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  1. if a talbot fan has won the £58m will they buy out the pyramid ?
  2. apologies to geoff curren should have been jeff also to all other omissions ( trying to put out a team ) like andy dailly roddy hutchison carlo monti all morton tom mcgrain ( dumbarton (dannys brother) jim hughes ( falkirk ) stewart hamill (leicester ) john hendry ( spurs motherwell ) danny diver ( east stirling ayr) iain mcdougall ( dundee rangers) and countless other lok legends ) thought kevin mcallister of camelon was a brilliant junior winger + senior
  3. lok X1 1 howard sameroff (motherwell ) 2 fraser wishart ( motherwell st mirren rangers ) 3 craig cramner ( dumbarton ) 4 geoff curren (arbroath ) 5 stewart auld (clydebank ) 6 bobby collins (celtic everton leeds ) 7 chic charnley ( partick st mirren) 8 sandy stewart ( airdrie hearts ) 9 bob mcphail (rangers ) 10 dougie arnott (motherwell ) 11 robert prytz ( malmo rangers ) give u guys a game
  4. no chance of lok having floodlights junior cup could be renamed tom johnston memorial cup
  5. considering neilston v lok qf was played in horrendous weather conditions it was a good crowd which i'm sure more would have attended if the weather had been kinder stay safe everyone
  6. If the bankies only considered a ground in clydebank how come u ended up in yoker?
  7. sjfa has carrier pigeons at the ready to carry messages of its proposal to all delegates its the 21 st century after all
  8. If they go senior, is he a fit & proper person. Do the juniors have a fit & proper rule
  9. virus could hit lok hard as we have a lot of older fans already our werthers' supply has been rationed nearby morrisons are limiting us to only 1 bag each gonna be a long second half without our favourite sweetie but seriously only a few junior clubs average 500 + of which we are one
  10. There is to be a counter plan from the delegate Baldrick his plan is even more cunning than the sjfa
  11. bens 1 meadow 3 kilwinning 2 glens 2
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