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  1. Spot on. I’ve sold 4 old old tops and donated the £500, bought my 1st season ticket and home top in over 25 years, but I need to review my priorities now.
  2. Good point, I mean we’ve only played 3 of the bottom 4
  3. Great point 👍 Worst commentary team so far
  4. So if you tackle Adam it’s a free kick now ?
  5. No issues if Hendry goes in the summer, we are extremely lucky to have him and he’s done brilliantly for us
  6. It’s set up by a brilliant tackle by Davo in our own half, wins the ball and keeps it in play allowing Bene/Tumilty to break up the park.
  7. Great stuff from Raith TV, first time watching and really impressed.
  8. Ritchie Britton Steven Craig Andy Walker Eddie Annand Derek Ferguson Cammy Fraser Bobby Robinson Willie Gibson
  9. God help the 1st guy to tackle Vaughan this season 🙄
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