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  1. Watched that Paul Slane documentary thing at work last night and it was nowhere near as tragic as I expected it to be. He actually comes across fairly well in comparison to the act he puts on when he’s doing the podcast. I reckon he’s absolutely done at any level of football though, might chuck him on for the odd 5 minutes here and there if they’re comfortably ahead but that’s about it.
  2. Craig Gordon was facing this decision, I’m sure he had something like a week left before his insurance policy expired to either sign a legal document saying he’d officially retired and take the payout, or write it off and continue trying to get back. Worked out alright in the end.
  3. Spoken to a number of footballers who were pretty sound but Bobby Linn and Sean Dillon are stand outs. Barry Sutton who played guitar for The La’s and Cast is a top man too.
  4. I’m assuming the number 7 was Dom Naglik?
  5. Can’t be arsed going to find it but I’m sure there was a podcast he done recently, possibly one of the PLZ ones, where he seemed to be strongly suggesting that he’s away back down south.
  6. Looks like we’ve gone for the non striped kit here.
  7. Liam Fontaine is apparently training with Montrose. Enough left in the legs to do us a turn in League 1?
  8. If his legs haven’t completely gone then that’s a signing I’d be happy with. Said before that I think we need a left sided defender and he had experience at a good level.
  9. You’ll have to ask him that since he’s the one who refers to himself as Si in pretty much all of his online outlets.
  10. Reckon Ferry will do quite well as a manager tbh, also think now that they seem to have scrapped the Si Ferry Meets stuff, the podcasts would be much better without him.
  11. His SIA license is now suspended and it’s pretty unusual for a suspension to be revoked so I would say that he’ll be out of that particular job.
  12. Chances are it’ll be one of these. I actually quite like the striped one.
  13. It would be a shame if it wasn’t for the fact that he was never eligible to play for us
  14. Was in Busbys last night and bumped into Oliver Kahn, Dani Alves, Andrea Pirlo, Ronaldo and Thierry Henry. Apparently all signing on 2 year deals.
  15. 5g and 6g Astro don’t actually exist and are just terms used by the marketing departments of the companies supplying 3g.
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