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  1. Is Stranraer away in April 2017 the last time we won away when it involves a long trip ?
  2. Oh FFs, just give them the trophy now and save us the hassle of the next 8 months.
  3. That’s shite to be honest, still no right back (young centre half being shoe horned in), no experienced forward (part time winger being shoe horned in) McGlynn getting a decent wedge to get us up, but if we are faltering in the 1st 3 months questions need to be asked.
  4. Really need to increase my existing Standing Order
  5. Is Drysdale still a registered ref ? could have made a fortune if he was unveiled as the ref in the #livingthedream game, could have named their price to abuse the twat for 45 minutes
  6. Just wondering, how long should Mendy be given to get ‘up to match speed’ ? As we need to get off to a better start this season compared to last
  7. Because he takes the abuse, and gives it back in spades. Actually getting embarrassing now, seeing guys in there 50’s still doing it.
  8. I wonder if design actually has an effect on sales, or do folk who buy tops just buy out of habit ? £40 for a kids top is a bit steep
  9. Think we got the square root of f**k all for Nacho Novo, as it was alleged that his agent subsidised his wages at Raith and was reimbursed with the subsequent transfer fee from Dundee.
  10. Massively underwhelmed by this signing, it has Anelka written all over it.
  11. I’m much more optimistic than last season. The team assembled by Barry Smith was honking, as shown in our cup performances. Anyone thinking this team is worse is aff their nut.
  12. He also headed Marvyn Wilson further than Wilson could kick a ball.
  13. Hardly the managers fault that a journalist asked him such a lame question.
  14. Only if they are paired with a short sleeved top
  15. As it’s the 1st game, it must be time for the coloured socks again
  16. To be fair, I’ve seen a Ray McKinnon Raith said have a similar collapse, so perhaps Val had a point.
  17. Finance option ? dont folk know season tickets go on sale at this time of year ?
  18. Lennox is injury prone and shite. at least Lyness wasn’t injury prone
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