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  1. A sensible decision given the table in the Highland league and no relegation. Much harder for the Lowland league and the Scottish leagues to decide and while understanding the frustrations of clubs I think it is right they delay making a decision just now until the virus situation becomes clearer. Personally I would be very surprised if any football was played before August but who knows
  2. Sadly I have to agree with Thom& Gerry. Elgin have probably never had a better chance of going up but the main losers would be Cove. However it is only football and the well being of the public is far more important
  3. Super performance from Elgin who went about Cove right from the start. Cove are good going forward but are poor defensively. I thought Bronsky, Graham ( an outstanding young loan signing ), Mc Hale whose handling was excellent and Hester were our outstanding performers for the whole game though the others had their moments as well. This should give confidence to the team but a win against Q Park next week is a must to keep momentum. Well done City today
  4. Don't like him as a full back as his defending ability is poor and fails to cut out crosses. Good going forward and played up front with Formartine. Useful loan signing and presumably Spark will be out for some time
  5. Yet another poorhome performance from a team which is seriously underperforming given the quality of the players. Why play Rory McEwan at right back when we have two established defenders on the bench ? Incidentally Ross Graham who came on at half time having been signed from Dundee United on loan looked the part. Rory was being given the runaround in the first half and we could have lost more goals. The change should have been made by Gavin long before half time. Not for the first time this season we missed good chances and until McKay scored his spectacular goal it seemed unlikely we would score. We then have our usual 10 min excellent spell before shrinking back into our shell again and concede a last minute goal. Credit to Stenhousemuir who worked their socks off. Where do we go from here? The comment from Jacksgranda above may be appropriate but I still hope we can hit some consistent form to give us a chance of the playoffs. I would like to see Rabin Omar and Brian Cameron in central midfield. I was surprised Rabin was taken off as I thought he was playing well but I feel he would contribute more in a more central role. Shane started well but faded and started to run with the ball and failed to pass when required. I can'tbelieve Rory got the man of match award. Must have been his pals!! Rant over!
  6. Very welcome if unexpected win. Must be a few years since we took all 3 points there. Home to Stenny this week who beat us at home earlier in the season. It looks like we took our chances yesterday unlike the past few months and hopefully it continues next week but we have had false dawns before!
  7. Edinburgh were very stuffy and probably deserved their win against an Elgin side devoid of ideas and lacking physical and mental strength to make any impression. Shane once again held on to the ball far too long and failed to pull the trigger quickly when required. Perhaps a seat on the bench for the next game might get the message across but does our manager have the guts to do this? Brian Cameron did well considering his lay off but Elgin lacked fluency and their standard has dropped in the last 2 months. Only 8 points off bottom place and I don't fancy them to fight their way out if they drop any further. The one consolation is that most of the teams are the same and 1 or two wins could make a difference. I do not think we have any chance of making the play offs
  8. Thought Brechin started well but faded and only came to life again after their penalty. Does anyone know why the penalty was given as no one round me could see.? Elgin once again failed to kill off Brechin and had at least 6 excellent chances to score but missing them meant panic stations again after the penalty. Very inconsistent performance again but good to get 3 points. Shane needs to start shooting first time as taking too many touches gave their defence the chance to recover. Cannot see us getting a clean sheet against Cove !
  9. It will be a tough game with Brechin having improved and Elgin possibly without key players in Cameron and McDonald. If Elgin lose they are in serious danger of dropping near the bottom and have 3 tough games to follow. A far cry from earlier season optimism. Crowds are also falling away even with the usual pre Xmas drop. Not confident of an Elgin win as they only seem to play well for a short period in each game and are losing a lot of soft goals. A win today could revitalise the team but talk of play offs is way off the mark as the other end of the table is just as likely at present. I think it will be a dog fight at the bottom with any of the bottom 6 capable of dropping down. Come on Elgin prove me wrong and win today to give a bit of confidence
  10. From a report on the game just received Elgin once again lived up to their soft centre reputation. Deservedly ahead at half time they were poor for the first 30 mins of the second half and Stenhousemuir should have equalised earlier. Elgin then had several golden opportunities in the last 15 mins to score and paid the penalty once again for failing toapply the killer touch.17 points after 13 games is poor and I do not think this team like all recent teams have the necessary resolve within their current playing ranks to make any progress up the leagues. Rant over !
  11. Enjoyable end to end game . Impressed by Stirling who worked their socks off. A draw would have been a fair result but Elgin's old soft centre problem is back again. A lot of teams in the mix for the playoffs and we will need to be better if we are to be one of them. Matty Cooper has been a very loyal servant but too many goals have been lost from that area recently due to an inability to stop and close down crosses. Would like to see David Wilson given another chance. As far as Shane is concerned running at defences in the last third is fine but he was caught in possession too often further back and in the first half he gave away possession on numerous occasions. There was no link up play with Brian Cameron who is best going forward. Also felt Omar should have been on at half time for the ineffective O' Keene. A win on Tuesday is essential to get some confidence after 4 defeats in a row
  12. I thought Cove strolled the game and could have won by more but accept if Shane had scored from his chance in the second half the game may have changed. Cove moved the ball far better and quicker admittedly with better players. I do not think McEwan and Dingwall are either good or strong enough in midfield certainly playing them both is not a good idea. Up front not for the first time in the league this year we looked poor and yet another game without scoring. Football like most sports is a game of confidence and Elgin look sadly lacking in the league. They need to work harder and I felt they stood off Cove today and let them play. We need a win soon to lift spirits in the league as I think two of the top four places are up for grabs. Perhaps unlike previous seasons we will improve as the season progress. Fingers crossed!
  13. This should be a fascinating game between two of the best footballing sides in the league. Elgin are far better than their points total suggests but they will have to be at their best to beat Cove. Apart from the stand the best place to watch is from the centre part of the enclosure where you are guaranteed to hear some banter. Hoping for a windless day to allow both teams to play. My gut feeling rather than my head goes for an Elgin win.
  14. Agree with super Elgin City. I have not seen Elgin in a proper game this season and was very disappointed at the performance. There was no energy in the team and far too many long balls from the defence giving those up front little chance. Dingwall works hard though on today's display lacked a creative touch. McEwan was poor and contributed little. The two centre backs were strong but need to improve their distribution. Yet another bad injury with McKay breaking his ankle. Very little real quality on the bench. Hope this is only a blip and next week against QP will be a good test of the team's character. The better team won.
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