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  1. Albion fully deserved their win and arguably should have won by more. Elgin never got out of first gear and just went through the motions with aimless passing and complete lack of urgency. Albion have a chance now to escape but if they do finish bottom I think they may struggle in the play off. Elgin 's season is finished and it is difficult to see where the next win will come from. Seriously worried about next season under the current management.
  2. Clyde Vs Elgin City

    Agree with The Big Guy. I cannot see Elgin getting anything from this game and our defence will no doubt concede again though in fairness there is little defensive protection in front of them. Our record at Broadwood is woeful though we did win there last year I recall.
  3. QP v Elgin

    Going by the excellent highlights the left side of our defence was easily breached and not for the first time this season. The goalie had another nightmare but it is a while since we have had a reliable one and good goalies seem to be a rare specimen at this level nowadays. Time to plan for next season though in my opinion we have been out of the play off race for quite some time. It will be the usual nightmare of trying to attract good players to our location. I think it will be very difficult for us to get out of this league and at the moment I am more worried at dropping out as it only takes one bad season. Peterhead should win the league now but how long will they stay up?
  4. Elgin City vs Clyde FC

    Good all round performance from Elgin today. Brian Cameron particularly in the first half made a huge difference but the game was spoiled by the wind. The pitch is fine despite the moaners from Clyde. Thought Cooper played really well after a long lay off and Ross McIver was a revelation up front leading the line very well. Elgin should have won by more. I expected a lot more from Clyde who allowed Elgin time on the ball contrary to Clyde teams of the last few years. I think th e points deduction did have an effect on their team but they will no doubt reverse the result against Elgin a week on Tuesday as our record in Glasgow against them is awful
  5. Elgin City vs Clyde FC

    Will Brian Cameron and Kane Hester be available for this game? Even with them this will be a very hard game and our record against Clyde over the years is not great. They were impressive in the previous game but perhaps our lads will be spurred on by the ladies as it is ladies day assuming they come back out after half time! I imagine Clyde will bring quite a few and the crowd may exceed 800 given a decent day. Elgin will need to be at their very best to get something from this game
  6. Elgin C v QP

    Lucky to get a point from this as we were poor for most of the match. Long balls and 100 mph football do not suit us and I felt we badly missed the composure of Brian Cameron. Not for the first time Darryl saved us and without him and his goals we would be in a much worse position. QP will be disappointed with only one point but full credit to their fans turning up in numbers after a long journey and making plenty of noise. I can't see us getting anything out of the Peterhead game and we are certainly not nearly good enough to progress up the league
  7. Berwick v Elgin

    On the basis of the highlights both teams missed good chances and a more clinical team would have scored 2 or 3 against Elgin. However we appear to be moving the ball quicker up front without Sutherland and hopefully we can get another win on Tuesday against QP. Peterhead on Saturday is a different ball game and a point there would be real progress. I think that is unlikely but you never know. Omar is improving with every game.
  8. Elgin City v The Binos

    Agree entirely with Thom & Gerry. Very enjoyable game and surprisingly good crowd. Dare I say it but the team looks better without Shane!
  9. I see Elgin have signed Ross McIver on loan from Ross County. He is described as an attacking midfielder. Not sure this is what we need but welcome to Elgin Ross. Is this game likely to be on as a lot of rain forecast Friday and Saturday in the central belt ?
  10. Elgin City 2018/19

    Good bit of business to ship him out now as we have little chance in my opinion of making the play offs. He has not been the same player since his injury and lacks the pace at present to get away from defenders. I sense he may start well at Peterhead and then fade. Time will tell. He only really performed for about 6 months prior to his injury. We are still short of a strong defensive midfielder to give extra cover for the defence
  11. Elgin City v Edinburgh City

    Hester took his goals well but looked short of match fitness not surprisingly. Should be a good asset. Excellent open game today with a draw right in my opinion. Shane Sutherland was awful and looks as if he is just going through the motions. Darryl McHardy was my man of the match but a lot of effort from the team. Sadly the common failure of sitting back when leading almost proved fatal and we only started attacking again when we went behind. Clyde are in with a chance of winning this league but I was impressed with Edinburgh who played good football allied to a great workrate. QP next week should be interesting after their win today
  12. Elgin City 2018/19

    I would drop him for a defensive midfielder hopefully the new boy allowing Cameron to play further forward. JP is unable to defend now in midfield due to his lack of pace though funnily enough I quite liked him at the back where he read the game well and his distribution was excellent. His lack of pace there, however, would still be a problem. Not doubting his ability but he just struggles now in that midfield role. He has been a very loyal servant to Elgin which is more than you can say for some others in the semi or professional game!
  13. Elgin City 2018/19

    Let's hope the manager plays these new players as we are going nowhere with the present squad in the same positions week after week. Time to drop McGovern? I doubt if the manager will do this.
  14. Elgin v Cowden

    Comfortable win for Cowdenbeath who are much improved with Jordan Allan outstanding. The less said about Elgin the better. Cowdenbeath were so more proactive, quicker and had far more desire. Elgin were completely lacking in leadership on and off the park. I said some time ago we may finish near the bottom. Elgin under Price have been steadily declining since Jim Weir left. The board must seriously consider his position. If he is on a 2 year contract this could be expensive. While we are safe for this season if Price continues for next season we are heading back to the Highland league. Price continues to play the same system and players every week and it is so predictable. He moans about defensive mistakes but it seems the once a week training together is not working and the failure to organise the team properly lies entirely with the manager. Heaven help us at Hibs next week! I imagine the Elgin support there will be minimal given the present situation.
  15. Annan v Elgin

    Thanks Jim for the info