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  1. think we should rebrand THE JUNIORS to THE ELDERS or THE ANCIENTS to coincide with the pyramid a coming
  2. dalry or lok away to meadow anyone got the draw in full
  3. Lok 2 hurlford 0. Ht 1-0 S mccann duff
  4. Imagine watching a game at the bens with no cover whatsoever. Especially in a day like today Will be interested in the head count To hell with the fans
  5. busted flush since the amalgamation of central/ayrshire imo
  6. does Roy still play for them ? good luck welcome
  7. talk of the switch at last sat game v bens
  8. well done to saltcoats on their 1st league win of the season
  9. bens 1 lok 1 ht 0-1 shelvey fraser missed 1st half pen bens equalise in injury time poor fair again defending too deep talbots' league now imo
  10. his wife was ill so i was told
  11. cumnock 1 lok 3 ht 0-2 forde freekick sidesef 35 yd volley forde last min fraser missed a pen (hit bar ) when semple was sent off longmuir also sent off cumnocks goal was a pen
  12. How about Carry On Football. Bot fans at a loose end could watch cumnock v lok could be entertaining with tony in the dugout
  13. hope sidey will appeal his yellow card did nothing wrong mistaken identity methinks
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