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  1. If clubs who had the option not to play need support why are they playing? I suspect some of the clubs who are playing are quite healthy financially and must have taken that into consideration when they made their choice, would it be right that they receive tax payers money when they can survive financially. It was their choice and they were probably aware of the consequences. You could argue that clubs who choose not to play because of the Financial consequences are equally entitled to any monies from the public purse that are available due to loss of earnings, that's probably why anything given must be a loan to be paid back to the public purse. There may also be clubs who are OK financially but took the decision not to play for other reasons but are still missing out as all clubs are with the income streams that are not available due to the restrictions. I would feel really strongly if money from the public purse were paid out to assist Football clubs who had a relatively healthy bank balance, if assistance is needed then it should only be the needful and not as a means of profiteering from a dreadful health pandemic.
  2. I assume you have inside information or just a skewed opinion, do you know what the facts are or just looking to get a reaction, what majority are you talking about, don't think that has been disclosed, spill the beans before someone tells the truth.
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