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  1. Disappointing, was expecting a 4-1 type comeback. Where is AngusFifer ?
  2. We will probably offload or already have offloaded Brennan, Penska, Syme, M'Voto, Thompson, Roberts, Skacel, Johnstone, Handling, Hardie, McManus. Thats already 11 players, hardly the same squad as last season.
  3. Thought it was Steven Pressley when he walks past the camera at the start
  4. He was on loan for 6 months. we got money for Russell and Goodwillie for similar arrangements
  5. Jamie Walker looking for a move away from Hearts, should get a few ££'s for a development fee
  6. Was at a party with Barry Smith in 1998, gave me a couple of cans fae his carry oot
  7. Of the 2 pish managerial statements I made, there has been more posted about Alex Neil, including a boy far Methil getting fair excited, than Kris Commons. Must be Commons then. Oh f**k it, what about Liam Fox
  8. So a manager that promotes youth and is out of work ? if only Alex Neil would take pity on us.
  9. Allows CEO to have a scapegoat if they f**k it up again
  10. A place on the board for simply investing money was ruled out a few years ago. lucky for Eric
  11. Like many he came down with a severe case of Locked in Syndrome
  12. Ayr fans trying to create a rivalry again, we all know how that end up
  13. Here it is in summary blaw blaw blaw not my fault *insert phrases which mean f**k all* talk about strategy
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