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  1. Independence is about taking decisions for Scotland in Scotland based on how the people who live here vote. That will include cooperation with other countries where it make sense and divergence where it doesn't. In what form of democracy can a neighbouring country deny the legitimate moral wishes of another, be that a for referendum, safe drug consumption facilities or defending children's rights? Sadly, until we have independence, we face the prospect of a Westminster government, populated by Harry Enfield caricatures of politicians, imposing hard-right social and economic policies that 70% plus of us haven't voted for. Achieving independence is about convincing the "middle ground" that it's in our best interests. I simply don't believe that the creation of Alba makes that job any easier. I also doubt that it will make much progress in elections. We shall see.
  2. Duffy has inherited this squad which Hopkin assembled with a particular style of play in mind, which we can all see was a complete failure. There were limited players available today, but for me we're better trying to play attacking football with the risk that we lose rather than revert to Hopkin's style and almost certainly lose. We may still have lost today (the injuries reduced our quality) but it would probably have felt better.
  3. I have read the rules here Microsoft Word - Challenge Cup Regulations revised for 2021_22 v1.7 (spfl.co.uk) The rules can be read to show that both Rangers B and Celtic B are in breach of the rules as their players must be "League Registered with the Club of the relevant Colt Team.". By entering the Lowland League, both appear to be in breach of the competition rules. In effect it can be argued that Rangers B fielded 17 ineligible players.
  4. Are your posts going to extra time and punctuation?
  5. So, do we get a bank holiday in Scotland tomorrow?
  6. Yes but I'm only seeing the AR team with a song being played over it. Ok now.
  7. I agree. He's not as technically gifted as others but he was excellent tonight.
  8. We qualified for the finals. We have two game to play.We were competitive today. Not everyone had their best game but every one of them worked their backsides off. This Scottish cringe pish on here is utterly pathetic.
  9. I agree, we need an upgrade at rightback, otherwise I think we're reasonable. We lost 2-0 but with the rub of the green it could have been a 2-0 victory.
  10. The playing fields and school are in Saltcoats not Ardrossan. If Kilbride Thistle want to move up beyond the amateur ranks then fair enough. But it makes sense to do it in West Kilbride, not the Three Towns where there is already an established club in each town.
  11. Where is the expulsion threat piece? I only read about trying to be placed in the LL.
  12. I support Brechin on this. It's legitimate for them to request being placed in a more geographically convenient league in a pyramid system. It is not legitimate to parachute B teams from two perversely oversized clubs in at the top of the feeder system even if they can't be promoted. The outcome of the LL votes say a lot more about the committees of those clubs than anything else. Well done Brechin for trying to do what's best for them as a club.
  13. I'm really disappointed for Lawrence Shankland. I think he chose poorly going to Dundee United. Had he gone south , I believe he'd have progresed more. Both Neilson and Mellon have squandered a genuine talent. I hope he gets a move soon where he'd be better deployed and get back into future squads.
  14. True to form Daft Willie, who was recently pictured next to a giant deckchair, has celebrated the Lib Dems dismal election perfomance outside Holyrood pictured with Liam MacAthur and Beatrice Wishart next to a giant ars*h*le.
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