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  1. Heading through for this, last time I was at Airdrie big Marvin scored the winner
  2. I meant Baird would wear no 29, as per Previous spell
  3. Hmmm, the board say a squad of 20 ? Would suggest Baird would be number 29
  4. BBC website Michael Miller, Lewis Vaughan on his full debut, and Miller again piled on the misery for Peterhead.
  5. It’s like going back back to the Sir Jimmy pre season days, there was always a random team from NI that came across for a game.
  6. Travel costs if you draw away to a non Scottish side are subsided by SPFL. We’ll end up away to Elgin
  7. Don’t know if now if the 1930’s decor will suit this gaff
  8. Is he not coaching at Kilbirnie. doubt he would give up being a fireman at Prestwick Airport for the Rovers
  9. Stuart Meldrum, that had the Post Office up in T- hall, good Rovers man in his day
  10. I was there the last time in a howling gale, alongside 30 ot so other Raith fans. Some of whom engaged in cringeworthy ‘banter’ with the local youth
  11. Funnily enough there is, I can't remember who it was but they built a massive pillar in the middle of the changing room so the opposition couldn't see or hear each other. Positive they have that at Old Trafford.
  12. You can notice the difference in dressing rooms when you do any stadium tour. Arsenals home dressing room has a plunge pool, jacuzzi and shock absorbing flooring.
  13. Must be the 1st mistake Davo has made in a Raith short, that he hasn’t been crucified for.
  14. I’m away to shite in the kettle before they Falkirk fucks appear .
  15. Has Daniel Armstrong been involved so far this season ?
  16. Falkirk Forfar Airdrie Raith East Fife Clyde Montrose Stranraer Peterhead Dumbarton
  17. What is often forgotten is that there was an experienced (if error prone) keeper behind them, one who Davo didn’t give any shit to, and who constantly talked to his centre backs.
  18. Has he scored against Championship opposition yet ?
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