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  1. Maybe the quality isn’t there like we’d like it to be [emoji848]
  2. Betting on the team he’s playing for, I think he’s heavily involved
  3. Was thinking that as well [emoji848]
  4. Hester in the championship, now that’s laughable
  5. Watched the highlights of first half, shocking is putting it mildly
  6. Still think we’re going to finish in the top 3 ? [emoji848]
  7. A stronger squad would be doing the business on the park, but position doesn’t lie. Need points fast
  8. No excuse, can’t see a big difference in squad tbf , only difference is last year we were in a better position
  9. In dire straits, needs help and pronto. Conceding too many goals again
  10. Fed up with this ‘underachieving ‘ nonsense, we are where we are cause of poor performances. We were in a much better position last season as a team.
  11. Don’t think quality and KH should be in the same sentence imo
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