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  1. Ross Matthews was outstanding, Forfar lost the plot after the pen and red card.
  2. Not sacked, but I thought perhaps a back to back contract.
  3. Do the C&G boys keep their jobs if they’re freed from Dumbarton ?
  4. Thought Lyness did well, Crane was an absolute standout, and Ross Matthews covered every bit of the pitch as the most mobile midfielder.
  5. Personally thought Bene was better with Craig Barr beside him
  6. No chance, he could be a double amputee and still start
  7. Simple things like mark your man and don’t allow him space in the box from a set piece ? Support is massively blinkered IMHO when it comes to McKay
  8. He might have assiste 1 goal and help set up another, but Dave McKay’s marking at the 2 Brechin goals is piss poor.
  9. If only we didn’t have to beat the pesky Forfar Athletic
  10. Here here, who ever you’ve playing you want to pump them in the 1st leg.
  11. Fingers crossed that Dick was having a wee word about signing Davo as they went up the tunnel arm in arm
  12. Fit enough to be part of the starting XI though, and it’s that what he was being judged on
  13. Jamie Hamill to Raith just for the scenes of blood vessels bursting everywhere
  14. Totally gutted, only had £3 in my betting account. got £15 now though
  15. If Lyness gets injured then we would be able to get one, the fact we have Lyness means it’s not an emergency
  16. I wonder how it would work if it did. Would £1 more equal a goal ? Would save watching our usual shitfest in the winter. Might need a hybrid solution involving budgets, fan base and in the event of a draw the winner would be decided by a panel of pundit’s using the clubs ‘rightfull place in scottish football’ index.
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