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  1. So just cause he plays for us I should support him . If he and his mates are stupid enough to break the law they deserve all they get end of
  2. Maybe the quality isn’t there like we’d like it to be [emoji848]
  3. Betting on the team he’s playing for, I think he’s heavily involved
  4. Hester in the championship, now that’s laughable
  5. Watched the highlights of first half, shocking is putting it mildly
  6. Still think we’re going to finish in the top 3 ? [emoji848]
  7. A stronger squad would be doing the business on the park, but position doesn’t lie. Need points fast
  8. No excuse, can’t see a big difference in squad tbf , only difference is last year we were in a better position
  9. In dire straits, needs help and pronto. Conceding too many goals again
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