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  1. More believe than anything Pep has posted on here
  2. I'm not sure Fraser getting a couple of bookings for admittedly daft but fairly standard could required a thread of it's own tbh
  3. That's Cornella and Espanyol there, definitely closer. The 2 in Malmö are also closer than Tannadice and Dens.
  4. Maybe between the entrances or something but the actual stadium structures of Cornella and Espanyol are about 10 metres apart
  5. Ross Meechan, Steven Anderson, Martyn Fotheringham, Paul McManus and Dale Hilson all actually work for the same pest control company
  6. A quick search on Google would suggest that Attackers are the most injured, defensive midfielders the least.
  7. He should be taken serious regardless of names tbh. He used his #itk knowledge to inform everyone that Aberdeen-Hamilton wasn't going to be postponed and Ryan Edmondson wasn't injured, the day before the game was postponed and Ryan Edmondson was confirmed as being injured.
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