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  1. Thought Elgin were distinctly average and were fortunate to go 2 goals up slightly against the run of play. For me too many long aimless balls from our back four giving Hester little chance. Having said that Hester is struggling with his overall game. His hold up play and linking is poor and once again he missed some good chances. If we are to survive in this league we will need him to score regularly. Our lack of quality in midfield is obvious but I suspect getting players who are any better is going to be difficult.
  2. Hard to call as Elgin are struggling but Stranraer have had a slow start. Elgin will be without Brian Cameron and Angus Mailer so going for an away win
  3. Suspect he will struggle to get a regular game at Buckie. Never rated him and lazy as well
  4. You fully deserved your win today after I said at half time Cowdenbeath will never scoreGood luck in the play offs Fantastic goal from your guy.
  5. Elgin should be safe now. I thought Brian Cameron was back to his best today. I could not believe how Edinburgh sat off us and allowed our back 4 unchallenged possession. Edinburgh did not seem interested and may struggle to stay in the top 4. Apart from Kelty the quality in this league this year has been poor but Elgin have to try and strengthen for next year as this squad will struggle again. Easier said than done though!
  6. I agree entirely with the comments of Thom& Gerry. I think it will be close but I suspect we may finish 9th.
  7. Stenny must feel robbed as they should have been out of sight. This was not for the first time this season a poor disjointed performance and we have our work cut out not to finish bottom. We need to strengthen in January but that will not be easy. Why does the manager persist in changing formations and positions so many times in a game? This has happened a lot this season with players not knowing whether they are coming or going. Pick a formation which suits us and stick to it and try and develop some fluency.Playing Matty Cooper at left midfield is a nonsense. He is best at centre half where he reads the game best. Rant over!
  8. Crazy to schedule a mid week match in December. As it was a late postponement I imagine Kelty and the Elgin south players would have been close to Elgin
  9. Total control from Elgin playing a 3-5-2 formation. 6 -0 would have been a fair score but very poor finishing and some great goalkeeping kept the score down. Good to see Elgin passing the ball with purpose rather than the passive passing of the last two months. Hopefully this will give the team confidence to climb the table .
  10. Too close to call. If Hester plays and is fit which must be questionable Elgin may edge it.
  11. Worrying times at Elgin. This team is not nearly good enough. The first eleven are decent but no quality on the bench. Although Annan used wasting time antics they were much the better team overall . Elgin had 2 great chances but both fluffed by Macphee. They created little else. The passing was slow and predictable and surely Gavin now realises he is in a battle to avoid bottom spot. I must criticise him strongly for bringing on Hester when he was clearly unfit. Hopefully he has done no lasting damage after coming off again near the end. It is too late to strengthen the team until January but the work rate which is still good will have to increase to compensate for the lack of quality. Otherwise it is destination Highland league next year! Crowds are also well down.. Only 480 on a great day for football Also why change the goalkeeper? Continuity helps the back four. Gavin strangely quiet today. Perhaps the penny has finally dropped and he realises we are not a good side!
  12. Can Elgin score without Hester and which Annan will turn up ?
  13. Our record against Edinburgh is dismal and though they have had a poor start I would be surprised if this Elgin team are good enough to take the points
  14. Agree with Thom& Gerry completely. Elgin played their best football for a long time but Albion stood off them and allowed them to play. We exploited their slow back four but the game against Forfar will be a much harder test. Brian Cameron is so much better suited to the support striker role and links up with Kane much better than anyone else.
  15. Agree with Thom & Gerry. Elgin were poor last week and apart from the last 20mins were overrun in midfield. Very little fluency or composure not helped in my view by the constant shouting from Gavin in the stand. Let the players play and resolve any issues at half time. Not confident about this season at all .Hopefully we win enough games to keep us safe but work rate can only take you so far and there is a lack of quality in the squad.
  16. Totally agree. Did nothing to impress me last year
  17. As the season approaches it is worrying there is no sign of any more approaches for new players. We need a strong midfielder and another striker as the back ups to Kane in my opinion are not good enough. If we do not strengthen then I think we will struggle to compete in what may be a stronger league this year. I accept the team did well last year but this was mostly through hard graft and we need more quality.
  18. It appears very quiet on the transfer front after signing a centre half and goalie. We badly need a strong midfield player and a good striker.I know it is early in the preseason period but frankly some of the signings from last year are not good enough and we need to add quality if we are to contend for promotion. While the players did well to contend last season and put in a huge effort ultimately we were not good enough. I would rather see more quality in the team with less signings. Any views Elgin fans?
  19. A draw of any kind against Queens Park on Tuesday will suffice for the play offs. Where was Bronsky?
  20. I think the lack of match practice will count against Brora and I am not convinced they are at the level of 2 or 3 years ago. If they do get in the league they will do okay until the money dries up when I suspect they will go back to the Highland league.. The play offs should be very interesting and I would not bet against Brechin retaining their status though they do not deserve to due to their recent conduct.
  21. I agree with Thom and Gerry this is a must win. The way we are playing we need every point we can get to have any chance of making the top 4. The standard of the league this year apart from Queens Park has been poor. We are a hard working team but lack quality. However if we do make the top 4 you never know!
  22. Agree good stream and well done to the commentator. Ayr much too good for a very poor Elgin team Just as well we were not playing Brora or Buckie!
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