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  1. 6 hours ago, RaithRover123 said:

    f**k it McCann is shite compared to Tait, your youth system is pish compared to ours 

    Dylan played for Thistle and Hibs as a kid, never made it and went to Fife Elite before coming to Raith. So don’t see how that’s a Raith youth system success story.

    Apparently close to asking to leaving us until he started v East Fife after Christmas, due to lack of game time.

  2. 58 minutes ago, Skyline Drifter said:

    Well no, whilst I absolutely understand why you did, nobody forced you to answer the petition with your own legal reps. You could have left it to the SPFL and then, in the unlikely event of promotion being reversed, considered whether to take your own legal action at that point. The clubs should never have been individually named by Hearts imo.

    Totally agree, we shouldn’t have touched this with a barge pole.

    Big supporter of our board in the main, but we have chosen the wrong course on this one

  3. 3 hours ago, McGuigan1978 said:


    Spence was dropped. He had 11 goals by January, was on a run of eight goals in 10 or 11 games and was then dropped for Furtado, and barely started a game after that.


    He ended the season with a record of a goal every 170 odd minutes, which is pretty decent. If anything, Spence was a wee bit hard done by.


    The midfield was a mess though. If we’d managed to keep hold of Callachan I think we’d have won the league fairly convincingly. John Herron wasn’t much of a replacement.

    Midfield would have been less of a mess had we signed a centre back, played Robertson there instead and allowed Vaughan to play up top.

    The sale of Callachan and injury to Bene were the seeds of our failure to go up, however thanks to Ayr’s howling defending we were still given chances to win the league.

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