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  1. heard the cambuslang and blantyre players were away as well with the darvel players
  2. new cup announced for next season to make up for the loss of 8 league games its for clubs who pull out early called THE PREMATURE EJACULATION CUP WINNER stays in the longest
  3. heard killiepiejo has been offered thousands to switch allegencies to darvel for next season to film their games under the banner PIE IN THE SKY
  4. bad timing imo could have planned the stag do anytime between nov to apr when their pitch would have been waterlogged
  5. think ex-junior clubs will stay in not bothered about winning but to get a share of any money if the sjfa ever divvy out any money just a theory imo
  6. darvel are to enter their B team in the lowland league for next season if its good enough for other teams its good enough for us says gaul
  7. well done tranent ha ha darvel see u next season in wosl will u re-apply to get in ur sponsors cup now lol
  8. funny how cambuslang are playing the big rangers this sat will either team turn up
  9. is the lowland league play off round robin decided by goal difference ? if it is for instance what if st. cuthberts pulled out v darvel who are awarded a 3-0 win but play tranent who win 4-0. tranent and darvel play out a draw i'm sure the shit would hit the fan then something should be put in place in the rules to make sure this scenario can't happen in the future for any club ps not having a go at st.cuthberts just using an example
  10. lok 1 bankies 0 ht 0-0 s mccann hopeless ref bankies took it in turn to kick fraser no protection no 16 how he wasnt booked in the free kick leading up to the goal heaven knows
  11. lok 1 glencairn 1 ht 1-1 dykes pen
  12. wrong team apologies but still against fair play which i stated about sporting integrity
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