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  1. I think Murray’s greatest asset was being Meh, anywhere across the back 4. if we get a fee for him, it will be the biggest steal since we got £100k from Hearts for Ian Ferguson.
  2. Not really sure how the chairman can be praised for being open and honest, then condemned for giving an open and honest assessment on the players.
  3. I liked Kenny Macdonald, 1 goal every 3 games, harshly tainted by a big transfer fee.
  4. Happy Claude Anelka day 07/06/04 quite possibly the worst decision ever in our history, but there has been some serious competition to out do it in the last 15 years.
  5. Last striker we signed that I was excited about was Eric Ferguson. He proceeded to score no goals in eleven games, and classed by Frank Connor as his worst ever signing
  6. Footballer in potential extra marital affair shocker
  7. oh FFS someone has found Eric Drysdale’s book of ‘Trying to keep the fans onside’ Chapter 1 - resign David McGurn
  8. Thought he played well in both games v QOS. Then again when Rovers fans dislike a player there is normally no way back.
  9. Bizarre considering we played Bayern 24 years ago
  10. Rovers have learned from Rangers, Airdrie accepted a set of tracksuits and a shite player on loan. Swap for big Nat
  11. Wasn’t he on the transfer list as Airdrie couldn’t afford to free him ? we also paid Airdire a fee Davie Driftwood
  12. This Could be the manager has seen something in his game and wants a closer look, if he was convinced about him, he would have been offered terms.
  13. Last pay day today for any player at the end of their contract. Should be plenty of movement next week as boys will want to be signed up and not lose a few weeks wages.
  14. Reminds me of the year we finished 2nd in the championship and made a loss. This was due to win bonus being budgeted for about 60% less wins than the team managed to achieve.
  15. Is it true that Ayr have offered terms with players, at a lower level than last season.
  16. All we need to sign now is a knee replacement specialist and we’re odds on
  17. Another long season ahead if Anderson is one of our targets
  18. We never announce signings ahead of the registration window being open. So it will be rumours till the 1st of June at the earliest.
  19. Macron are good quality kits, used them for our boys club for years.
  20. Should be buying smaller nets and getting 7 a side/fun 4’s tournaments in the go at the weekends.
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