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  1. 1st time I've been at a game and managed to get a replay of the goals from the BBC website.
  2. His 'potential' new boss wasnt impressed with that one.
  3. The fact Tommy Wright was sitting in the left of the South stand in the first half, tells you it was McKeown he was watching.
  4. How can a game where we had Sinky in goals hurt ?
  5. 1,000 pages !!! Time to get the f**k out of this league
  6. Anderson as a winger can't cross but can win a header. Id rather he couldn't header but could cross. As for Harri, vastly over rated IMHO
  7. There were calls for Sir Jimmy to be sacked at a similar stage in his Raith managerial career, so i dont see why we are shocked that McKinnon has had the same treatment. Fans are irrational, and need a scapegoat, McKinnon was that man for a few months, however he will be it again for some if we loses 3-4 games in a row again.
  8. Amazing how we fianlly have a midfielder close to 10 goals this season, and few rate him as a player.
  9. The collapae coincided with the loss of keeper Raul Ojeda IIRC
  10. Team selection for the next 3 games has to be made with one eye on the disciplinary points already accured by individual players, and the potential lay off. No point risking for example mckeown if he is 1 yellow card away from a 3 match ban
  11. Cuthbert wont play, its McGurns last march at Starks Park.
  12. I've just inherited a celebratory glass for East Fife winning the cup in 1938, is it worth anything ?
  13. Dont think he is good enough, if we are going to move to the next level.
  14. Why dont we have a Rovers linkedin page ? Might be an option for tapping into a Rovers fan base in the business environment, other clubs use the site for this.
  15. Nearly as good as winning the league, 1/4 final of the scottish cup and winning the league cup.
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