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  1. 9 hours ago, Starks Park Kdy said:
    10 hours ago, Enigma said:
    Yes. In fact is there anything we could do to make the players dislike playing here even more?

    Funnily enough there is, I can't remember who it was but they built a massive pillar in the middle of the changing room so the opposition couldn't see or hear each other.

    Positive they have that at Old Trafford.

  2. 59 minutes ago, Michael W said:

    Someone else pointed out that McKay/Davidson had a decent run there albeit two seasons ago, with the problems starting once Bene was shoehorned back into the side. It's worth a shot again, surely? Defensively we haven't really recovered from that point.

    What is often forgotten is that there was an experienced (if error prone) keeper behind them, one who Davo didn’t give any shit to, and who constantly talked to his centre backs.

  3. 4 hours ago, Scottydog said:

    After the brief chat I had with McGlynn on Saturday I was left with the opinion that there will be no further signings this window. I asked if he was worried where the goals were coming from and he said no. He reckons if they share them about we will be fine. An average of 5 a piece for Allan, Anderson, Henry, Victoria, Spencer, Bowie, Dingwall and another 5 from the rest would give us 40 goals add in double figures for Vaughan and there's 50 goals. Not ideal but it is what it is and if we can work out how to keep the back door shut we will be fine. I did ask about the jackpot player and John just said we didn't get him and it won't be happening. Just have to wait until Jan and we sign HSWHW's on loan.

    That’s shite to be honest, still no right back (young centre half being shoe horned in), no experienced forward (part time winger being shoe horned in)

    McGlynn getting a decent wedge to get us up, but if we are faltering in the 1st 3 months questions need to be asked.

  4. 1 hour ago, Wee Sandy said:

    One small consolation from Saturday.......😎............I never saw Drysdale!!   He may have been there but I never saw him.

    Is Drysdale still a registered ref ?

    could have made a fortune if he was unveiled as the ref in the #livingthedream game, could have named their price to abuse the twat for 45 minutes 

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