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  1. Take it seriously ? No chance, we’ve a league to win. BTW since when was John Flanagan under 23 ?
  2. Wasn’t he interviewed for the Ayr job too ?
  3. Lol, moral high ground taken by the biggest fraud on here.
  4. Experienced defender in stupid 1st booking, which led to a red, yet no witch hunt 🤷‍♂️
  5. I won £3.5k, the week I told my wife I couldn’t go back to Starks Park after my dad had died a few months previously, as it would be too emotional. Auld bugger pulled me back in
  6. Open top bus, civic reception and extra midwives required for Kirkcaldy in 2020
  7. The loss of Vaughan, another injury to Victoria and Dingwall not coming back soon has increased the need for a match fit winger.
  8. It’s from really early in that season as Colin Harris was signed from Hibs just before Keith Wright was sold to Dundee.
  9. It’s Wilson, was apparently the best fife junior player at the time. Never worked out for him. Glen Kerr was a great defender, but fell out of things when Cammy Fraser signed. one of my favourite tops
  10. Thanks Stranraer, you turned a decent winger into a striker 👍
  11. Anderson’s similar f**k up in the last minute seems to be erased from the memory of some fans.
  12. Any excuse for a dig, perhaps if the keeper had held The initial header, or if we’d stopped the guy getting the free header from the corner ? but naw let’s blame the easy target again, wonder who’ll get it when he retires ?
  13. Only 1 team for me, however two of my best football experiences have involved Rangers
  14. Loved some of the possession football we played today, shame the dinosaurs roundabout me wanted the ball hoofed up the park at every opportunity.
  15. Hope Sanderson is OK, when he went down injured I though Mendy was coming on 😫
  16. f**k sake who installed the coal fire and round plugs ? Time to get this place dragged out of the dark ages.
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