 50% of folk not turning up at the mass vaccination centre in Dundee today. I know some of these will be folk that have genuine reasons for not making it and I also know that the helpline number can be a pain in the arse to get through to but it's quite frustrating to see the amount of resources wasted for a reasonable amount of folk to just not be arsed turning up.
  10. If it's at a mass vaccination centre rather than a GP just go with her and there's a fair chance you'll get it at the same time. Unless it means taking a day off unpaid or something then it's maybe no worth taking the chance.
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