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  1. what stenhousemuir lol thanks parforlife
  2. lok are allowed 900 full capacity what would happen in this scenario 900 are in weather is torrential rain 800 congregate under the covered enclosure is this safe ? is it allowed ? do we have for instance a crowd limit under the covered terrace of say 300 with 300 on the railway side and say 150 behind either goals ? what would a council health and safety person say if in attendance considering we need safety barriers in our covered terrace & is allegedly not up to scratch maybe someone can enlighten me genuine question
  3. loved going to shettleston although pitch was rubbish but enjoyed the bottle factory next door as nick lowe sang i love the sound of breaking glass
  4. lok 2 darvel 3 ht 2-2 christie pen lyon had lok 2 up mackenzie 2 89 min winner another lok defensive shambles especially burns at darvel 2nd goal
  5. we won the league in 2014-2015 but we don't count that as it was the first division lol
  6. and yet we still turn out in large numbers home and away proves the point we are not glory hunters unlike some clubs every home club treasurer is glad to play us don't think i'll need a clicker against darvel tomorrow night i will use one hand to count their true fans
  7. more on their bench and technical area and players not in the squad than in the ground they rely on away fans will backfire by the time lok play them, the season will be over for them already over for us a long time ago many lok fans won't travel
  8. darvel and a four figure crowd are u having a laugh normally 4 figures ( home fans ) at a match plus the dogs
  9. darvel will get 6 pts from lok we are terrible they will be 2 of our last 5 games
  10. meadow 2 lok 0 ht 2-0 s mccann sent off mullen missed pen 82mins
  11. lok 2 arthurlie 0 ht 0-0 mcgregor missed 1st half pen no 23 sent off for lie fraser pen and sub nelson with injury time 2nd
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